The best thing about BMW is that they like to make SUVs, and you can see from the number of SUVs BMW came up with over the years. The BMW X8 SUV is the perfect successor to the X7. The BMW X8 2022 is basically a more luxurious and sportier version than the X7. With the BMW X8 2023, the company is expected to enhance its performance.

In this article, you will learn in detail about the new BMW X8, which is one of the best SUVs available in the price range. Furthermore, you will learn about the best things that the BMW X8 offers, which makes it a unique option among the rest of the cars in the BMW X Series. Hence, to learn more about the BMW X8 SUV, read on through to the end of the article.


BMW X8 – A Brief Overview Of The SUV

BMW was looking at the possibility of the X8 from back in 2017. Last year, the company produced the BMW X8 concept car known as the BMW I Vision Dee. Although the release date of the X8 is still not known, it can be anticipated here that the BMW X8 will be launched by the end of 2023.

In terms of price, there is no official declaration from BMW, like Audi in the case of its Audi A9. However, as per the positioning of the car and the features that it comes with, the price is most likely to be more than $160,000. The models of other brands with whom the BMW X8 will be competing are all priced higher than $165,00. Provided the luxury and the technology the car is expected to offer, the price should not be a shock.

BMW X8 – 7 Things That You Need To Know

The BMW X8 comes with a completely new identity and look. Furthermore, to make the SUV look different from previous versions, BMW gave it a sharp-nose design. This resulted in a classy front shape, along with an amazing finish. The car is expected to be more luxurious and fancier than the rest of the X Series cars. Hence, if you are looking for a luxurious SUV at the high end, you will need to know the most interesting factors about BMW X8. The following are the things you need to know about the BMW X8:

1. BMW X8 Exterior, And Design

The bold shape of the car, along with its high-class finish, is the best thing. The broader shoulder line of the SUV just adds to its looks. Expect the car to be sportier in terms of looks and have a coup-like style on the exterior.

According to,

The November 2021 preview proved it to be a fancier and more luxurious piece of machinery. From our viewpoint, the BMW X8 is certainly the perfect SUV for anyone who is on the hunt for an SUV on the high-end in terms of luxury, performance, and an attention-grabbing design.”

2. BMW X8 Interiors

At first glance into the BMW X8, you will see clearly that the company needs to make things more luxurious for the occupants of the SUV. The seats will come with luxurious and padded leathers of the highest levels. The interior is also spacious, which can give space to six occupants, including the driver.

You can also find greener alternatives with the material and cover of the seats. Furthermore, the SUV comes with extra room on the second row instead of having a third row. In addition to that, there will not be any issues with trunk space either.

3. Interesting Combination Of Technology

As per the claims of,

The infotainment system offers standard features, including navigation and smartphone compatibility. On top of that, the X8 features a BMW Digital Key that allows you to lock and unlock the X8 using your phone. The center stack comes with a 12.3-inch display.”

Expect BMW X8 to come with an embedded iDrive system from Apple. The system will be connected to Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, navigation, and various other connectivity items.

4. Powerful System

According to,

BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system will probably be standard, as will the familiar eight-speed automatic transmission from ZF that does duty in everything from the 2 Series to the 7 Series.” Additionally, unlike economical SUVs like Toyota Fortuner, the BMW Custom X Series comes with really powerful engines.

5. BMW X8 Performance

The standard engine in the BMW X8 is expected to be the V8 4.4 L engine which runs on petrol. This will enable the SUV to have a horsepower of 200 and a torque of 737 lbs.-ft. Apart from that, the BMW X8 will also come with a variant with a plug-in hybrid option. This will be sure to make the SUV a desirable option for many. Furthermore, the X8 also supports hybrid applications and also borrows the 5th– gen electric motor technology.

6. BMW X8 Mileage

As per the claims of CarBuzz,

The top BMW X7 – the M50i with a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 – returns 15/21/17 mpg city/highway/combined, whereas the more powerful X6 M returns 13/18/15 mpg. The new X8’s consumption is likely to be similar to these two models when equipped with a V8.”

Expect the hybrid to perform well too.

7. The Price Factor

Given the luxury, the performance, the comfort, and finally, the brand name, expect the SUV to be priced on the higher side. The expected price will be close to $160K- to $165K. The SUV will compete with some of the bests in the market, namely the Mercedes Maybach and the Bentley Bentayga, both of which are in the $180K+ base.

Summing Up

Expect the BMW X8 to come with some great features in terms of performance and luxury. Hope this article was helpful to give you a better idea of the SUV and what it promises to offer. As per the views of many industry experts, expect the X8 to launch at the end of 2023 or at the start of the next year. Do you think the X8 will perform on the luxury front, as promised? Share your opinions in the comments box below.

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