Australian fashion draws inspiration from diverse landscapes, ranging from the cosmopolitan streets of Sydney to the rugged beauty of the Outback.

Among its many fashion trends, bohemian fashion has gained popularity in recent years, blending elements of freedom, creativity, and the carefree spirit that resonates with the Australian lifestyle. Meanwhile, bohemian style, often referred to as ‘boho,’ is a fashion movement that’s as much a lifestyle as it is a clothing choice.

So, read on and learn about the essential elements of bohemian style and how you can incorporate boho clothing in Australia to unleash your inner bohemian spirit.


What Is Bohemianism? 

Bohemianism is all about moving from the traditional and leaving a big statement. It’s an expansive subject to deal with, and therefore, one has to note not one but these seven things so that the expression fits the concept. Moreover, there must be an element of grotesqueness that will defy the traditional and express itself to the fullest. 

Every aspect of bohemianism will challenge the existing conventions and leave a statement. That is the most unique part of the development. Therefore, you have to note all the above elements before you can open up your style statement in a completely new manner. 

Rooted in the artistic and free-spirited culture of the 1960s and 1970s, bohemian fashion has evolved into a timeless trend that captures the essence of individuality, creativity, and a love for all things unconventional. Given below are 7 ways to discover your Bohemian-self.

1. Free-Spirited Fabrics

  • Flowing Maxi Dresses: Maxi dresses made from lightweight, flowing fabrics like cotton, chiffon, and linen are a hallmark of bohemian style. These dresses are comfortable and exude a carefree, relaxed vibe. Opt for earthy tones, vibrant patterns, and loose silhouettes.
  • Fringed Kimonos: Kimonos with fringes are a versatile addition to your boho wardrobe. Layer them over a simple outfit to instantly elevate your look with a touch of bohemian flair. They’re perfect for adding movement and style to your ensemble.
  • Crochet and Lace: Embrace the beauty of crochet and lace in your clothing choices. Crocheted tops, lace skirts, and boho-inspired blouses add a romantic and whimsical touch to your outfits. They’re ideal for channeling your inner bohemian artist.

2. Nature-Inspired Prints

  • Floral Prints: Bohemian style often incorporates floral patterns that celebrate the beauty of nature. Flowery dresses, blouses, and skirts bring a touch of the outdoors to your wardrobe. These prints are perfect for expressing your connection to the earth.
  • Paisley Patterns: Paisley prints are another boho favorite. They exude a sense of wanderlust and adventure. Incorporate paisley in your scarves, dresses, or even on your accessories for a touch of bohemian mystique.
  • Tribal and Ethnic Designs: Draw inspiration from various cultures around the world with tribal and ethnic prints. These patterns often feature geometric shapes and bold colors. Also, consider adding ethnic-inspired pieces to your boho collection for a global touch.

3. Layered Accessories

Layered Accessories
  • Statement Jewelry: Boho style thrives on bold and chunky jewelry pieces. Layered necklaces, oversized rings, and statement earrings are essential accessories. Mix and match metals, stones, and textures for a carefree, eclectic look.
  • Wide-Brimmed Hats: A wide-brimmed hat not only offers sun protection but also adds a touch of bohemian chic to your outfit. Likewise, opt for floppy hats in natural materials like straw or felt.
  • Fringed Bags: Fringed bags are both stylish and functional. They’re perfect for carrying your essentials while adding a bohemian touch to your overall look. Crossbody bags and hobo bags are popular choices in boho fashion.

4. Footwear Choices

  • Ankle Boots: Ankle boots, especially those with a distressed or suede finish, are a staple in bohemian style. They can be paired with dresses, skirts, or jeans for a stylish yet comfortable look.
  • Strappy Sandals: Strappy sandals, whether flat or heeled, are perfect for a boho summer look. Choose sandals with embellishments like beads or tassels for added flair.
  • Barefoot Sandals: For a truly free-spirited vibe, consider barefoot sandals made from beads or crochet. They’re a unique and charming addition to your bohemian ensemble.

5. Embrace Bohemian Beauty

  • Effortless Hairstyles: Boho beauty is all about embracing your natural self. So, opt for loose, wavy hair or braids that radiate a relaxed and carefree attitude.
  • Earthy Makeup: Keep your makeup natural with earthy tones and a focus on enhancing your features rather than covering them up. Boho beauty is all about letting your inner glow shine through.

6. Colorful Pillows

  • Color Combination: Colorful pillows are a great addition to a bohemianism movement. When discussing the essential features of bohemian, you can make your choices. Bohemianism is about the carefree style, color combination, and style elements. 
  • Motifs: When discussing the idea, you will also consider the essential elements that make these pillows a class apart. The use of motifs and other aspects in the design of these pillows significantly impacts the users. 

Grotresqueness to the core: The grotesque color scheme or, say, the use of designs make a completely different show which feeds the bohemianism requirements.

7. Artistic Touch

  • Wall Decors: Boheminiasm minus art is null and void. One of the latest developments that can easily be found in addition to the decoration is the use of baskets. Yes, they are a trend.
  • Wall Hangings: Wall hangings of different designs are available in the markets. They must be different in their look and feel; that’s the essence of bohemianism.

Lights: It’s the lights that make the evenings more precious. You have to look for the ones that consume less electricity after the electric bills are soaring high, which may drag your bohemianism to the pit of reality.


Boho chic style is more than just a fashion trend; it’s a way of life that celebrates individuality, creativity, and a connection to the world around us. By incorporating boho clothing in Australia into your wardrobe and embracing the essential elements of bohemian style, you can unleash your inner bohemian spirit.

As such, express your love for nature, freedom, and artistic expression through your clothing choices, and let your unique style shine with the free-spirited charm of boho fashion.

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