The most easily recognized sign in the world is the sign of the cross. Having a tattoo on something so much symbolic, like the cross, is really something else. Driven by that motive, many people love to have a cross tattoo on different parts of their skin.

There are different styles like the Celtic style, Gothic style, and more different styles you can use to imprint the sign the cors on your skin. You can get it done on your back, your chest, or your arm.

So, if you are ready to get a cross tattoo, then you can explore the different examples we have listed in this article. So, without any delay, let’s start.


What Is The Meaning Of The Cross Tattoo?   

What Is The Meaning Of The Cross Tattoo

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Cross tattoos are great to have if you are thinking of enhancing your look with a tattoo. This tattoo gives a sense of identity and display of faith to many men and women out there. However, this holy symbol has a deep meaning that stretches beyond Christianity.

The cross sign bears different meanings and symbols, such as death, spirituality, devotion, freedom, and love. However, it is a must-have tattoo for someone who is truly devoted to Christianity according to the general meaning it possesses. But a cross tattoo also reflects different images of a father, son, and the holy spirit. It is also a way of remembering the ones someone loved and lost.

1. Minimal Cross Tattoos  

Minimal Cross Tattoos 

If you are looking for cross tattoos for men, then you can check out the minimal cross-tattoo styles. Aside from the symbolic meaning of the holy cross, the minimalist style makes the cross pop out on your skin more. Such tattoos are characterized by fine lines and deep inkwork. The thing about minimalist cross tattoos is that you can get multiple cross tattoos inked on your skin, or you can simply have one.

Either way, minimalist cross tattoos are not that difficult to get. You can get both tattoo artists and apprentices to put the ink on your skin. Also, you can choose different portions of your skin, such as your forearm, your neck, or the back.

2. Cross Tattoo With Armband  

Cross Tattoo with Armband

Whether you are looking for cross tattoos for men or cross tattoos for women, you can go for a tattoo of the cross surrounded by an armband. These tattoos are made to look dynamic on your skin, and they suit both men and women perfectly. This is a very good-looking variation of the tattoo of the cross, and you need help from professional tattoo artists to make this tattoo work.

Also, this type of cross tattoo is very common, making it one of the tattoos in the portfolio of most of the tattoo artists out there. This tattoo can be applied using both a rotary tattoo gun and a coil.

3. Big Back Cross Tattoo  

Big Back Cross Tattoo

The back has always been one of the most desirable places for people to get a tattoo. But, to think of getting a tattoo on your back with the cross symbol? It is the most exhilarating experience you can have. The big cross tattoos on the back look extremely gorgeous, and your back is the best place to get this tattoo done.

Most importantly, the back is the only possible area where you can get a big cross tattoo done. Also, once applied to different texts or verses from the bible, this tattoo becomes even more meaningful. Tattoo artists usually use magnum tattoo needles to fill in this type of tattoo design. Both men and women can get this tattoo. However, men with wider backs can certainly make this tattoo look good on them.

5. Stylish Chest Cross Tattoo  

Stylish Chest Cross Tattoo  

Chest Cross tattoos are more common than you may think. Most people love to get a tattoo in the middle of their chests or above their hearts. The symbol of the cross bears different meanings related to religion, spirituality, death, and Christ, and overall, it is a holy sign. So, if you want to get inked, you can prefer to choose the sign of the holy cross.

Now, you can either go bold with the cross tattoo or leave the mid portion of the tattoo clean so that you can fill it up with texts later. There are different types of designs you can go for. But if you want a reference, you can go for this one right here.

6. Leg Cross Tattoo For Women  

Leg Cross Tattoo For Women  

Leg cross tattoos are incredible, and they look attractive on women. If you are thinking of inking the holy sign of the cross on your skin, you can choose your leg as the place to get inked. This works both as a small mark of faith and a that you want to get on your skin or a stylistic approach toward how you express your faith.

Modern cross-designs have been extremely popular in recent years. Also, when done with expressive brush strokes, Leg cross tattoos can look extremely attractive. Your thigh is the right place for a tattoo like this. Also, you can try different variations of brush strokes, bold effects, and clean linework.

7. Rib Cross Tattoo For Men  

Rib Cross Tattoo For Men  

Vintage cross tattoos around the rib area have been extremely popular among men.  The rib is the only suitable area where men can get a cross tattoo with the vintage iron cross symbol. If you are looking for a stylish yet simple design, you can consider different alternatives. Of the same tattoo. But getting inked on the rib area alone gives the enhanced look you have been looking for.

You can get a tattoo varying in length and size based on what you feel looks good on you. You can go for the suggestion given in this article.

Bottom Line  

Aside from the ones I have mentioned in this article, there are also so many different designs you can opt for. For example, you can choose a text or a name written in the form of a cross, a  cross tattoo with a mountain, a cross tattoo with a rose, and more.

However, I hope that the ones I have mentioned in this article should be helpful. But if you have more queries, you can put them in our comment section. thank you for going through this article until the end.

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