You are not the only one if you feel that your food expenditure has increased recently. Food prices have increased dramatically during the last two years. In the previous year, the cost of fruits and vegetables increased by 7.2%, while dairy and associated goods skyrocketed by 14%.

Now that can take a massive chunk out of your monthly budget! The good news is you can find the cheapest grocery stores near me with my list of the cheapest place for groceries in America.


Cheapest Grocery Stores In 2023  

To know what is the cheapest grocery store, here’s a list of the cheapest grocery stores in 2023:

1. Aldi  

You would always want the best deals for shopping from a cheap grocery store, right? Grab a quarter (for renting a shopping cart) and head to Aldi!

How Do They Keep Costs Low?  

German-born Aldi is well-known for its aggressive cost-cutting tactics, such as asking consumers to do duties that generally fall within the purview of workers. Recall how Alsi shopping carts were rented out. Aldi won’t have to pay employees to gather them as a result.

Additionally, you’ll have to shell out for plastic and paper bags or forgo them if you fail to bring one from home. These cost-saving difficulties might seem strange at other retailers, but Aldi customers seem cool with it.

Most likely, since Aldi ranks as one of the cheapest grocery stores, I enjoy saving money. Keeping expenses down is a significant factor, after all!

Best Things To Buy  

The best things you can buy at Aldi are:

  • Baking products
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Wine and alcohol
  • Chocolates
  • Cheese
  • Canned goods

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2. Market Basket  

A supermarket with more than a century of history, Market Basket is located in New England. Being one of the cheapest place to buy groceries, you can only shop if you live in this region.

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How Do They Keep Costs Low?  

How do you think Market Basket lives up to its slogan, “More for Your Dollar“? Compared to other supermarket chains of comparable scale, they have significantly smaller corporate personnel.

Additionally, they virtually identically stock all of their locations, simplifying purchases for their retail outlets and passing the savings forward to the client.

Best Things to Buy  

The best things you can buy at Market Base for one of the cheapest grocery stores are:

  • Maple syrup
  • Rhode Island Clams
  • Maine apples
  • New Hampshire pears

3. WinCo Foods   

The employee-owned WinCo Foods operates as an enormous store with sizable bulk departments and an average area of 90,000 square feet. However, they don’t demand memberships as their warehouse relatives like how Sam’s Club and Costco do. There are shops for everyone looking for the least expensive grocery stores!

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How Do They Keep Costs Low?  

WinCo Foods doesn’t use baggers, take credit cards, pay transaction fees, or spend money on promotions and advertisements. The business, which is located in Idaho, passes those savings forward to you as well. Their approach appears successful since they have 134 locations and are expanding.

Best Things to Buy  

The best things you can buy at WinCo Foods are:

  • Grated cheese by Specialty
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Seventh Generation laundry
  • Dave’s Killer bread
  • Kerrygold butter
  • Olive Oil

4. Lidl  

Lidl (which rhymes with bug, not idle) aspires to become your go-to, high-quality, inexpensive food shop. This East Coast retailer sells more than just groceries; you can also get modest kitchen utensils, supplies for gardening, soft toys, and more.

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How Do They Keep Costs Low?  

Due to its deliberate efficiency goals, Lidl made the list of the cheapest food stores. They can sell more things to more customers since their stores are made to allow customers to come in and leave quickly.

Additionally, they do away with “any unnecessary extra costs,” such as hiring workers to unload produce. They merely added a fresh carton of vegetables to the stand in its place.2

Best Things to Buy  

The best things you can buy at Lidl, since it’s one of the cheapest grocery stores, are:

  • Spices like CinnamonCinnamon and onion powder, CinnamonCinnamon, and more
  • Seafood like fresh fish and cans of tuna

5. Trader Joe’s  

Trader Joe’s is an excellent place for buying the goods you require since it’s one of the cheapest grocery stores. This may include household goods, food items, and ingredients as well. However, the main attraction is their stores, which look like theme parks made just for shopping once you go inside.

Their staff is referred to as the “crew.” Additionally, managers and supervisors (also known as “mates” and “captains”) wear vibrant Hawaiian shirts. It’s a great outfit, in my opinion!

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How Do They Keep Costs Low?  

Why do you think Trader Joe’s ranks among the most affordable food stores? Since most of their items are store brands, they can accept cheap costs while rejecting intermediaries.

Additionally, they eliminate supplier fees in return for vendor discounts on their goods. And they never accept coupons. This makes Trader Joe’s one of the cheapest grocery stores. The good news is that all groceries are offered at the lowest feasible price.

Best Things to Buy  

The best product I recommend buying at Trader Joe’s are:

  • Honey-roasted pumpkin ravioli
  • Vegan chickpea masala salad
  • Sweet Korean pancakes filled with CinnamonCinnamon

6. Costco  

Costco is one of the most famous and cheapest grocery stores in the US. Because of all the exceptional items they provide, I utilize my Costco Loyalty membership every single week. However, be cautious since running inside for water is easy, and walk out with a patio set, a charcuterie platter, and a can of tuna.

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How Do They Keep Costs Low?  

Costco is constantly looking for ways to be more productive. In addition, they rarely use conventional advertising and pass the cost savings to their customers.

They also only employ people to unload crates. If you’ve ever visited a Costco storage facility, you understand that little thought is given to how the shop appears and that items are bought in large quantities. Costco’s membership fee, ranging from $60 to 120, also offsets pricing.

Best Things to Buy  

It’s best to buy in bulk from Costco. My favorites are:

  • Kirkland cranberry juice and coffee
  • Diapers (with fixed 10% discount)
  • Hot dogs ($1.50) and large pizzas ($9.95) from the Costco food court

7. Walmart  

The biggest retailer in the world, Walmart is renowned for its enormous shops, wide variety, and, most all, affordable rates. Conveniently, Walmart is a one-stop store where you can buy food, clothing, jewelry, gifts, and lawn and garden supplies. Or maybe it’s not so good because my $5 excursions for frozen pizza may result in $40 trips for toys.

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How Do They Keep Costs Low?  

Sam Walton’s first price reductions at Walton’s 5&10 made history in 1950, and Walmart was born to become one of the cheapest grocery stores. Due to its extensive worldwide presence today, Walmart can negotiate lower vendor costs and transfer those savings to customers.

Best Things to Buy  

It would be best if you bought everyday things that you buy for your house, like:

  • Pantry staples
  • Laundry detergents
  • Toiletries
  • Cleaning supplies

How To Save More While Buying Groceries 

Saving money on food is a good idea for anyone who wants to keep their spending under control. Here are some simple and human-friendly tips to help you save more money while buying groceries:

Make a Shopping List: Before going to the store, write down what you need. This helps you stay with what is important and keep away from buying things on a whim.

Check for Discounts and Coupons: Watch for deals, sales and discount coupons. Many shops give out reward programs or electronic discounts that can reduce your cost.

Buy in Bulk: Buying things in big amounts can save money over time. Just ensure you use it often to prevent wasting.

Compare Prices: Take some time to look at the costs, especially for things you buy often. Different kinds of brands or package sizes might give better prices.

Shop Seasonal Produce: Pick fruits and vegetables that are in season. They are not only newer, but often cheaper too.

Generic Brands Are Your Friends: Don’t be afraid to buy regular or shop brands. They are usually cheaper than branded ones and can be just as good.

Avoid Shopping Hungry: Doing shopping when you’re hungry can make you buy things without thinking. Eat something before you leave to stay focused on what needs done.

Limit Pre-Packaged and Processed Foods: Pre-made and not cooked foods often cost more. Choose fresh food and make meals at home.

Use Cashback or Rewards Programs: Some shops let you get money back or have reward schemes. Use these to save money or get some cash back.

Mind the Expiry Dates: Watch out for the sell-by dates to avoid throwing away food. Make meals using things that don’t last long to use them more.

DIY Snacks: Instead of buying costly snacks, try making your own. It’s usually better for your health and cheaper.

Freeze Perishables: If you find a good deal on items that can spoil, get lots and freeze the parts you won’t use right now.


Where do people overspend the most? Food! This is why people ask questions like “whats the cheapest grocery store” on the internet.

No wonder everyone wants to know which of the cheapest grocery stores is the best. I’ve been there, but it’s not just where you shop that determines if you’re controlling your money. It’s how you shop.

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