Cooking is a tough job, and if you are tired of it, you can order your Factor food from one of the best meal prep delivery services known as Factor Meals. The company offers prepared meal delivery when you need one within a short span of time. The company was previously known as Factor 75 Meals. The delivery service offers dishes that are not only fresh and healthy but also delicious as well.

In this article, you will learn about the Factor Meals delivery service, which claims to offer “Factor Foods” to its customers. Once you subscribe to the Factor food delivery offered Factor Meals, then you will get various nutritious weekly menus with high-quality food ingredients.

Availing the services of Factor Meals can be a great option if you are looking for a way to avoid cooking, save your time, and improve your health too. To learn in detail about Factor Meals and why it is one of the best delivery services, read on through to the end of the article.


The Best Things That You Need To Know About Factor Meals

The Factor Meals delivery service offers you a variety of food options like snacks, drinks, and entrées. The range of meal options available with Factor is created in such a way as to cater to the diverse dietary needs of various people.

All you need to do is select the meals that Factor offers you on their menu. By selecting the, you can create your custom plan. The healthy meals delivered are fresh and portioned as per the needs of individuals. That means there is no preparation needed. All you must do is reheat the food and enjoy the meal.

The following are the best things that you need to know about Factor Meals:

1. Attractive Pricing


Although it can be a bit expensive if you order once or twice, however, if you order every week, the costs will be less since it is based on a volume-based pricing system. The more quantity of orders you select in the meal plan, the price decreases further. Furthermore, with the cost of every meal, there is also a flat-rate shipping fee of $10.99.

2. Amazing Choices Of Meals

 Choices Of Meals

The menu at Factor Meals changes weekly, and hence you might not see your favorite meal every week. However, since Factor focuses on diet meal delivery, hence, expect to see meals that are lean and filled with protein. From vegetables to meat to seafood, you will get a lot of protein-heavy options available each week with the Factor Meals menu.

3. Incredible Packaging

The Factor is famous for its ready made meal delivery. Every week your food will come in a sturdy and recyclable cardboard box. Within the box, you will find insulation sheets and ice packs to keep the food cool during shipping. This ensures the food does not contaminate due to high heat within the box. The meals also come inside plastic trays that are BPA-free and covered with plastic film. There is also a cardboard sleeve inside where all the menu, ingredients, nutrition, and heating information are written.

4. The Cooking Process In Awesome

Cooking Process

Factor Meals offer their fully-prepared meals in such a way that you will neither need to prepare nor you need to cook your meals. Just bring out the plastic tray from the cardboard, cut the film cover with a knife, and place the tray inside your microwave or an oven to heat the food. If some food needs condiments or sauces, they will come within the box as well.

5. No Comparison When It Comes To Taste

The food options are surely tasty and delicious. You will not feel as if you are on a diet meal. The seafood options available are really good, especially the salmon menu. The chicken and beef options are also great in terms of taste. The company does not compromise with taste.

6. Simple And Straight Forward Ordering System

The ordering is simple and straightforward. To receive meals at your place, you will need to create an account with Factor Meals. You can check the meal options before you see what is on offer. You can visit the website and check the “Weekly Menu” option.

7. Best Option For Busy Folks

According to,

Since Factor’s meals all come in prepared single-serving portions, this is an ideal service for busy folks with little time to prep and cook or for people who live alone and don’t have multiple mouths to feed.”

Furthermore, Factor Meals is also a great option for people who lacks cooking skills or are not in the mood to cook food.

A Few Things To Understand

One of the real things that you must understand here is that food delivery services can be expensive at times. Hence, ordering food from Factor on a daily basis should be your option only if you are financially strong. However, ordering Factor Meals a couple of times when you are not feeling like cooking is a great option.

Ordering food from delivery services like Factor Meals is also not suitable for families and is also not a great option if you are trying to improve your cooking skills. Furthermore, according to, there is also an existing

risk of cross contamination for those with severe food allergies.”

Summing Up

Hope this article was helpful for you in getting a better understanding of what Factor Meals offers to you as a service. If you are thinking about getting your food delivered to your home, office, or business facility, then it is highly recommended that you avail of the services of Factor Meals.

As you have already read in the previous section how the ordering system of the company is very simple and straightforward, and how Factor Meals is a great option for someone who is busy and lacks cooking time. Hence, if you are thinking about ordering food from Factor, do not hesitate. Have you already availed of the delivery services of Factor Meals? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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