Athletes and bodybuilders use different supplements. Beta alanine is a good example. It is among many supplement health enthusiastic people consume.

They use different types of whey, vegan protein supplements, and vitamins for improved performance and better health. However, what is beta alanine? How does it improve your health?

If you are interested to know About this health supplement, then the following article will help you with a small review and necessary information.


What Is Beta Alanine?


Beta-alanine is a non proteinogenic or nonessential amino acid. Your body does not use this amino acid to synthesize protein like other proteins. This amino acid is synthesized inside the liver. You don’t really need to take supplements to get beta alanine. Because this amino acid can get ingested in your diet through animal-based foods, you can take beef and chicken, for example. After ingestion, beta-alanine and histidine combines within skeletal muscle. Then it forms carnosine. Beta-alanine works as the limiting factor in muscle carnosine synthesis.

How Does Beta Alanine Help?

Beta-alanine is unmatched when it comes to reducing fatigue and improving the performance of fitness-conscious people. Here are a few benefits of consuming this supplement.

Improves Your Endurance

Beta-alanine helps Improves Your Endurance

Beta-alanine is the amino acid known for increasing your time to exhaustion. You can exercise for a longer period if you have beta alanine supplements. According to research, this supplement has helped boost total accomplished tasks by 13% within four weeks of daily consumption. After 10 weeks, the same number increased by 3.2%.

Also, through a comparable cycling test, 20 men proved that their time of exhaustion had improved by 13% to 14%.

Shorter Duration Exercise Also Improves

Shorter Duration Exercise

Short-term workouts are usually more intensive, and they require more strength. The reason behind this is muscle acidosis. However, beta-alanine helps you throughout your small and intensive workout sessions and helps you last for one or more minutes during the workout.

According to a study, the consumption of beta-alanine for six weeks can improve the TTE by 19% and help with a high-intensity workout. According to another test, 18 rowers who took the supplement for seven weeks were 4.3 seconds quicker than the placebo group during the 2000-meter race that lasted for 6 minutes.

More Benefits

Beta alanine helps increase muscle endurance among older adults. It can help during resistance training by reducing fatigue. But there is no proof regarding this supplement increasing strength during work out.

Better Body Composition

Body Composition

Some studies also suggest that the consumption of this supplement can also improve the body composition of the person consuming it. It is said that the supplement helps improve training volume and also promotes muscle growth. However, according to some other studies, this supplement promotes no muscle growth or improvement of body weight.

If you are looking for the best amino acid supplements for muscle growth, you can give beta-alanine a go. You can consume it through different food or use a supplement.

Sources Of Beta Alanine In Food

Sources Of Beta Alanine In Food

If you want to consume more beta-alanine, you don’t necessarily have to rely on supplements. There are many organic sources that provide your body with beta alanine. Most of them are animal-based food. For example, you can find this supplement in different types of meat and dairy products as well. For example – meats like chicken, turkey, pork, beef, and fish. Cheese, eggs, and milk also have some amount of beta alanine.

Best Beta Alanine Products

So, if you think your body requires this amino acid and you want to consume it through some good supplements, then here are some recommendable products you should check.

Wolverine Carnosyn Beta-Alanine

Wolverine Carnosyn Beta-Alanine

Each serving of this product will offer you 5 grams of the product. Each of the packages contains 100 servings. If you are an athlete or bodybuilder, you can consume this product for better TTE. This product does not include any additives or fillers. However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, you might want to skip this one.

Huge Supplements Wrecked

Huge Supplements Wrecked

There are 18 elements within the Huge Supplements Wreckted beta-alanine. 3,500mg of beta-alanine, 3,000mg of betaine, and 8,000mg of citrulline are three major elements you can look out for in this supplement. If you are an athlete and looking for a supplement to increase your TTE, you can keep this product in your pre-workout meal.

Kaged Pre-Kaged Elite

Kaged Pre-Kaged Elite

Aside from beta-alanine, this supplement also features creatine, another helpful supplement for athletes. Also, if you are fond of caffeine, you will enjoy the dose of caffeine in this one. The product also includes electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some popular questions and answers about this health supplement.

1. Is Beta-Alanine The Same As Creatine?

Beta alanine and creatine are very different at the molecular level. Both creatine and beta alanine are nonessential amino acids. Your body produces both amino acids naturally. Creatine combines three essential amino acids named methionine, arginine, and glycine. But beta-alanine is a single amino acid.

2. Why Do Bodybuilders Use Beta-Alanine?

Beta-alanine helps increase TTE by several degrees, helping athletes and bodybuilders to perform better during a workout session. It is an amino acid affecting bodybuilders’ performances for the better. It helps them to reduce fatigue during training.

3. Is Beta-Alanine A Fat Burner?

Beta-alanine may help you reduce your body fat. Many athletes use this supplement before a workout so that they can burn fat during the workout. But, if you are already going through a fat loss program, you may skip this product.

Bottom Line

When it comes to better performance, you can count on different supplements. Beta-alanine is a nonessential supplement and may not work like whey or other bodybuilding supplements. However, it helps improve training performance among bodybuilders. It helps to reduce exhaustion and increase performance efficiency.

I think you have found this article helpful. However, if there are any queries, you can use the comment box. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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