While people would often avoid getting face tattoos in the past, fortunately, the world is no longer pessimistic about these tattoos. If you have been secretly craving a face tattoo, we would say go for it, provided you are not underage or breaking any other legality. But as long as you are ready, go for it – what’s the point of delay?

But before you get a tattoo done on your face, it’s always best to research a little. And that is where we come in to save the day. Keep reading to find out what are the top seven face tattoo trends – stay tuned!


Exploring Face Tattoos: 7 Best Tattoo Trends To Follow In 2023  

Exploring Face Tattoos 7 Best Tattoo Trends To Follow In 2023  
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The end of 2022 saw the rise of the traditional tattoo trend, and we spent a lot of time checking out and creating content on the same. But then it’s a new year – tattoo enthusiasts are no longer worried about the design style. Instead, it’s the spot where they want to get inked.

And while getting a tattoo on your forearm is almost overrated, falling for face tattoos is still underrated. Is that the reason behind this strange development? Alas, we will never know! But we can help you to check out the best face tattoos for men and women – scroll down to find out!

1. Black Flower Face Tattoo:  

Black Flower Face Tattoo

There’s something so chic and boho about a black flower. One of our favorite face tattoos for women currently has to be the black flower tattoo. You can experiment with the flower design – if you want to keep a minimalist approach, then keep it short and simple.

But if you love tribal tattoos, then you can enhance the design with a few tribal touches without hurting the sentiments of any tribes. The best part? It’s a flexible design!

2. Retro Face Tattoos:  

Retro Face Tattoos

If you are generally a calm person with a spiritual side, then showing off your calm inner side is a good idea. And what better than retro face tattoos to express your inner calm? But just a heads up, these face tattoos can, in fact, hurt relatively more – so if you are not good at handling pain or if this is your first tattoo, it’s better to skip this one.

But if the pain is not the issue and you have been craving these sexy retro tattoos, then we are definitely not stopping you. The best part? It’s super aesthetic!

3. Small Moon Face Tattoo:  

Small Moon Face Tattoo

You don’t need to google ‘classy small face tattoos female or male’ – instead, check these face tattoos out for the creative inspiration you need. You can experiment with a small moon either under your eye or even on the top of your cheek will only enhance your appearance while symbolizing the strength of your beliefs.

A small moon is a pretty realistic tattoo and is very much trending at the moment. The best part? Your personality will appear to be spiritual and mystical with a small moon face tattoo!

4. Mysterious Face Tattoos:  

Mysterious Face Tattoos

There’s something so cool about mysterious face tattoos – it’s like getting a Japanese dragon tattoo inked on your body. But in this case, the situation is even more mystical, considering we are only talking about the different types of face tattoo trends. And mysterious tattoos have always managed to make their mark, literally.

Plus, if you have a strong belief in the dark world and supernaturals, then these tattoos will really suit your personality. Just a heads-up – these tattoos take time. So be prepared to invest some time if you opt for these tattoos.

5. Black Line Face Tattoos:  

Black Line Face Tattoos

Black lines are perhaps one of the most creative and minimalist ways of expressing your inner struggles. It’s fine – we all come with a dark inside, and sometimes that dark inside needs to come out. What better than getting inked on your face? And that too with meaningful black lines which really express how you feel inside?

That does sound oddly calming. So, if you are wondering which face tattoos will best represent your angst, then stop thinking and get some black lines inked on your face. Trust us, these are cooler than you at the moment.

6. All Over Face Tattoos:  

All Over Face Tattoos

While small-face tattoos have been killing the world of art – all-over-face tattoos are still considered to be somewhat unconventional. But the point of all-over-face tattoos literally doesn’t mean you will get inked all over your face – yes, getting inked over your entire face does serve a point, but it’s not absolute.

For instance, if you have a shaved head, then you could also experiment with a blend of tattoos on your face. You can experiment with different tattoo styles like watercolor tattoos or something more aesthetic.

7. Black Sword Face Tattoo:  

Black Sword Face Tattoo

Black Sword Face Tattoos are not really popular, but we still ended up mentioning the same here. The reason? We love the aesthetics of getting a sword inked on your face. Of course, if it doesn’t really match your tattoo aesthetics, then we wouldn’t say a single word to convince you.

But if you are a fan of swords and you love those tribal warrior vibes, then this tattoo is totally for you – just remember, this one is for everyone seeking minimalist tattoo ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):– 

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to face tattoos mentioned below in detail.

Q1. What Is The Newest Tattoo Trend?

The newest tattoo trends are as follows:
⦿ Minimalist tattoos,
⦿ Colorful tattoos,
⦿ 90’s themed tattoos,
⦿ Dotwork tattoos, and
⦿ Abstract tattoos.

Q2. What Tattoos Were Popular In 2022?

The tattoos that were popular in 2022 are as follows:
⦿ Modern tribal artsy tattoos,
⦿ Tattoo freckles,
⦿ 90’s noughties revival,
⦿ Fine line tattoos, and
⦿ Red ink tattoos.

Q3. What Are The Most Popular Tattoos Right Now?

The most popular tattoos right now are as follows:
⦿ Snake Tattoos,
⦿ Traditional Tattoos,
⦿ Matching Tattoos,
⦿ Lion Tattoos, and
⦿ Skull Tattoos.

Q4. What Tattoos Will Go Out Of Style?

The tattoos that will go out of style are as follows:
⦿ Astrology-themed tattoos.
⦿ Moon and star tattoos.
⦿ Tattoos with initials of loved ones.
⦿ Tattoos with location coordinates.
⦿ Dots and Arrow tattoos.

And It’s A Wrap On Face Tattoos: Time To Get Inked! 

And that’s a wrap on the best face tattoos for 2023. The year has only started, and we are already keeping our eyes open. We will be back soon with some other vital insight on current tattoo trends. But meanwhile, tell us what your thoughts on face tattoos are. While sharing your thoughts, feel free to tell us about your experience in case you are already inked in the comments below.

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