The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been working to bring a positive change in the marketplace since 1912. 

It works in collaboration with companies, non-profit organizations, governments, and consumers to bolster trust in the marketplace.

Further, it’s a Non-profit Organization Management based in Arlington, Virginia. 

Do you want to know the essential things about BBB? Here is a complete guide. 


7 Things You Should Know About Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau helps you to “Always Choose the Better Business.” It has its own standards of trust, allowing consumers to complain about companies that offer bad business experiences.

It operates through its official website, which has dedicated sections for making complaints and sharing reviews. Also, the website is very resourceful, with helpful tips. 

What Does The Better Business Bureau Do?

What Does The Better Business Bureau Do?

As I just said, BBB is a non-profit organization that works to restore and maintain trust in the marketplace.

To do so, it helps consumers to have information about companies and non-profit organizations. In addition, it manages and assesses the complaints of consumers against a particular company.

Further, this non-profit organization has a rating system, and accordingly, it can give any company a rating of A+ to F. 

This way, consumers get to know which organization they can trust and which they must avoid.

Moreover, you can file a complaint against a company that has created dissatisfaction regarding its products or services in the last 12 months.

BBB works with companies, customers, government, and NGOs. Thus, it helps all stakeholders in the market to have a clear picture of the occurrences. 

How Do I Check A Company With The Better Business Bureau?

How Do I Check A Company With The Better Business Bureau?

The Better Business Bureau has a database of millions of companies. 

You can visit the official website of BBB or contact us over the phone. 

To know about a company, you must provide BBB with its location, name, and zip code. 

When Should I File A Complaint With The Better Business Bureau?

You can file a complaint with the BBB for a company that is based in the US, Mexico, or Canada. Further, you can lodge a complaint only when you have fulfilled the following criteria.

  • You have bought a service or product for the company.
  • Further, you have a problem in dealing with the business in the last 12 months.
  • The company did not deliver the promised goods or services.
  • You have not filed a lawsuit while making a complaint before BBB.
  • You have not used any abusive language in the complaint.

What Are The Better Business Bureau Standards? 

What Are The Better Business Bureau Standards?

The Better Business Bureau Standards for Trust are based on the pillars of eight principles. Let’s know about these principles.

Build Trust

By building trust, the BBB wants to maintain a positive mind frame in the market.

It only gives a company a clean cheat under the following conditions:

  • Selling products/services for at least six months before making the application
  • Or, a clean track record of managing similar businesses previously
  • Competency and meeting all requirements related to trade license
  • Free from government action
  • At least a B rating in the company headquarters and all other locations

It checks whether the company in question follows standard and ethical advertising practices. The ethical practices are inclusive of but are not limited to the BBB practices.

Tell The Truth 

The company should be honest about the products it sells. It should have proper disclaimers about the “material terms.”

Be Transparent 

The company should be transparent about its nature, location, material terms, and other important factors that can impact the buyers’ decisions. These factors include the cost of the product/service, return/refund policy, tax, contact details, etc. 

Honor Promises

A company should fulfill and adhere to all the contracts, representations, and commitments.

Be Responsive 

The company should be willing to address and mitigate all the disputes flagged by BBB in response to customer complaints.

Also, all the mediation, arbitration, and dispute resolution must be done in a professional manner. 

Safeguard Privacy

The company should safeguard the privacy of the consumers. This privacy also includes sensitive payment details and bank information.

Embody Integrity

The company should maintain integrity in all professional dealings. 

Is The Better Business Bureau International? 

Is The Better Business Bureau Only For US Companies?

The International Association of Better Business Bureau (IABBB) is a hub for the bureau in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

IABBB is very similar to the Better Business Bureau in its functions. It shares information about companies.

This information helps to expose the disputes. However, the information provided by BBB is also useful for building a healthy relationship between customers and companies. 

Is The Better Business Bureau Only For US Companies? 

No, the Better Business Bureau or BBB is not for the USA-based companies. It also offers information about companies based in Canada and Mexico.

Thus, it works to settle disputes and clear doubts. 

How Is Better Business Bureau Diving Into Recent Bitcoin Scam?

Recently, Better Business Bureau has dived into a bitcoin scam to assess the complaints against Bitcoin Bonus.

It’s a company based in Oregon. 

Better Business Bureau exposed the company and highlighted how it makes people spend money.

Further, BBB says that Bitcoin Bonus reaches out to people and convinces them to claim their Bitcoin balance. Now, the ones who get tricked never receive these bitcoins, and they end up spending money.

Timothy Johnson from the Better Business Bureau warns us and tells us to be alert whenever there is a similar proposal for something related to bitcoins. 

He says, “Whether it’s related to crypto currency or anything else, if somebody is urgently telling you to do something you need to stop take a breath, reach out and talk to somebody do your research so you don’t find yourself having been taken by a scammer.”

However, this is not the only time when BBB has exposed a scam. It has also left the TikTok jewelry scam and social media coupon discount scam open. 

Final Words 

Along with maintaining the trust between businesses and consumers, the Better Business Bureau is also committed to supporting small businesses.

Once you get a BBB accreditation or seal, your consumers will immediately identify your company as trustworthy.

So, have you filed any complaint in BBB or got your business accredited? Don’t forget to share your experience.

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