Nothing beats a good ghost story on the day of Halloween, and our earth is full of them. UFO sighting in Transylvania, spirits are roaming in the hall of British castles and murders on luxury cruise ships. No matter where you are traveling, there is always an abandoned house that has mysteries around it.

Even if you are not a fan of spooky houses, there are many that will bring chills down to your spines. The world is filled with some of the best-abandoned houses, either popular for their beautiful traditional architecture or fascinating ghostly stories.


Haunted Abandoned Houses Around The World

While some haunted, run-down houses might seem filled with actors dressed as goblins, mad scientists, and monsters, several haunted abandoned houses worldwide have the reputation of truly being haunted.

In fact, some of the abandoned houses have a mystery aroma around them that mesmerize mystery lovers. And others might be the latest addition to the list, but they certainly cater to your mystery hunger.

Ghost hunters or wonders always try their best to find abandoned houses and track if there are any spirits or not. The best part is that whenever an abandoned house is from the 12th to 20th century, there is always a tragic history that makes the whole situation more perplexing.

Enough with creating suspense; let’s hop on the list of the best haunted abandoned houses around the world.

1. Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia

Monte Cristo Homestead

Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia


Monte Cristo Homestead is a spooky-looking house that is situated in New South Wales, Australia. It is a late Victorian mansion showcasing intricate architectural designs. The mansion was built by wealthy landowners Cristopher Williams in late 1876. It has a reputation for being the most haunted abandoned house in Australia.

The Ghosts

Most haunted houses have one ghost, which is enough to arouse one’s interest, but Monte has three.

  • A young child who fell from the stairs.
  • A stable boy who burned to death.
  • A maid who fell from the balcony.

However, the most active ghost of this house is considered the son of the caretaker who was found curled up near her mother’s dead body.

Current Situation

Currently, the house operates as a B&B, offering dinner to the tourists and giving them a tour telling about the gruesome past.

2. Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort, India


Bhangarh Fort is the most haunted abandoned place in Rajasthan, India. The Bhangarh fort was built in the early 17th century with a motive to stop the enemies in their path. Bhangarh fort has everything – starting from bazaars (markets), Havelis to royal palaces and temples.

But do not be filled by these beautiful scenarios. When the night falls, it is the most haunted place in India.

The Ghosts

The story started with a wizard called Singhia and a princess called Ratnavati, who stopped the Singhia advances. Legend has it that Singia fell in love with the princess and offered an enhanced oil meant to make princes love her.

However, when the princess throws it away, the oil turns into a boulder crushing him. This made him curse the inhabitant of the Bhangarh fort.

Current Situation

Bhangarh Fort is an archeological site, and it is a well-known spooky place with the name “House Of Ghosts”. Castle Be sure to visit the place in daylight, as the locals are convinced whoever tried spending the night in the Bhangarh fort is nowhere to be seen the next morning.

3. Myrtles Plantation, USA

Myrtles Plantation

Myrtles Plantation, USA


Myrtles is situated in the small town of St. Francisville, North Orleans. The plantation is designed like a traditional old French Garden.

The Ghosts

The story of ten people being murdered inside the mansion attracts people from all around the world. The most famous ghost is a girl named Chloe, who was murdered by her lover most viciously.

Among the common sightings, many locals have seen an unknown girl, “Ghost Girl,” looking out from the dark void windows. It is an abandoned house that gives you a spooky feeling the moment you enter it. 

Current Situation

Despite being one of the most haunted houses in America, it is a place where people reside and earn their bread and butter by giving tours to tourists.

4. Ancient Ram Inn, England

Ancient Ram Inn

Ancient Ram Inn, England


It is one of the ancient buildings from 1145. It is believed that Ancient Ram Inn used to be a place for a priest where he kept slaves and workers to build the St. Mary’s church. Ram Inn is located in Gloucestershire, England. And it is believed to be a place where children were sacrificed, and devils were worshipped.

The Ghosts

Locals believe that Ram Inn is a gateway to hell and allow demons to enter the mortal realm. It has a room called a “witch room,” which is believed to be haunted by a woman burnt at stake in the 1500s.

In addition to that, people have also seen high priests sitting on the bed, a centurion on horseback, an agonizing scream of a girl, and a succubus who slipped into the beds of a visitor.

Current Situation

Despite being an abandoned house, it has been featured several times on TVs and has attracted the attention of many ghost hunters and adventurers. 

5. Hell Fire Club, Ireland

Hell Fire Club

Hell Fire Club, Ireland


The Hell Fire club was a hunting lodge made for a parliamentary speaker, William Connolly. The stones used to make this lodge supposedly belong to the ancient tomb. It is believed that removing the stone from the tomb has angered the devils.

The Ghosts

There are several stories related to this abandoned house. Locals have seen animals’ tails, black substances, and some murderers are also linked with this spooky house.

The most famous story about this lodge is that a satanic creature visited it. When One of the players dropped a card and bent over to pick it up, he noticed the guest had woven feet. On his discoveries, the creature disappeared in a ball of flame.

Current Situation

Currently, nobody lives or stays there; however, it is a popular stopping point on the walking trail.

6. Banff Spring Hotel, Canada

Banff Spring Hotel, Canada

Banff Spring Hotel, Canada


Banff Spring Hotel is situated in Alberta, Canada. It was designed after a Scottish Baronial castle. It is one of Canada’s great railway hotels and is believed to be haunted by several ghosts.

The Ghosts

Among all the ghost stories, the most popular one is of a bride who fell from the staircase and broke her neck. Homekeepers state that they have seen her in the ballroom several times.

Then there was a family who was murdered in room 873. Due to the paranormal activity, the doors of the room have been bricked up, adding a more mystical aura to this spooky room.

Current Situation

Currently, Banff has become a part of a chain of luxury hotels and has the nickname “The Castle In The Rockies.”

7. The Separate Prison, Port Arthur, Australia

The Separate Prison

The Separate Prison, Port Arthur, Australia


The separate Prison is located in Tasmania. It is secluded in Port Arthur, away from any human contacts. Until the late 1800s, it was used to keep some of the toughest criminals and isolate them to a torturous degree.

The Ghosts

It is believed that the ghost of the criminal who died at the time of torturous activity haunts this place at night. 

Current Situation

Port Arthur is now a historic site converted into a museum open for the public’s eye. And if you are brave enough, you can even take the ghostly tour around the night.

Which One Do You Find More Interesting?

Spooky houses or abandoned houses covered in a mystical aura, or run-down houses covered by wildlife fauna, no matter the situation is, these kinds of setup stimulate one’s curiosity.

Here we have enlisted the most haunted abandoned houses around the world. Do let us know which one do you like the most and why.

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