While I was going through my readers’ comments and suggestions to pick an idea for my next article, I came across several similar comments. My readers were asking me to review Chico Hot Springs and the things you can do.

Well, at first, I didn’t put any thoughts on these comments, but as their frequency increased, I thought, why not have a look at Chico Hot Springs. While doing my research, I understood why my readers are going so head over heels.

This is what I found while doing my research.


Chico Hot Springs

Hot Springs

Hot Springs

Chico Hot Springs is located near Pray, Montana. It was founded in 1900 and has gradually evolved into a vacation resort.

Chico Hot Springs is a great place to spend your holiday vacation. It’s a beautiful place in the heart of the mountains and caters to something for everyone. If you like peace and want to communicate with nature, you can certainly do so. If you are a person who loves the high adrenaline rush, you might like Trekking, Hiking, River rafting, and much more.

There are so many things you can do in Chico Hot Springs. It is a great place where you can spend quality time with your friends and family and enjoy some of the best adrenaline rush activities.

Things To Do At Chico Hot Springs

If you are visiting Chico Hot Springs, be ready to enjoy its versatile outdoor activities that have something for everyone. Given below are just the highlights of what you can enjoy at Chico Hot Springs.

1. Hiking


When it comes down to hiking, Chico Hot Springs has its own private hiking trail on Ranch 635. You can use the dedicated private trail system for multiple use recreation for mountain biking, trail running, disk golf course, and horseback trails. Note: NO motor vehicles are allowed.

Ranch 635 is located on the hillside of the main lodge. A five-mile loop trail is accessible by the visitors. Walkers and runners can enjoy soft and unpaved double tracks through the hills of wildflowers and sagebrush.

As you are almost in the mountains, you can enjoy the wildlife. If you are interested, you could reach the top hill to see the badger’s habitat.

2. Skiing


Chico Hot Springs becomes the second heaven on earth during the winter season. The snowy mountains are winter’s wonderland which becomes, even more hypnotizing with the trail created by the wind blowing through the trees.

Winter offers snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. And once you are done with snow, Chico Hot Springs will be waiting for you within hot toddies and cocoa to add something more to your excitement.

3. Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Ranch 635 is the private trail for the Chico Hot Springs. It is a dedicated trail path that can be used for multi-purpose recreation. Note: no motor vehicles are allowed.

The terrain for motorbiking is perfect for beginners and intermediate mountain bikers. It offers mostly soft and gentle cruisers and some hill climbs.

4. River Rafting

River Rafting

Chico Hot Springs have collaborated with Flying Pig Adventure company to offer whitewater river rafting services. You can make two plans: 8 miles and 18 miles. Friendly guides are also given to the tourists to guide them through the calm and rapid waves.

The river rafting will let you enjoy a mesmerizing view of the mountain and several rock formations. Flying Pig Adventure Company has some of the best guides that are known for making your trip memorable.

Both whitewater trips and scenic trips are available from May to September. However, the time period might change depending on the Yellowstone water level.

5. Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is something Chico Hot Springs is known for. There are hardly any places you can enjoy this sport. Paradise valley is known for its fly fishing activity. It is located a couple of minutes away from Yellowstone national park.

Chico Hot Springs is a perfect home base if you want to enjoy fly fishing. However, there are some things to consider if you are visiting Chico Hot Springs for fly fishing. Most fishing trips are scheduled between April to early November.

Besides fly fishing, you also have options for big rivers, private water bodies, or Yellowstone fabled sites.

6. Hot Springs

Hot Springs

Hot springs are the core aspects and central tourist attractions. People from all around the world travel to Chico Hot Springs to enjoy the natural hot springs. 

Here, in Chico Hot Springs, you will have two natural open-air hot spring pools. You can enjoy your time however you like. You can either swim, relax, play or simply soak your body to release stiffness.

However, if you are planning to visit a post-pandemic, you might find several changes in the rule and regulations. Hence, be sure to be thorough with changed rules and regulations.

7. Disc Golfing

Disc Golfing

Disc Golfing

Chico Hot Springs have a private Ranch 635 that offers 18 holes dick golf. The course features dynamic fly “18” Tee pads. This beautiful scenic course is located at Emigrant Peak, where you can enjoy sporting uphill, downhill, long, blind and short holes.

The whole golf course is designed by a local disc golf legend, Mark Watson, to attract the attention of both professionals and beginners alike.

What Other Things Chico Hot Springs Have To Offer?

Chico Hot Springs is a great place to spend some quality time with your friends and family. In fact, Chico Hot Springs also offers public events and party facilities. All the action happens in Chico Saloon during the weekends.

Nightlife in the Chico Hot Springs starts with bands, where you will find cowboys and jitterbugs singing covers that will add some memories to your trip.

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