The best manuka honey for immune system is packed with health benefits. It can offer you relief from the common cold and sore throat and improve your digestive system.

Effective as a natural antibiotic, this honey is also used to heal cuts and wounds. It comes from a type of scrub plant in New Zealand and has been there for quite some time as a remedy for multiple health problems.

Do you want to know how beneficial it is for your health?  Let’s explore!


Health Benefits Of The Best Manuka Honey For Immune System

Manuka honey is monofloral, and it has a higher level of methylglyoxal than other types of honey. So, it has powerful antibacterial properties

You can have one tablespoon of this honey every day to enjoy the maximum health benefits on a long-term basis. 

Here, I have curated the seven best health benefits offered by honey, including improving your immune and gastrointestinal systems. 

1. Improves Immunity 

I just shared that the best manuka honey for immune system comes with a high methylglyoxal level. Methylglyoxal lends it much-needed antibacterial and antiviral properties. Further, this honey does not lose these properties even after being processed with hydrogen peroxide.

So, by keeping high antibacterial and antiviral properties, manuka honey boosts the functionalities of the immune and respiratory systems of our bodies.

In addition, this honey boosts the production of cytokines, which improves the body’s ability to respond to diseases.

You can have manuka honey with your favorite beverage every day to keep diseases at bay. 

2. Packed With Antibacterial Properties

Manuka honey is effective in fighting different types of bacteria. It defeats:

  • Staphylococcus aureus 
  • Streptococcus
  • Clostridium difficile

Different types of bacteria form a thin film or coating, and manuka honey works effectively to remove it. When bacteria manage to form a biofilm, the infection cannot be treated.

Further, with no report of microbial resistance, manuka honey can defeat resistant microorganisms that refuse to go away with antibiotic treatments.

So, from coughs and colds to wounds and cuts, manuka honey can cure a lot of health problems. 

3. Comes With Antiviral Properties

Every type of honey comes with hydrogen peroxide, and this element makes honey packed with antiviral properties.

So, how manuka honey is different? DHA is present in some manuka plant’s nectar. DHA gets converted into MGO in manuka honey, increasing its power to combat viruses. 

Whenever you buy manuka honey, don’t forget to check its MGO level. A higher MGO level presents manuka honey as more effective as an antibacterial or antiviral remedy. 

4. Heals Wounds

Do you have small cuts or wounds? You can use this honey. 

If you have a small cut, you can use it in a small amount. If your wound is deep, you must visit a doctor.

You should not apply the honey directly to your cut. Pour some honey on a bandage and then apply it to your cut.

Make a note here. You need to change the bandage after some time. Otherwise, the honey will lose its healing power.

It’s always wise to use a waterproof bandage if you want the wound to heal faster. 

5. Offers Comfort In Sore Throat And cough

Manuka honey lessens the discomfort of sore throat as it fights Streptococcus mutans, a type of bacteria that causes this problem.

You can have the honey as a logenze or have it with your protein shake or favorite pancake. Also, you can just add 1 tablespoon of honey to your oats and milk breakfast. 

Quick Tip For Making Manuka Honey Drink

Here is a quick recipe for making a manuka honey drink. 

  • Take a cup of green tea or liquor tea.
  • Add a tablespoon of manuka honey to it.
  • Squeeze a few drops of lemon or add a lemon slice to make the beverage more refreshing. A handful of basil leaves will also work wonders. 

You can make the same drink with lukewarm water. 

6. Helps With Gastritis 

Manuka honey works well to fight gastritis and other stomach problems. It comes with a powerful combination of antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Now, Helicobacter pylori bacteria or damage to the stomach lining causes gastritis or stomach inflammation. 

Manuka honey works in curing gastritis for the following reasons.

  • It stops the growth of the Helicobacter pylori bacteria.
  • This honey guards the product lining.
  • It’s anti-inflammatory. So, it soothes the stomach.
  • It heals wounds.
  • The best manuka honey for immune system boosts immunity. So it can regulate the symptoms of gastritis. 

7. Can Be Effective In Reducing Cancer Risks

This honey has the power to reduce cancer. Being a combination of antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory qualities, it helps in improving malignant conditions.

Further, this honey has antioxidant properties. In addition, the honey has anti-tumor features.

Moreover, there has been an animal study showing the effectiveness of manuka honey in treating breast cancer.  

Summing Up

The best manuka honey for immune system has many health benefits. It is an excellent pick for a person who wants to remain healthy and lead a proactive life.

However, be mindful of the amount of honey you consume. Excessive consumption can lead to deteriorated metabolism and weight gain.

So, getting inspired by Winnie the Pooh while having this honey is not a great idea at all. Most importantly, higher consumption of this honey can lead to a spike in blood sugar levels and hormonal imbalance. 

Many people don’t want to see it as a condiment essential for health or something that should be taken daily.

However, one tablespoon of this honey every day can fight diseases like colds, sore throat, and gastritis.

In addition, it works great as a topical solution for healing wounds and cuts.

If you want to incorporate this honey into your everyday diet, you can explore exciting recipe ideas or guides for making beverages.

Remember that manuka honey has higher antibacterial and antiviral properties than any other type of honey.

So, how are you planning to use manuka honey in your diet? Or do you have a brilliant manuka honey recipe in mind?

Don’t forget to share! 

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