Are you planning to bring a Bullmastiff puppy home? It’s a good choice for someone who wants a guard dog. No, the Bullmastiffs don’t bark or bite, making them the perfect family companion. But they sure are guard dogs. They have it in their blood. 

They are fearless workers. But, when at home, the Bullmastiffs can be quite docile. What makes them interesting pets is their wary and alert nature. The paws of a bullmastiff pack have enough power, but they are sweet family dogs to keep around. 

They might want to stay a little aloof around people. However, if trained, they can be better at socializing. This article contains some crazy facts about Bullmastiffs that you might not have known. 


Things You Did Not Know About Bullmastiffs

If you are planning to bring one home, you should be curious to know about these unknown facts about bullmastiff dogs.

1. Bullmastiffs Are Born Guardians

Bullmastiffs Are Born Guardians
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Bullmastiffs were bred in England and are a cross of the Mastiff and Bulldog. In England, the Bullmastiff Breed was bred in the 1860s. The breed came into existence as guards who would protect valuable properties from poachers during that time. 

This breed got the perfect mix of speed and aggression from their parent breeds – Mastiffs and bulldogs. Their aggressive appearance and speed are necessary for chasing thieves and apprehending them.

Bullmastiffs are bulky, large, and muscular dogs. Their dark eyes and V-shaped ears mark their aggressive and cute appearance. They have a square-shaped head which makes them recognizable as a breed, 

2. No Barking And Biting

No Barking And Biting

Bullmastiffs are just as humble as they are cute. They don’t bark or bite, which makes them pretty civil dogs to be around. They are guardian dogs and were not trained to bark or bite as a breed. 

The wealthy owners of the bullmastiff dogs did not want their dogs to scare away the thieves or bite them. The dogs only had to apprehend the thieves to the owners, and the Bullmastiffs were bred only for this reason. Their tender nature makes them one of the best family companion dogs.

3. Not Much Exercise Is Needed 

Not Much Exercise Is Needed

The Bullmastiff does not do so well under warm weather. But they also don’t need extensive workouts. So, if you are also a lazy house worm, the bullmastiffs are your soul dogs. They can go on only a few simple walks once or twice a day. 

They also enjoy the outdoor environment. You can take them for an outdoor walk and little playtime. However, if you are looking for a running partner, then a Bullmastiff might disappoint you because they are not that good of a running partner. 

4. Making Their Way To The U.S. 

Making Their Way To The U.S. 

As you can already see, Bullmastiffs were bred and born in England. But how did they come to the U.S.? We have to thank the U.S. oil merchant John D. Rockefeller for that. Rockefeller had his estate in Tarrytown, N.Y. He wanted capable guard dogs to guard them. 

That is why he brought the bullmastiffs to the USA to guard his estate. But, they had to wait until 1933 for the American Kennel Club to recognize them as a breed. 

5. Bullmastiff In Hollywood & Sports!

Bullmastiff In Hollywood & Sports!
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Did you know that the Bullmastiff used in the famous movie “Rocky” starring Sylvester Stallone was untrained? What’s more interesting is, that it was Stallone’s own dog. Stallone used his own dog Butkus who he adopted as a pup when it was only six weeks old. 

The reason Stallone used his own dog is that he could not afford a trained dog for the movie Rocky. Sadly, he also had to sell Butkus when his financial condition was collapsing. But, as soon as he could afford Butkus again, he went to get him back. Stallone almost begged for Butkus. 

Also, a bullmastiff is the live mascot of The Cleveland Browns. The Bullmastiff is named Swagger. He will be there every time the Cleveland Browns play a game. He also accompanies me during an interview. 

6. The Love Puppy Foods For Large Breeds 

The Love Puppy Foods For Large Breeds 
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The Bullmastiff puppies need food for the larger breeds. They need to grow consistently and steadily; only this type of food can help them grow the way they need to. When they are in their puppy phase, the Bullmastiffs require small servings of frequent meals throughout the day. But when they are grown-ups, they need two meals a day. 

They are prone to bloating, so you should always say no to excessive food. Also, always avoid strenuous activities both before and after a meal. 

7. Favorite To Many Hollywood Stars 

Favorite To Many Hollywood Stars 

The bullmastiffs were the pets of many Hollywood stars. Christina Aguilera, Marlon Brando, Michael Bay, and Jon Bon Jovi have owned a bullmastiff. Even the famous musician Bob Dylan also had a Bullmastiff named Brutus. Bob Dylan and Katherine Hepburn were neighbors, and Brutus used to use Hepburn’s garden as his own personal bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are some popular queries about Bullmastiff dogs. 

Q1. Will A Bullmastiff Bite?

Ans: Bullmastiffs have a calm and docile nature. They are usually aloof around people and don’t bark or bite. They were bred in England as guard dogs to wealthy owners. The owners did not want the dogs to bite anyone but apprehend the thieves. That is why bullmastiffs don’t have barking or biting in nature. However, they can unexpectedly attack people and cause injury. But this is quite rare.

Q2. Is Bullmastiff Intelligent?

Ans: The bullmastiffs are intelligent and powerful. They are calm and humble and usually don’t bite or bark. They need little to moderate exercise and training to grow even more intelligent and stay alongside their humans. 

Q3. Is A Bullmastiff Bigger Than A Rottweiler?

Ans: Both in size and weight, bullmastiffs are bigger than rottweilers. The Bullmastiffs are 24-27 inches in height and weigh around 100-130 pounds. On the other hand, Rottweilers are 22-27 inches tall and weigh around 80 to 132 pounds.

Bottom Line

Bullmastiffs stand as a strong and dependable breed when it comes to guarding. They are always alert and observing their surrounding. Starting from their origin, the Bullmastiffs have guarded many owners. Right now, they are loved by many owners and their families. 

So, what do you think of the Bullmastiffs? Would you adopt one? Please give your feedback in the comment section. You can also leave your questions below.

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