Welcome to falling in love with the digital age! It’s crazy out there, but then we were born in the 90s! No matter how digital things get, we belong to that time when there was no Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge. If you had to fall in love, you would actually have to step outside and make do with what was available.

Our apologies for sounding so crass, but that is precisely how our live lives functioned back then…until Zukerbug did something about it! This is also why people like us are so attached to Reddit. The other day while going through some funny threads on the platform, we had so many funny hinge answers on the platform!

So, we had to share what we found, and on that note, welcome to the funny hinge answers Reddit edition! Keep reading to find out.


Best 7 Absolute Funny Hinge Answers Reddit That Actually Work In 2023!  

Best 7 Absolute Funny Hinge Answers Reddit That Actually Work In 2023

Before we start, you have to understand one simple thing – the best hinge answers are always funny. If you can’t make her laugh, bro, then it’s time to move on. And ladies, the same applies to you all as well. The best Reddit threads are either funny or creepy – you take your pick!

So today, we will check out some of the best Hinge answers – scroll down and go through the funny hinge answers Reddit edition!

1. The Best Hookup Prompt:  

If you have been looking for the best hinge prompts for guys, and you are only interested in some good old casual sex, then this is the prompt you need.

“Together we could…Not having a baby. Have fun sex.”

Yes, we lol-ed when we saw this one. It’s straight to the point, thus, not misleading anyone, but at the same time, it’s honest. We love this one only because it’s witty and honest.

2. Creeeppp Alert!  

While the Tinder Reddit threads were mostly funny, our funny hinge answers Reddit edition is also a little dark in terms of humor. So, we have two really strange Hinge prompts – sorry, these are not your usual funny!

  1. “The one thing I’d like to know about you: is doing you have any single hot friends”
  2. “I’m weirdly attracted to girls with ex-bf problems ”

Do you see what we were trying to say? Yeah, it’s certainly a little more creepy than you were ready for!

3. A Little Insensitivity Can Make One Laugh:  

While doing our research on the best hinge answers Reddit edition, we realized that sometimes it’s also about insensitivity – after all, the best jokes are always about relatability and insensitivity.

So, when a user asked, “This year I really want to… 1.) End world hunger 2.) Solve the climate crisis 3.) Land a kickflip.”

One user had to reply with, “Landing a kickflip? That’s impossible. The other two are easy!” – and sadly, he got rejected for his ‘insensitive(?)’ joke!

4. Move Over OnlyFans…It’s Time For OnlyHands:  

The funny hinge answers Reddit edition would not be that funny if we did not mention this one! One Reddit user mentioned how one of their Hinge prompts mentioned their love for vascy hands/arms. Guess what reply they received?

One Hinge opener they received as a response asked them to check their ‘OnlyHands’ – come on, this one’s funny.

Yes, this one might not pop up when you type ‘clever hinge funny hinge answers Reddit’ on Google. But at the same time, humor can be found in the most mundane things.

5. It’s Not Just Cute…It’s Funny Too!  

One of the best hinge prompts for girls that we came across on Reddit was this one thread where a girl spoke about how one of her Hinge prompts about the sports teams and hobbies she enjoys. And, of course, she got a text as a response which was just cute and funny.

This particular guy reached out and texted her, “dang, I’m more of x, y, and z type guy myself,” in complete contrast to all that she talked about liking in her prompt. Needless to say, she found it clever and cute.

But like hundreds of other Reddit users, we want to know WHAT HAPPENED THEN? Was it a match, or was it a Swipe in the wrong direction? Alas, we will never know!

6. Equality Or Goodbye!  

Another answer that won our hearts in this ‘funny hinge answers Reddit’ edition has to be this one about equality. It was subtle and funny but all about equality – of course, we found it simple, witty, and obviously funny.

This is how it went,

“The first round is on me if…the second round is on you.”

And don’t we all agree? The first round is totally on us, provided the second round is on you!

7. What Are You Doing Here, Bro?  

While doing research on ‘funny answers to dating questions,’ we were shocked to see one message that’s just basic, and it makes you laugh in a mean, sarcastic manner.

This is what it says,

“I’m not on here/don’t check my messages very often…” 

Now, see what we were trying to say about being basic, even on a dating app – this is not your personal Instagram. If you are on it, use it…or just uninstall it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):  

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to the funny hinge answers Reddit edition mentioned below.

Q1. What Answers To Put On Hinge?  

Ans: The best hinge answers are as follows,
⦿ ‘Two truths and a lie.’
⦿ ‘Green flags I look for.’
⦿ ‘I’m looking for…’
⦿ ‘This year, I want to…’
⦿ ‘I bet you can’t…’

Q2. What Are The Best Hinge Prompts?  

Ans: The best Hinge prompts are as follows,
⦿ ‘Dating Me Is Like…’
⦿ ‘Green Flags I Look for…’
⦿ ‘I Want Someone Who…’
⦿ ‘This Year, I Really Want to..’
⦿ ‘A Shower Thought I Recently Had…’

Q3. What Is A Good Hinge Opener?  

Ans: The best Hinge openers are as follows,
⦿ ‘I love your artwork!’
⦿ ‘Your job seems cool!’
⦿ ‘Does your dog have an IG?’
⦿ ‘I see you’re from…’
‘You seem like a big outdoors person.’

And It’s A Wrap!  

And that’s a wrap on the funny hinge answers Reddit edition. These Reddit threads are so funny that it makes us want to go out on a few dates! After all, love is always in the air – it’s up to you to make the most of it. So, tell us your thoughts on these Reddit threads – and while doing so, don’t forget to share your funny Hinge experiences in the comments below.

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