No one is stopping you from making Cream Unicorn cookies. I know that this is no real cookie, and we cannot eat them since they are game characters. But you can make cookies and name them just as you want to.

The Cream unicorn cookies are available on their personal gacha banners. Also, this mythical cookie is quite rare because the banner runs for 32 days. However, if you want them from the normal banner, you can also do that, but you need to have extreme luck. 

But, keeping the game aside, if you want to make the best cream unicorn cookies, you need the best toppings. But which topping is the best for such a cookie ( both game and cookie)? Let’s figure it out in this article. Here I have listed some of the best toppings for cookies


1. Swift Chocolate Toppings

Swift Chocolate Toppings

Well, the first of the best toppings I will discuss is the Swift Chocolate topping. When baking your favorite cream unicorn cookie, you can use chocolate as its topping. In the game, the swift chocolate toppings help increase the DMG resistance of the cookie. 

The swift chocolate cookie uses toppings to get the best hits from powerful cookies like Vampire cookies. You can increase your DMG resistance by 25%. But, if you see it from a cookie’s perspective, you know how chocolate affects your life. 

2. Whole Almonds Toppings

Whole Almonds Toppings

Whole almonds are common in different types of cookies. You can use different toppings on your cookies and bring out the best of topping ingredients and cookies. 

If you want to add some extra texture to your self-proclaimed cream unicorn cookie, you can use the whole almonds to add some crispiness and crunch. But, if we are talking game, you can add 20.5% DMG Resist to your cream unicorn cookie with a whole almond topping. Also, you can add an additional 6% from the “set effect” bonus. 

3. Bouncy Caramel 

Bouncy Caramel

We have also added bouncy caramel to the Sea fairy cookie we made earlier. But if you want, you can add this topping to the cream unicorn cookie as well. Tastewise, it is supposed to be great. You can add the topping by frosting or by using an egg.

However, when it comes to the game, the bouncy caramel will not be the best topping for the Cream unicorn cookies. The swift chocolates and the whole almond toppings are the best for increased DMG resistance on this cookie. 

4. Hearty Hazelnut 

Hearty Hazelnut 

If you are planning to bake a box of cookies with the flavor of hazelnuts on it, you are in for a treat. You will love both the smell and the taste of it. 

Let’s see how this topping helps your cookie in the game. First of all, this is a crit resistance cookie, so it will help you in the game if you add it to the cream unicorn cookies. A crit-resistant topping is often better than an attack-improving topping for the Cream unicorn cookie. 

5. Juicy Apple Jelly Topping

Juicy Apple Jelly Topping

We love different tastes and flavors in the cookies that we make. So, if you too, like me, decided to make a cookie in the style of Cookie Run: Kingdom, then use their juicy apple jelly toppings for something new. The taste should be delightful. 

However, from the game’s perspective, you can make the Juiciy apple jelly topping work on your unicorn cream cookie. The juicy apple jelly topping increases the crit resistance by 5%. So, if you have this limited edition cookie and the juicy apple jelly toppings, you can pair them up for better crit resistance. 

6. Sweet Candy Toppings

Sweet Candy Toppings

Candies have always been a delightful addition to our favorite cookies. You can drizzle different colored candies, caramels, or sugar on top of the carefully baked piece of wholesomeness. But, using sweet candies alone can amplify the taste to some degree.

While talking about amplifying the taste, you can also amplify the buff of your cream unicorn cookie using this topping. But honestly, whole almonds and swift chocolates remain the best toppings for your cream unicorn cookie. 

7. Searing Raspberry Toppings

Searing Raspberry Toppings
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You can make the best cream unicorn cookie by using the searing raspberry toppings. No, I am not talking about the game here. If you want to make some cookies with raspberry toppings on them no one is stopping you. 

However, in the game, there might be better options for cream unicorn cookies than Raspberry toppings. Why? Because it is an attack-type topping and cream, unicorn cookies are healing cookies. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):- 

I hope that you have found the best toppings for your cookie. However, here are some questions and answers if you need additional help. 

Q1. How Do You Get Sugar Crystals To Stick To Cookies?

Ans: Frosting and egg washing are the two most common and easiest ways to sprinkle and stick your toppings on your cookies. But whenever you try to use toppings, make sure that the cookies are cooled completely before using the toppings on them. 

Q2. What Is Cream Unicorn Cookie Gender?

Ans: If you thought that cream unicorn cookies are female, you were mistaken. Unlike the sea fury cookie, the cream unicorn cookie is a male cookie. Also, an interview confirmed that it is a gender-nonconforming male cookie. 

Q3. Is Cream Unicorn Cookie A Predator?

Ans: Not sure if the cream unicorn cookies are predators or not. However, some players claim this cookie to be a pedophile since it locks up kids and plays with them ( which is spooky). In cookie run: kingdom, this cookie is a healer-type cookie. 

Final Words

Be it for valentines day or something else; if you are making cookies, you should name them with style – like naming after your favorite game characters as an example ( I know this sounds weird, but it is funny). But if you are playing Cookie Run: Kingdom, you must know the best toppings for your cream unicorn cookie. 

However, I think this article was able to help. But if you need any further help, don’t hesitate to comment below. 

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