With proper networking, creative and innovative ideas, and a transparent mindset, anyone can become entrepreneur. Many people are choosing this career path today because of its high earning potential.

As per the Female Entrepreneurs Association statistics, there are more than 600,000 fans of this website across the globe. It proves that women entrepreneurs are becoming more common than in the previous era.

That is why, in this list, we have targeted some of the most successful female entrepreneurs of 2021.


Top 7 Famous Female Entrepreneurs

1: Sharon Ourian

Sharon Ourian

A visionary, a real-estate investor, a lawyer, and a businesswoman, Sharon Ourian is not someone who will let the good opportunities slide by her. One of the most revolutionary minds in the driving industry, this female entrepreneur made traffic school and driver education convenient. As a result, almost 7 million students have graduated from her online classes, and the ratio is still increasing.

Her driver’s education program was so successful that when the world was suffering from a pandemic in 2020, she merged with CyberActive. It allowed district schools to take admission of students in driving courses without the licensing fees. With all the profit she made from this venture, she further invested them into Californian Real Estate Industry.

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2: Annetta Powell

Annetta Powell

When you think that you cannot earn enough money by working for someone, that thought triggers your passion for entrepreneurship. This is what exactly happened to the next female entrepreneur on this list, Annetta Powell. Realizing this hardcore fact at the age of 21, this hardworking woman built her real estate firm in 2001 named Infinity Properties Group.

Born to deaf parents in Michigan, this woman is currently working on her newest venture, The Wealth Connect. It allows young entrepreneurs to strive towards success. In the 2009 recession, she was even investigated for fraud. But, she used this insult as fuel in her comeback and rebuilt her real estate business again. One of the most important lessons to learn from this successful female entrepreneur is never returning from a failure.

3: Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen

Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen

An entrepreneur dentist on this list who certainly deserves our attention and praise is Do. Bao-Tran Nguyen. She thinks dentistry with real-time business objectives. That is why her entrepreneurship idea is focused on dentists to help them grow their businesses in sales, marketing, and lead conversion.

Bao-Tran is the creator of the Fast Growth Practice program and the $100,000 Day Formula. She believes in out-of-the-box thinking to help all the dentists of the world fast-track their growth. In the competitive market of today’s world, she does not shy away from guiding others to attain the same success as her. Even during the pandemic, she did not take much time to build a new business and transform its revenue from 2 to 7 figures in only 10 months.

4: Maya Comerota

Maya Comerota

One of the most successful women entrepreneurs on this list, Maya Comerota, is the perfect example of 30 under 30. One accident of 2015 led this visionary to believe that tomorrow is not an option. She was a health executive but did not hesitate to leave the designation when she went to work with scientists, shamans, healers across the world.

Today, she is the owner of several companies with an annual turnover of 6-7 figures. Even during the pandemic crisis, her company did not back down from the business. Her knowledge and proficiency in the arena of human potential to transform oneself are accepted worldwide and appreciated. So, by the age of 30, she had everything a person can hope for in a lifetime-from a beautiful home to a fantastic career.

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5: Kelly Wing

Kelly Wing

One of the earliest workers on the list of successful female entrepreneurs is Kelly Wing. She started earning at the age of 12. Surprising! Isn’t it? But, as a result of her early working urge, she was able to pay off her student loan by the time she was 21. She invested in many real estate properties throughout her 20s, and in 3 years, she made a profit of $500,000. 

Kelly Wing is the owner of Ohwabisabi Media, a PR agency that helps industry-thought leaders share their stories and messages worldwide. She believes in leveraging a hundred audience and turning them into a million loyal fanbase. So this woman entrepreneur tried to forge her path and gave her company a loyal fanbase of 30,000 people within the first 5 months of its launch.

6: Marcela Lopez

Marcela Lopez

A bright student in school, and college, Marcela Lopez worked with a few Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies after graduating from the University of Florida. However, this female entrepreneur was severely discriminated against in her previous workplaces. Can you believe that? However, that insult ignited her passion for forging her path.

She created an engineer-focused consultancy agency in 2017 that would help people find their dream jobs. It was her way of helping people to find out where do they fit in the world. So far, she has helped more than 300 people access their dream jobs, and she is still expanding her business.

7: Charlene Izere

Charlene Izere

This female entrepreneur started earning as babysitting, designing assets for an ostrich firm, cleaning, and whatnot from 22. That is how she first launched her business as a fitness coach with no money, no reference, and no support network. After founding Soulful Systems, she also established two other successful companies named Wellness Delivered and Melanin & Money.  

She is a perfect example of a successful female entrepreneur in a world where black people are not privileged enough as whites. She continues to support the black women entrepreneurs even today with her initiatives to make their marks on the world. 

Final Thoughts

These 7 women entrepreneurs have topped the list of female entrepreneur associations in 2021. That is why these successful female entrepreneurs are the role models of many young girls out there. People who think they won’t fit anywhere in the world must draw inspiration from these ladies because they went against all odds and made their benchmarks.

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