The goal for most of us in 2022 is to live a life of wellness. And how can you aim to have a life of wellness if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle? Do you know what is mandatory for a healthy lifestyle? Yes, a daily exercise routine inclusive of push-ups, side lunges, jump squats, and the like. 

Now you might be wondering why we are being so particular about not just an exercise routine but, at the same time, specific exercises. Just like a balanced diet is not possible if you remove specific nutrients, similarly, your exercise routine will be incomplete without a few exercises. 

Let’s find out more about the same!


Top Exercise Routines For Staying Healthy This Summer!

top exercise routines for staying healthy this summer

In this article, we will exclusively talk about side lunges and the importance of including them in your daily exercise routine. But before that, let’s find out more about what are the other exercises you must consider incorporating! These are as follows, 

  1. Side Lunges,
  2. Push-Ups,
  3. Side Plank,
  4. Jump Squats,
  5. Superman Pull-Ups,
  6. Leg Lifts, and
  7. Inchworm Exercises.

7 Health Benefits Of Side Lunges – How It Can Help You Stay Fit In Summer? [Updated 2022]

If you are wondering what are side lunges good for, you have come to the right place. This is because we are here to tell you about the benefits of incorporating this riveting exercise into your daily workout schedule. Scroll down and find out more about the same.

1. Loss Of Weight

loss of weight

Losing weight is perhaps the most obvious one amongst all the side lunges benefits! If you perform this exercise every day, you will definitely lose the desired amount of weight. But that’s only if you combine with the right amount of push-ups and similar other exercise routines.

Lunges impact the big groups of muscles in the lower part of your body, helping in building muscle that’s lean and at the same reducing body fat. This, in turn, increases resting metabolism, which can enable the burning of annoying calories and loss of excess weight.

If your objective is to lose weight with the help of exercise, you can definitely consider incorporating side lunges with weights – see the magic with your own eyes within a short period of time.

2. Improves Coordination And Balance

improves coordination and balance

The side lunges exercise is a type of routine that requires you to work out independently on each individual side of the body. When you practice single-leg movements, the stabilizing muscles of your body get activated.

This, in turn, will help you to work on your coordination, stability, and balance. Think about it. When you perform single-leg movements, it makes your body relatively less stable. Naturally, this encourages your core and spine to put in hard work for maintaining balance.

3. Symmetry And Alignment

symmetry and alignment

Did you know that one of the biggest lunges benefits is how they can correct misalignments and imbalances in a person’s body for making it relatively more symmetrical? That’s great!

If you think about it, side lunges are any day more effective than other types of bilateral exercises, especially for rehabilitation purposes. There can be a possibility that one side of yours might be less flexible or strong as compared to your other side.

In that case, you need to put more effort into the less dominant side so that there’s no over-compensation or even overuse of your dominant side.

4. Strength And Stability

strength and stability

The biggest benefit of the side lunges workout is how these help in developing stability, strength, and balance. They put effort into both your outer and inner thighs, but that’s not all – these also help in reducing cellulite from your body.

Normal exercises encourage your body to move normally forward or just twist into different sides. However, any lateral lunge exercise, in fact, trains your body in practicing side-to-side movements while targeting your legs, hips, and quadriceps at various angles.

5. Boosts Several Muscles

side lunges boosts several muscles

The benefit of side-to-side lunges, or any lunges for that matter, is how it helps people to boost their muscle strength while toning the same muscles. The top three areas in your body that benefit from side lunges are,

  • Your legs,
  • Your butt, and
  • Your core. 

Boosting your physical appearance is not the only benefit of practicing the lunge workout. This routine also boosts your motion range and posture. The muscles that benefit from lunges are as follows,

6. Makes You Taller

side lunges makes you taller

Yes, you might be thinking that height is one thing that exercise can’t help you with, but you are wrong. Turns out, exercise can help you with your height. And not just side lunges, but there are other exercises like pull-ups that can help you out with the same.

Any lunge exercise can help you out by not straining your spine while strengthening your core and back muscles. A stable, strong core can reduce your chances of suffering from injuries and not just that. It can also boost your posture while making any natural movement easy.

7. Boost Your Functional Daily Movements

side lunges boost your functional daily movements

Side lunges can be performed in several ways. For instance, you can try outside lunge with dumbbells, or you can try walking side lunges. Each has its own set of benefits. Our advice? If you are new at this, start with walking side lunges and incorporate dumbbells later.

The biggest benefit of making walking lunges is it improves the daily functioning of your body while increasing your motion range. This is because the walking variation of lunges targets your glutes, core, and hips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are The Benefits Of Side Lunges?

The benefits of side lunges are as follows,
i. Improves balance,
ii. Tones physical appearance,
iii. Boosts stability,
iv. Shapes the body, and
v. Strengthens muscles.

2. What are the 5 benefits you get from making lunges?

The 5 benefits of making lunges are as follows,
1. Core stability,
2. Better balance,
3. Hip flexibility
4. Improved spinal health, and
5. Boosts daily functioning.

3. What Component Of Fitness Is Lunges?

Lunges, sides, or any other type is one such component that falls under the muscular endurance section. Considered to be as impactful as squats, lunges are perfect for boosting muscular endurance in the lower party of your body.

And It’s A Healthy Wrap!

Now that you know the benefits of side lunges and even what muscles side lunges work on, you can understand why incorporating these into your daily exercise routine is important. Moreover, lunges are vital for your daily routine, just like proteins are crucial for your daily diet, especially for a healthy life.

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments section below!

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