Are you a Dark Academia fan? Do you love books and writing? Charleston is the place ready to welcome you with open arms.

The cobblestone streets and the impressive architecture of the city weave fairy tales for creative people and the ones who find refuge in the pages of books.

In fact, with an old-world vibe and the charm of a seaside city, Charleston has emerged as one of the most popular American destinations for travelers across the world.

So, do you want to know about the best things to do in Charleston SC?

Here’s a guide for you.


Best Things To Do In Charleston SC As A Book Lover 

Charleston is the place of writers like Mary Alice Monroe and Stacy Willingham. Further, the city has been a popular hub for writers and literary enthusiasts from the early 20th century

So, let’s find out the places you must visit during your trip to Charleston, SC.

1. Visit Blue Bicycle Books

Location: 420 King Street

Do you want to visit a place filled with the whiff of old and new books? You can pay a visit to Blue Bicycle Books. It’s the most celebrated independent bookstore in the city

It’s a happening place hosting many luncheons and events involving celebrated authors. You can attend those lecture sessions to make the book lover in your happy.

Also, you can plan a trip to Charleston in November. Blue Bicycle Books hosts the annual YALLFest during this month. It is a festival where the entire city takes part, and many authors grace the festival with their presence. 

In addition, if you want to know about the best things to do in Charleston SC, in the summer, you can attend the reading series at Blue Bicycle Books offered during the Piccolo Spoleto festival. 

2. Pay A Visit To The Charleston Library Society

Location: 164 King Street 

Do you want to soak in an old-world charm during your visit to Charleston SC? You must pay a visit to the Charleston Library Society. It is the third oldest subscription library in the country. It started in 1748. However, the origin of the library is even older, dating back to 1698. 

Today, the library is at the Beaux Arts building, which was built in 1914. 

As you enter the library and start enjoying the old-world charm of the space, you will also notice how the intellectual world is very much alive in the space. So, to have an idea about the present literary scene in the city or country, you can pay a visit to this library. 

3. Visit Buxton Books

Location: 160 King Street

Julian and Polly Buxton own Buxton Books, and it has recently emerged as the most happening place for book lovers. You will find many community programs or book release events taking place at this young bookstore. 

Also, it is the hub for different Buxton Tours. It is the home for classic walking tours across Charleston as well as the Gullah and Ghost tours. 

So, if you are exploring the best things to do in Charleston SC, you must not miss a visit to Buxton Books. 

Did you know that Buxton Books is the book-selling partner for the Charleston Literary Festival and the Charleston Library Society?

4. Go To The Avery Research Center

Location: 125 Bull Street

Do you want to know about African American history? You must pay a visit to the African American History and Culture research center of the Avery Research Center

This place is like a hub of multimedia resources depicting the lives of Western Americans and their descendants. 

So, once you enter the former Avery Normal Institute, which was founded in 1865, you will have a close interaction with the history of Charleston. 

5. Babas On Cannon

Location: 11 Cannon Street

Being a dark academia fan, you don’t need to always rush to places where you will only get to read books. You need to take refuge in places where you can actually experience some sheer gastronomic delight. So, are you up for some coffee and pastries? You can visit Babas on Cannon.

The things you will love there are:

  • Espressos
  • Lattes
  • Baked items
  • Pastries
  • Toasted banana bread

You can visit the place to have your lunch or gorge on some snacks in the afternoon. The overall ambiance of the place is very European. So, once you are there, you will experience a massive stimulation in your creative ideas. 

6. Jackrabbit Filly

Location: 4628 Spruill Avenue

Corrie Wang, a popular novelist, is the owner of Jackrabbit Filly. Once you are at this eatery, you will instantly fall in love with the space. The food here is spicy and will surely offer you gastronomic delight. 

This place primarily serves Asian cuisines, and the dishes here have an innovative take on conventional recipes. 

In addition, you can procure the novels written by Corrie Wang from the bar or host stand of the eatery. So, visiting the place is like enjoying the company of the best books with the best food. 

7. Eclectic Café & Vinyl

Location: 132 Spring St

Do you have a penchant for visiting quirky coffee shops in the world? Along with Blue Bicycle Books, you can also pay a visit to the Eclectic Cafe & Vinyl. 

At this place, you will find a comfortable corner where you can read for as many hours as you want. You can also explore the impressive collection of vinyl records and books. 

In addition, at Eclectic Cafe, you will get to attend many poetry reading sessions or musical events. The cafe keeps its visitors informed about upcoming poetry sessions and other events through its social media page. 

Final Words 

There is no dearth of options if you want to know about the best things to do in Charleston SC. Along with the places I have mentioned, you must also pay a visit to Mercantile and Mash or Jeni’s Ice Cream.

Further, you must not miss spending some time at the beaches and on the islands of Charleston. Close to nature, you will experience the kick you need for your literary mind.

So, are you planning a trip to Charleston SC, anytime soon? Which places do you want to visit as a book lover? Don’t forget to share!

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