Dogs are funny, irrespective of their breeds. It seems like each and every breed has its own set of fun facts that remain unexplored. American Bulldogs are no exception. 

They also have stories and facts that intrigue and interest many dog lovers worldwide. They have sleek, muscular bodies. But they are attractive and are often considered the white knights of the dog kingdom. 

If you are up for some fun facts and information about the American Bulldog, I would love to entertain you. 


American Bulldog: 7 Interesting Facts 

All dogs need proper training and care to become the family dog you dream of. The American Bulldogs puppies are no exception. So here, I have listed down some interesting facts about these pretty creatures.

1. That’s How The American Bulldogs Came To America

That's How The American Bulldogs Came To America

The American Bulldogs were British Bulldogs before. They used to be working cattle and watched over the owner’s property. But history got darker with them. They were used for Bull Baiting. The blood sport led them into a darker time until it was outlawed. 

Later, they were bred down and were shorter in size and lesser athletic in looks. However, during the 1800s, the British Immigrants who came to settle down in the US brought their Bulldogs with them. That is how the Bulldogs became American.

2. One Dog Two Faces

One Dog Two Faces

American Bulldogs were always expected to do more than other breeds. Due to different jobs, the Bulldogs were bred differently, causing several bloodlines to exist. They were almost extinct by the end of World War II. However, they were saved thanks to Johnson D. Johnson, a war veteran from World War II. Johnson and Alan Scott started to reestablish the American Bulldog breed. 

There have been two prominent bloodlines of the breed ever since. The First one is named after Johnson, and it has a bulky body with a larger head and a heavier bone structure. The second structure is named after Scott and has a more moderate and athletic look.

3. The Guardian, The Hunter, & The Lover

The Guardian, The Hunter, & The Lover

The American Bulldog is usually considered for hunting and for guarding its owners. That is why most owners take them as their personal guards. However, their use is not limited to guarding or hunting. They are seen as dangerous dog breeds, but deep inside, they are truly sensitive. 

They want to care and crave a loving relationship devoid of any conflict. As a result, they can be clingy and sensitive. The American Bulldog does not love conflict with their owners; In fact, they will pout when their owner scolds them. 

4. The American Bulldogs And Pop Culture 

The American Bulldog has a good history with Pop culture. Funny fact, the animated series Tom & Jerry has American Bulldogs named Spike and Tyke. An American bulldog named Petey also had a great role in the American Movie Return to Me 2000

Another dog named Snowflake appeared in the movie named Kevin of the North. Also, a 2013 movie starring Nicolas Cage featured an American bulldog. Also, the American Bulldog appeared in the logo of the American Social game company Zynga. So, it is clear that the American Bulldog has immense popularity. 

5. American Bulldog Was A Catch Dog 

The American Bulldog is known for being a very good catch dog. Usually, they used to catch the hog and the cattle. The Bulldog was always charged with taking care of personal property. They were hunters and were often trained to hunt larger animals and for baiting and working livestock. 

6. Don’t Look For American Bulldog Puppies For Sale. Why!

Don't Look For American Bulldog Puppies For Sale. Why!

The American bulldog puppies are great if you want to adopt a bulldog. However, the time, training, socializing, and grooming needed is a lot to invest. It is fine if you can afford to spend the time growing your Bulldog. But, you are at an advantage in adopting an adult American Bulldog. 

Because adult dogs have mature personalities, and you can see who they are. It is easier to understand if your American Bulldog will be a good fit for you and your personal atmosphere. If you are looking for one, you can find them from rescue groups and shelters.

7. Stranger Beware 

Stranger Beware 

The American Bulldog is keen on showing its protective nature around strangers. They need to work on their socialization skills to be more comfortable around other people. That is why it is important to expose them to more friendly people. 

If they are not exposed to more people, they can develop a suspicious nature. They can doubt everyone. It is tough to handle a strong dog like them. So, unless they are socially comfortable, it may have negative consequences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some popularly asked questions about the American Bulldog. I have answered them to provide more info about the breed. 

Is An American Bulldog A Bully?

The American Bulldog and Bully are two different dogs. Both breeds have a similar boxy frame and look. However, a Bully has a more robust feature compared to a Bulldog. Their personality, history, and temperament also differ.

How Long Can American Bulldogs Live?

You can expect your favorite American Bulldog to be around you for 10 to 15 years.

Are Bulldogs Aggressive?

The American Bulldogs are thought to be aggressive. However, according to their statistics and history, the Bulldogs are involved with a very minimum number of dog bite incidents. So, you can take them as a low-risk dog breed, and the sign of aggressive behavior is very few.

Final Words 

No, you don’t need a hunting dog. But, if you think that American Bulldogs are only for hunting, then you are mistaken. They can be great family dogs if you are patient and careful enough to make them feel comfortable. All they need is a caring owner and comforting people around them who help them socialize. 

So, will you consider an American Bulldog as your pet ? or do you want to take another breed as your pet? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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