It is sometimes said that cats have staff rather than owners. Thus, you may know how finicky your cat can be about certain things, such as the food it chooses to eat. But along with being picky about its food, your cat may also be inconsistent about using a litter box. If you want to make sure your cat uses its cat litter tray regularly, here are some ways you can encourage such behavior.


7 Steps Of Training Your Cat To Use Litter Tray 

Cats are one of the most loving pets without any doubt, of course, not what they excrete. Therefore you have to encourage them to use the litter boxes. Here we provide some of the ways through which you can try doing it. Believe us; they are indeed effective!  

1. In A Playful Way

Cats are one of the greatest lovers of human company. They are ever hungry for your company. Optimize the opportunity and make them use the litter tray. Play with them, huddle them, and cuddle them. But do it near the tray. 

Carry them to the box after the naps. Or place them gently on the tray. You will observe that they will go on to use the litter tray. Repeat the same for quite some time. It can help you attain your aim with time. Slowly you will realize that after minutes of play, the cats move in front of the litter tray. It is indeed a highly effective way to motivate them to use the tray.

2. Keep It Away From Food And Water Bowls

Just as you don’t eat meals in your bathroom, your cat does not want to have its litter box close to its food and water bowls. Therefore, try to have your cat’s litter box as far away as possible from its feeding area. If you can, putting your cat’s food and water bowls in one room and its litter box in another will work best.

Observe them for a while. You will slowly see that your cats move near the litter tray. Loitering in one room with continuous food and water supply will make your catty use the box to potty. 

This method is tried and tested, and the owner of the cats have begun to observe the benefits right from the beginning. Hence, try putting the eating and drinking bowl in close proximity to the potty bowl. It motivates the cat to use the litter tray.

3. Have The Litter Box In A Safe Spot

You should always try to have your cat’s litter box in a spot that feels safe to them. Should the litter box be located in a high-traffic area or where there is lots of noise or other pets nearby, your cat may feel too scared to go to its litter box.

If you’re finding your cat is going to the bathroom in other parts of your home and avoiding its litter box, this may be the reason why. Just like humans, cats love to litter in a calm and composed place, away from sound and noise.

Hence you can place the litter box in an area frequented by fewer people. You will find out that the cat will move forward to use the litter box with time. 

4. Make It Easy To Reach

If your cat is skittish, elderly, or has health issues such as arthritis, you always need to make sure you place its litter tray in an area where it is easily accessible. For example, if you keep your cat in an area where it has to climb many stairs to reach its litter box, it may avoid doing so because it is painful to do so.

Should your cat begin to associate being in pain with trying to reach its litter box, it will likely avoid using the box at all costs.

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5. Provide Positive Reinforcement

Just as you like to be rewarded for a job well done, your cat does. If you’ve been having difficulty convincing your cat to use its litter box, remember that positive reinforcement can go a long way toward convincing your kitty to use its cat litter tray every time.

By tossing some kind words your cat’s way, giving it some extra attention each time it uses the litter tray, and even handing out a few tasty treats as a reward now and then, there’s a good chance any problems you had regarding your kitty’s bathroom habits will be a thing of the past.

6. Use The Right Type Of Litter

Some cats choose not to use their litter box because they don’t like the type of litter it contains. While scented litter may be very popular with you because it can cover up those strong litter box smells, it may actually be preventing your cat from using its litter box as much as it normally would.

Because of this, try using unscented litter and pour a thin layer of baking soda on the bottom of the litter box as you fill it up since this will help neutralize strong odors without offending your cat.

7. Keep The Litter Box Clean

Cats are very clean animals and hate a dirty litter box. Keeping your cat’s litter box clean each day will encourage it to use the box regularly. While you don’t necessarily need to change the box daily, you should scoop out any waste at least once or twice daily if possible. If you do this and add some fresh litter after scooping, your cat will appreciate your efforts.

If you’ve been having an uphill battle trying to convince your cat to use its litter box regularly, keep these tips in mind and continue working with your cat. By offering a few treats and having the box in a convenient and safe spot for your kitty, your litter box problems should be solved in no time.

Putting The Discussion To A Close

The litter box or tray is indeed one of the things that will certainly increase your convenience. You do not have to search the corners of your room to clean the litter. No harassment and pain; the litter box will help you out.

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