We love spending time on the internet, but the only website that truly has our hearts has to be Reddit. In fact, we have spent a whole lot of time reading Reddit threads – so much so that we were even emotionally invested in some stories. 

But if you are just starting out on Reddit or you are just like us then what are the best reddit threads of all time? 

Of course, there’s no definitive answer but it did give us the opportunity to dig deep. It might have taken us some time but we have finally managed to find out about the best threads on Reddit that must be read, at least once!


Best Reddit Threads Of All Time:

Best Reddit Threads Of All Time

Welcome to the best Reddit threads of all time – today, we will list the seven best threads on Reddit at the moment. We love spending time binging threads on Reddit. And if you love the idea of doing the same then you gotta stay tuned till the end!

So without wasting any more time, scroll down to check out the most popular subreddits of all time.

1. Showing A Game To Someone Special:

Showing A Game To Someone Special
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It’s beautiful when you can share your hobbies with your friends and family. And if video games are your hobby then it can be a little difficult to share the same with your close ones. Think about it…playing a game for years to master it and then sharing it with people…um, how?

This is one of the best subreddits to binge – the thread has been upvoted about 269,000 times. It represents how an experienced player shields the new player from the attacks of the enemies while the new player is learning the controls.

So cute and relatable!

2. Thirsty Frogs Take A Bath:

Reddit and animals go together so well just like jelly and peanut butter. Have you noticed how cuteness consistently tops the list of subreddits? This is exactly why a clip featuring a small frog received more than 310,000 upvotes.

In the video, the frog jumps into a lid full of water. Apparently, it was 110 degrees when the particular Reddit user recorded the video. Naturally, the weather outside explains why the frog needed a bath to cool down.

If only our lives could be that chill!

3. All News Anchors Say The Same Thing:

Have you ever come across the words,

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy?

This has to be one of the best Reddit threads of all time. The video was originally about showing what happens in a case where one organization owns several local news channels. The words we have mentioned above are simply repeated advertisement nauseam in the video. 

Now you might find it ironic how all such local channels are always worried about inaccurate or biased reporting – but aren’t they all literally talking about the same things? More than 290,000 users on Reddit agreed. 

One commenter even mentioned how ‘Orwellian’ the whole situation actually was.

4. The Earth Is NOT Flat:

The Earth Is NOT Flat
Image Source

Another one of the best subreddits off all time, this one’s pure gold!

Did you know that one of the oldest conspiracy theories has to be about how our Earth is actually flat? There are way too many people out there who actually believe that the earth is flat. This is one of the top subreddits featuring a video series from YouTube.

The thread has 370,000 upvotes – in the video series, a man comes to terms with the reality of our earth, that is, the earth isn’t flat. Our favorite lines? 

While the first video’s title reads, “Top proof that we are not a spinning ball,” the last one’s  title says, “I am an ex-flat Earther.”

5. The Infamous Kevin:

The Infamous Kevin
Image Source

One of the best reddit threads for guys has to be this one, if and only if your name is Kevin. In that case, our only questions to you would be – are you THAT INFAMOUS Kevin? Are you REALLY that dumb?

When a teacher asked “Who’s the dumbest person you’ve ever met?” on Reddit with a simultaneously hilarious answer, Reddit went crazy over it. In fact, the teacher’s answer was so unbelievable and funny that you would want to come across this person at least once in your life.

Of course, other redditors do their best to weigh in with some crazy answers, nothing beats Kevin’s description.

6. Hot Wet Embarrassing Summer:

Hot Wet Embarrassing Summer
Image Source

If you are looking for ‘reddit gone wild stories’, this Reddit thread about a boy’s story about how he FINALLY got attention from his crush.

The question asked on the thread was “What is the most cringeworthy thing you did to woo your crush?”

While everyone talks about embarrassing details this guy simply discloses his horror story. What’s the worst thing that could happen to someone in a summer camp from the 9o’s? Yeah, he shit his pants trying to impress his crush with a fart.

7. What’s In A Name?

What's In A Name
Image Source

One of the best Reddit threads we came across has to be this one. We will tell you why!

This Reddit thread ensured that people’s user names on the platform actually come to some use. In this thread, users simply had to enact the action after which they named their accounts after. 

The thread simply said, “NOVELTY ACCOUNTS ASSEMBLE!” And that’s literally all Reddit users needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to the best reddit threads of all time!

Q1. What Is The Most Popular Reddit Thread?

Ans: The most popular Reddit accounts with the best threads are as follows,
⦿ r/AmItheAsshole.
⦿ r/worldnews.
⦿ r/AskReddit.

Q2. What Are The Best Reddit Threads To Follow?

Ans: The best reddit threads to follow are as follows,
⦿ TodayILearned.
⦿ DIY.
⦿ Explain Like I’m Five.
⦿ AskReddit.
⦿ IAmA.
⦿ Perfect Timing.
⦿ Facepalm.
⦿ Aww.
⦿ IAmA.

Q3. What Are Some Secret Subreddits?

Ans: Some of the best secret subreddits are as follows,
⦿ r/tipofmytongue.
⦿ r/educationalgifs.
⦿ r/whatisthisthing.
⦿ r/budgetfood.
⦿ r/dataisbeautiful.
⦿ r/OutOfTheLoop.
⦿ r/AskHistorians.
⦿ r/MovieDetails.

Q4. What Are The Coolest Subreddits?

Ans: The coolest subreddits are as follows,
⦿ disneyvacation.
⦿ wewantplates.
⦿ talesfromretail.
⦿ 2meirl4meirl.
⦿ unresolvedmysteries.
⦿ antiMLM.

And It’s A Wrap!

Are you already searching ‘celebnsfw reddit’ on Reddit or even Google? Please stop! Instead, why don’t you check out the best Reddit threads of all time, we have managed to unearth after digging around in the platform for days?

So, tell us what are your thoughts on these Reddit threads? Did you find them entertaining? We are eagerly waiting to hear back from you. And in the meanwhile, don’t forget to share your experiences with Reddit in the comments section below.

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