Average Litter Size 5 to 8 puppies 
Weight 35-75 lb (16-32 kg)
Height 21 – 27 inches 
Skin Type Short haired skin 
Colors Merle, red, blue, brindle, black, and tan
Kingdom Animalia 
Family Canidae

American Leopard Hound dogs are just as good hunters as they are lovable. He hunts various types of prey and also makes people around them happy with the amount of love he can show. Feral hogs, bears, and large livestock are their prey. They also have names such as leopard cur or American leopard curs. 

If you own an American leopard hound, you won’t have to try hard to train these guys. They have impressive body language that they use to convey their emotions, needs, and love. You’ll love how they make eye contact. 

But, as tenacious as they might be, they amazing to be around. In this article, I have shared some fun facts about these hounds. Read carefully to know more about these facts.


Fun Facts About American Leopard Hound 

The hound dogs can be great pets that stick with you and your family. Here are some fun facts about leopard hounds. You will love to read them. 

American Leopard Hounds Are Not American? 

American Leopard Hounds Are Not American

This is funny yet shocking. The American Leopard Hounds may not be American in origin. Their origin is unknown. But, throughout the history of America, leopard hounds have played a significant part. It is said that in the early settlers of America, the farmers had animals. They used to keep these animals inside a wooden fence. The leopard hounds were in charge of rounding up the fences. 

They Are Not Picky About Their Food

They Are Not Picky About Their Food

If you are looking for a breed that does well with your inconveniences, then choose an American Leopard Hound. These guys are not so picky about their food, and they’ll eat any dog food like a good little doggy. They will eat canned food as well as dry food as long as they are of high quality and edible. 

American Leopard Hounds Are Quite Smart

American Leopard Hounds Are Quite Smart

They are an intelligent breed and are pretty smart. These hounds are always looking for chances to make their masters happy with something. Trainers find it pleasing and comfortable to train these dogs. The training method used for these dogs requires positive reinforcement. They also have an independent streak. But, throughout the training, the trainers need to stay independent. 

The American Hound Is Full Of Colors 

The American Hound Is Full Of Colors

The skin of the leopard cur dogs looks like the skin of leopards. They also come in different colors. Their skin comes in different colors like – Merle, red, blue, brindle, black, and tan. Their eyes are wide and round. They are the best eyes that show love. But that is not all; the colors of their eyes are also attractive. They come in different shades of yellow and brown. Most surprisingly, they can often have blue eyes. Sometimes, both of their eyes are blue. 

American Hounds Are Full Of Energy

American Hounds Are Full Of Energy

Your American hound dog is full of energy. So, if you think that they will sit around inside the house all day, you get it wrong. They need exercise and training to spend that energy. You have to give them proper daily exercise every day. Their stamina and strength are long-lasting. The American Leopard Hound can last in extreme cold and heat. The cur dogs are also healthy and fast. They can run as fast as 45 miles per hour. 

They Are Your Children’s Best Friends

They Are Your Children's Best Friends

Another interesting fact about the American Leopard Hounds is that they are good with children. In fact, they are good with everyone. They always go out of their way to make people happy. The American leopard hound will usually bark to communicate with their people; they are also experts at detecting what some other people are feeling. These dogs are very protective and show their deepest desires to always protect the people they love.

Bathing Often Is Not Their Thing, But They Are Pretty Clean  

Bathing Often Is Not Their Thing, But They Are Pretty Clean

The American Hound dogs should not bathe every day – at least, that is what the experts say. They have mild soberness, and they don’t drool too much. Experts say that you should bathe your American hound only when it seems extremely necessary. But that does not mean they have to stay dirty all the time. You can use a damp towel to clean them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Leopard hounds are one of the best dogs you can adopt as your family pet. Here are some popular questions that I have answered about these dogs. 

Is An American Leopard Hound The Same As A Catahoula?

No, the leopard hounds and Catahoula are not the same. Although they look the same, they have considerable differences. The most prominent difference between these dogs is in their size. The Catahoulas are larger in size. Also, American leopard hounds while the Catahoulas are in the herding group. 

How Big Are Leopard Hounds?

The American leopard are usually 21 inches, and they can get as tall as 27 inches. These dogs can weigh from 35 pounds to 75 pounds. 

Why Are Catahoulas Called Leopard Dogs?

The Catahoula has mottled coat that makes them look like leopards. Due to their resemblances to the leopards, the merle genes are said to be created. Also, this breed comes in a variety of coat colors.

Final Words 

You can bring home any breed that you dream of. But, it is important to check the environment you live in and the kind of family you have. When looking for a low-maintenance dog, you can choose the American leopard hound. They are great hunters as well as they are friendly. I hope that you had fun reading these fun facts. In case you want any further clarifications, you can ask questions in the comment.

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