When it comes to consuming beverages, Tea is in the third position. Whether it is about starting the day or ending the day, tea is one of the best beverages that has so many health benefits in our lives. Hot tea can change your mood as well as your energy level at any time of the day. In this article, you will be able to learn the 7 best tea recipes.


What Is Brewing?

What Is Brewing

If you want to make hot tea, then there are commonly two different processes that you must follow. One is brewing, and the other one is steeping. Let me first tell you about steeping. It means that something is soaked in a liquid. In this case, something is tea. So when you add tea to some water, the tea is soaked in the water, and this is called steeping. When you are using a tea bag, then steeping is the process that you need to follow.

On the other hand, brewing is also a famous process that most people follow. When you are boiling the water, add tea leaves to the pot. And the tea leaves will be boiled with water at the same time. This process is called brewing. Both processes have their benefits. You can follow any of the processes, but first, check the instruction on which tea leaves you have bought. There are different tea leaves for different processes. 

7 Best Hot Tea Recipes Of All Time

7 Best Hot Tea Recipes Of All Time

Before starting the recipes, you must know that there are different types of tea leaves. Here are some examples of different tea leaves.

⦿ White Tea

⦿ Green Tea

⦿ Matcha Tea

⦿ Oolong Tea

⦿ Black Tea

⦿ Darjeeling Tea

⦿ Herbal Tea

So, different tea leaves need different recipes and ways to make. But, here I will mention some recipes that you might like if you want to explore a new taste and you are bored with the taste of your normal tea. If you search for hot tea near me, you will definitely see Starbucks tea, but these 7 recipes will taste the best if you can give proper effort.

1. Spiced Green Tea

Spiced Green Tea

If you are a person who is health conscious and want to be fit, then green tea is the best thing for you. The tea can change your mood, also there will be some spices for changing the taste. Add some crystallized ginger, cinnamon, orange, and ta-da, your tea is made.

2. Terragon Citrus Tea

Terragon Citrus Tea

There is a fennel-like flavor to make your tea earl grey hot beverage. It is a completely homemade beverage. While boiling, add some lime, lemon, and orange to blend in the tea. This is a great tea with some citrus in it.

3. Turmeric Tonic

Turmeric Tonic

Turmeric is a root that is very much beneficial in the world of health. There is also some high level of antioxidants, so adding some ginger, turmeric, and some, importantly, cinnamon to your tea will be a great combination.

4. Spiced Apple Tea

Spiced Apple Tea

What about a cup of tea with some apple flavor in it? The recipe contains black hot tea with some spices for fragments and most importantly, apple juice in it. The drink is perfect for your nightlife. 

5. Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea

This is the most common tea recipe that almost everyone knows. Ginger tea is the first precaution when someone is in fever. It relieves our throat while we are in fever. Here are the things that you need to add to your tea- ginger, mint, rosemary, and honey.

6. Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea

There are so many recipes that you can make for your special one. Like in a home date, why not? Here is the matcha green tea that will definitely feel good. Just add some honey and milk to your regular hot tea.

7. Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea

Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea

This tea is also quite famous in many households. While boiling the tea, add cinnamon, clove, ginger, and cardamom to your tea. Believe me, this tea tastes different. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are some questions and answers that most people ask about brewing tea.

Q1. How Do I Make The Perfect Hot Tea?

Ans: When it comes to making the perfect hot tea, then here are the steps that you need to follow.
⦿ The first thing that you need is fresh and cold water.
⦿ Then take a cup, and put a tea bag in that cup.
⦿ Now, you need to boil the water, and once started, pour it into the cup.
⦿ Steep for a couple of minutes. You must know that steeping is the most important factor in making a cup of tea.
⦿ Now, remove the tea bag and enjoy your drink.

Q2. What Is The Most Popular Flavor Of Hot Tea?

Ans: When it comes to tea, then the most common and popular flavor is black tea. Whether it is southern sweet tea or breakfast blend, black tea is the most popular one. The color of the tea is normally reddish, dark brown, or black. Black tea leaves have higher caffeine content than any other tea varieties.

Q3. What Alcohol Goes Best In Hot Tea?

Ans: Many people don’t know the combination of alcohol and tea. But yes, there is a unique combination of tea and alcohol. Just some alcohol can turn your hot tea into some recipe. The first thing is to choose the perfect alcohol for your tea, like it can be vodka, whiskey, gin, or rum. Now, pour the alcohol, lemon, and honey into the mug, then mix the combination. Finally, pour hot water and then place a tea bag. 

Final Words

So, which recipe are you going to try first? Please let us know. You can also buy a hot tea maker so that at the end of the day it will not be any problem to make a cup of tea. You must know that tea has so many antioxidants. Drinking two to three cups of tea every day will be a great benefit. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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