Sometimes we lose control of ourselves, and we couldn’t figure out the reasons. Spiritual guidance can help us to understand our situations and bring harmony to our lives. Moreover, it also improves our mental health. 

No matter where you are and what you do in your life, you need spiritual guidance to live a harmonious life. The following things will help you get the right ways through which you can easily start your spiritual journey. 


Ways For Spiritual Guidance

Are you seeking spiritual guidance? Here are some simple ways to start the spiritual journey that will help you reflect and get control over your life.

1. Journaling


Have you ever practiced journaling? You might have used a diary in your childhood to write about your fears, challenges, and weaknesses. Since there is nobody to judge you or punish you for confessing your thoughts in a diary, you were using it. It’s one of the effective ways to get all these insecure feelings and thoughts on a paper without judgment. 

However, most people stop this habit after they reach adulthood. Although we didn’t know much about spirituality when we were kids, we practiced journaling unconsciously, which helped us keep calm and relaxed. 

So, if you have stopped journaling or never written your thoughts and feelings on a paper, start them right now. Here your thoughts and feelings will act as spiritual guidance and help you get control over your life. 

2. Connect With Nature

Connect With Nature

With the rapid advancement of technology, many of us have forgotten nature. We don’t value the importance of nature and spend time on mobile phones. As a result, we are losing contact with our souls. 

One of the best ways to receive spiritual guidance is by connecting with nature. When you spend some time in nature every day, you feel inclusive about everything around you, such as trees, plants, rivers, etc. 

For getting the most benefits, feel nature with all your five senses. You will get a sense of fulfillment when you become aware that you are a part of nature. 

3. Bond With Animals

Bond With Animals

Do you love animals? Do you spend time and connect with them? Show compassion to the animals and make a deep connection with them. Since they cannot talk like humans, you should focus on their activities and understand what they want to tell you. 

It’s one of the best practices to receive spiritual guidance. When you bond with animals, you feel a sense of mindfulness, and you never feel lonely. Spend time with them and let them approach you naturally on their own. Observe them and intuit if they are trying to send any message to you. 

4. Pray Regularly


Pray Regularly

Prayer is one of the purest and best ways to receive spiritual guidance. Practice some mantras and whisper them to the divine to receive guidance. If you don’t know any mantras, you can simply send your message to the universe and keep silent. When you practice prayer regularly, you will observe that you are in tune with the universe. 

Gradually, you will feel that your prayers are not only one-way conversation; you are receiving a message from the universe in the form of images, various words, and visions in your consciousness. When you are praying, don’t just make a request to the divine, be grateful for whatever you have in your life. 

5. Identify Your Spirit Guide


Identify Your Spirit Guide

First of all, let’s understand who is a spirit guide and its significance. A spirit guide is an entity that guides a living human being. There are different types of spirit guides, and you should know how to identify them. Here are some common form of spirit guides: 

  • Archangels: In the angel world, archangels are the powerful energy sources that can heal you if you are sensitive to energy shifts. 
  • Helper Angels: Helper angels are humans in the form of your friends, colleagues, etc. 
  • Guardian Angels: Guardian angels will help you to devote their lives to help individuals for spiritual guidance. You can call on them to get immediate assistance when you need it. 
  • Ascended Masters: You can also follow the path of ascended masters like Budha, Mother Mary, who lived as a deep spiritual influence in their life. 
  • Spirit Animals: Spirit animals can be your pet or any animal that teaches about the significance of something. For example, you learn about your survival needs from a wolf. So, spirit animals can be a part of your spiritual guidance.  
  • Departed Loved Ones: your departed loved ones can also be your spirit guides who will help you make better decisions. 

Identify the spirit guide that will guide you in your spiritual journey. You will discover them in various forms through signals. If you practice meditation, write journals, and become present in your daily life will help you find your spirit guides. 

6. Practice Spirit Guide Meditation


Practice Spirit Guide Meditation

Spirit guide meditation is a practical way to receive spiritual guidance, and you need to have it in your life. When you meditate, you get clarity in your thoughts and bring focus to your life. 

You can do this meditation anytime you want. However, some people say that they get optimum results in the following ways: 

  • Meditation in the morning just after rising from the bed is most effective. 
  • It’s also effective when meditating before going to bed in the evening. 
  • Some of the best places to meditate are in a park, near a riverbank, water, mountain, elevated land, etc. 

7. Reading Spiritual Materials


Reading Spiritual Materials

 Written words are a powerful channel to receive spiritual guidance. Spiritual reading materials are unique ways to receive spiritual guides. It helps you to get more and more. 

Engage yourself actively with the spiritual lessons by reading spiritual materials. Not only reading one type of book or material, but it will also restrict your spiritual growth. Be open to different versions of spiritual material to go beyond one type of spiritual practice.

The Bottom Line

Follow these best practices regularly and try to find a trained guide who can provide you spiritual guidance. Your food habits and lifestyle also play an important role in your spiritual practice. Lastly, don’t forget to share what you do on your own to improve your spiritual life.

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