German Shepherds are unmatched when it comes to intelligence, bravery, and loyalty. They are unique, and most importantly, they are beautiful animals to keep around. You cannot just love them enough. And when you are in love with these magnificent creatures, you are in for an emotional ride of a lifetime. 

Yes, they are known for their excellent work with the police and the intelligence department. However, they are also family-friendly dogs – protective and loyal. 

If you are a German Shepherd lover, you might want to know these crazy facts about german shepherds.


German Shepherds are Born Herders 

German Shepherds are Born Herders

Initially, the German Shepherds had to watch over flocks of sheep. This is a hard task, requiring them to be light on their feet. However, the german shepherds proved to be skilled runners; they could pick up lightning-fast speed when needed. 

They have a good speed and can run 32 miles/hour. They are good with herding, trot when herding, and can clock at 20 miles/hour. Earlier, they became a dog for herding sheep. Their impressive herding skill made them suitable for police work.

The Story Of The First German Shepherd 

The Story Of The First German Shepherd

Max Von Shlephanitz bought the first German Shepherd in 1985 at a dog show. He named the dog as Horand Von Grafrath. This dog was the genetic base for the first German Shepherd. 

Max wanted to create a distinct breed of dogs, especially for working. So he used Horand as the genetic basis for the German breeds. He created the first German Shepherd Dog Club and named it Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde. Horand was registered as SZ1, the first official German Shepherd dog. 

They Are The Real Stars 

They Are The Real Stars

Unlike other breeds, the German Shepherd is recognizable anywhere. People will recognize them easily whether they are doing police work or staying with dog parents. As a result, they can form strong bonds with their dog’s parents. 

They have a significantly recognizable look. Athletic body, a long nose, and significantly pointy ears. So, if you see these features in a dog while seeing them on the TV or working with the police, you can easily recognize them. They are like celebrities among dogs. 

There Are Different Approaches Among American And European Breeders 

There Are Different Approaches Among American And European Breeders

After Max developed his original club of shepherds bred in Germany, German Shepherds took a new turn with the American Kennel Club. They created a different approach and set a different standard. The AKC focuses on the body shape of the shepherds and their elegant movement, making them more desirable for shows. 

But European breeders still follow the max Von Stephanitz’s standard, which focuses on health, agility, and temperament. In addition, the German Club requires the shepherds to pass a series of different tests. However, these tests are not required by the American Kennel Club.

German Shepherd Are World War Dogs 

German Shepherd Are World War Dogs

Max von Stephanitz aimed to make the German Shepherd a breed good for urban people and the police and military. Urbanization decreased the need for herding dogs. 

The German shepherd dogs showed excellent skill and bravery during WW1 and WW2. they served as Red Cross Dogs and as rescuers or guard dogs. They were also leading the wounded and the blind soldiers to medical treatment and safety. In 1917, there was a German Shepherd dog named Filax of Lewanno who was honored as a war hero for leading 54 soldiers to safety. 

They were appointed again in WW2, and the US military also set up a dog training center for the German Shepherds. They even deployed them in platoons named the War Dog Platoons. German Shepherds have been connected to war and have served as war dogs from time to time. 

They Can Smell Dangers From Miles Away 

They Can Smell Dangers From Miles Away 

German Shepherds have a great nose. They love to sniff the smell of everything. If you own a Black German Shepherd or a white one, you will be familiar with their habit of keeping a record of the smell of everything at home. Of Course, they enjoy doing this. But they also excel at smelling things. 

Their scent detectors are a million times better than that of a human. They are great at detecting explosives and bombs and are great at rescue due to their efficient ability to smell. 

German Shepherds Have Their Own Official Sport 

German Shepherds Have Their Own Official Sport

Not many dogs are lucky to have their own official sports. The German Shepherds lovers have made a game for the shepherds. This game displays the natural abilities of the German Shepherds. This sport is called – Schutzhund. The dogs have to go through different skill tests such as –

  • Intelligence
  • Desire to work
  • Courage
  • Perseverance
  • Protective instincts
  • Sense of smell
  • Bond with their handler
  • Trainability

There are many Schutzhund clubs in different parts of the world. The dogs have to compete with their trainers during this test. It is a fun test that both dogs and their owners love. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

I know that these facts are irresistible, and you almost want to buy a German Shepherd. However, here are some popular queries that I have answered. 

1. How Smart Is A German Shepherd?

German Shepherd is one of the top three smart dogs in the world. They have a mental capability of a human child of the age of 2.5 years. They are intelligent and trainable dogs who love their owners. They are loyal and intelligent. You can easily train this dog.

2. Will A German Shepherd Protect You?

The German Shepherd is a protective dog. It does not matter whether they are trained or not. They are protective and protect their owners without any special training. They are loyal and lovable.

3. What Is The Most Loyal Dog?

Almost all dog breeds are loyal if they are treated with love and care. However, here are some selected breeds that show the maximum amount of loyalty-
⦿ Labrador Retriever
⦿ Golden Retriever
⦿ Bulldog
⦿ Pug
⦿ Beagle
⦿ Brussels Griffon

Final Words 

German Shepherds are emotional, sensitive, loyal, and protective breed. When their owners show love towards babies and children, they feel jealous. However, their history on the battlefield also shows that the German Shepherds are strong war heroes. 

I think you loved the facts that I have expressed here in this article. However, if you have any further queries, you can express them in the comment.

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