Do you want to get rid of becoming a dry texter? If yes, you have to understand the situation when a person becomes a dry texter. How to not be a dry texter can be a matter of problem for you.

Dry texting can be a problem for you if you do not stop these kinds of issues. You may not like dry days, dry skin, and certainly not like dry texting. However, there are certain things you cannot change about a person.

Responses like ‘OK,’ ‘Cool,’ and ‘Yeah’ are some of the dry responses that make a person feel drowsy and bored.

You have to understand these facts before drawing any conclusion. Ensuring your messages are accompanied by genuine interest and clarity can reduce the chances of dry texting.


But First, What Is Dry Texting?

So, what is dry texting? TBH, it just means you are not good at texting – or rather, you are a boring texter.

Let’s say you are crushing on someone really bad. Once you guys start texting, you will obviously want to make a good impression on your crush. And with the right texts, you can.

Naturally, dry texting won’t get you anywhere with your crush – so, the best thing you can do to improve your texting game is to know how to not be a dry texter.

After all, the last thing anyone wants is dry texts, especially from someone they are interested to know more about.

Are You A Dry Texter? 

Like different communication forms, texting also has its own set of rules and etiquette. You have to follow those etiquettes to avoid doing dry texting.

How to not be a dry texter is not a mystery but a solution many of us are unaware of. But, if you are a face-to-face person, dry texting can be an issue. Now, you may have a query in your mind about what makes you a dry texter.

Some common symptoms lead you to become a dry texter. Some of the core issues are as follows:-

  • When you leave a reply with a one-word answer.
  • If you do not ask any questions to the other person whom you are expecting to ask.
  • When you are not capable enough to text someone first.
  • If you cannot text someone beforehand, it can lead to communication problems.
  • Dry texting can be a problem when you ignore cute photos and memes.

3 Situations Where You Can Send Dry Texts:

While finding out how to not be a dry texter is important, it is also vital to remember that there are certain situations where sending dry texts is absolutely fine.

1. You Are Really, Really Busy:

So, let’s say you are in the middle of a big work meeting or talking to an important client.

Obviously, it’s a situation where you simply cannot lose your focus – you cannot afford to be distracted. In such cases, it is fine to send a quick reply to acknowledge that you have read the message.

2. You Have No Interest In The Person Texting You:

If someone is crushing over you and sending you multiple texts at different times of the day, you can resort to dry texting, considering you are not interested in them.

Instead of not replying to them or hurting their feelings in some way, it is better to send a few dry texts to express your disinterest.

3. You Have Had An Argument With The Person Texting You:

When two people are in the middle of a fight, their messages will obviously indicate the same.

So, naturally, the conversation between two people who are in the middle of a fight appears to be dry until they are able to patch things between them.

How To Not Be A Dry Texter? 7 Simple Tips For Improving Your Texting Game!

You can follow certain tips if you do not want to become a dry texter. But first, work out the best plans that work well for you. Dry texting is a bad habit. You must leave it as soon as possible as it instigates the chances of miscommunication.

1. Don’t Wait Too Long To Reply:

You must not take too much time to make a reply to the other person who cares for you. This has negative implications for the other person who cares for you and is waiting for your reply.

How to not be a dry texter will not haunt you for life if you respond to the other person quickly. Work out the best strategy that can have the maximum implication while stopping annoying someone.

Transform your texting skills magically to establish better communication with someone. Try to achieve your goals in all possible ways.

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 2. Avoid Sending One-Word Responses:

 Some of the most common one-word responses are as follows:

  • ‘No.’
  • ‘Don’t.’
  • ‘Yes.’
  • ‘Do.’
  • ‘Yup.’

These types of responses annoy people, and it will only make things worse for you if you do not act on them appropriately.

Moreover, dry texting can harm the mode of your communication. You have to understand the ways that can work well in your favor.

Avoid making short one-liner responses to the people; otherwise, you will move towards a dry texter one step forward.

Respond to people with respect and gratitude so that both your professional and personal life remain intact.

3. Have A Purpose:

Sometimes texting can make you feel annoyed and you can feel disturbed. The best thing is to have a purpose while you text someone.

When you have a pre-defined purpose, you text things better.

The other person will feel connected with you, and you can make your choices in the correct direction. Try to achieve your purpose and objectives of texting.

Every meeting has a plan, and it can make the situation even worse for you if you text someone aimlessly. Your purpose will make your text look attractive and worth responding to another person.

4. Make Maximum Use Of Emojis And Memes:

Today, in this digital world, the application of Emojis and memes can help you get rid of the tag of a dry texter.

Give your thinking wings, and it will help you make the bonding with the other person stronger. Work out the plans to create a significant impact in the minds of your responder.

Emojis can work in your favor as they can work as a mood swinger for the other person who is using them.

5. Ask Interesting Questions

Interesting questions through text can make your process and the mode of communication better.

Once you improve a mode of communication it can help you to achieve your goals for convincing a person and can avoid the chances of becoming a dry texter.

Interesting questions enable you to start the process of two-way communication. It can help you to build a better community.

You may have this question in mind how to text your crush without being boring. Make up your mind to achieve your objectives in all possible ways. Then, develop a long-term strategy for your relationship to ensure less possibility of miscommunication.

6. Create A Sense Of Humour

Words have magic, and they can act as a ‘mood swinger’ if you can make use of words in a proper way. Remember that the person you are texting is a human being, not a robot.

If your text has a sense of humor, it can win millions of hearts. People will no longer call you a dry texter if you follow this policy. 

7. Read Between The Lines

Texting someone with magical words can create a strong bond with the other person with whom you are talking. This is because your words have the magic to make the spell in the minds of another person.

Moreover, proper texting can make things possible for you if you feel free to make your choices in all possible aspects.

Spend time selecting the appropriate words to avoid the chances of dry texting. Then, work out your plans in the correct way to achieve your objectives.

How To Not Be A Dry Texter? 7 Do’s And Don’ts

Now that you have a fair idea about how to not be a dry texter, here are some do’s and don’ts!

7 Do’s To Remember While Texting Your Crush:

Instead of ranting about all that went wrong in one day, it’s better to switch things up with something more fun and entertaining. Here are some do’s that you need to remember while texting:

  1. Always remember the small details that your crush had shared with you before – use these details as your conversation starters.
  2. Consider sending short messages. Make it subtly flirty, and watch how things heat up from there.
  3. Try using emojis, memes, and GIFs while texting – it can express so much more than words. ‘
  4. Definitely try out audio messaging. It’s not only less boring but a fantastic way to show off your personality.
  5. Also, know that it’s better to give some thought to your texting – trust us, it always helps!
  6. It’s best to always ask open-ended questions – it keeps the conversation running.
  7. Swear off any kind of dry texting. If you have nothing to text about, then come up with a purpose instead of sending boring, dry texts.

7 Don’ts To Remember While Texting Your Crush:

Don’t give up – just because you have been branded as a dry texter. You have to remember that good texting skills don’t appear overnight. So, you have to keep texting to become good at it. Here are some don’ts to remember:

  1. Don’t talk about anything that your crush can find offensive.
  2. Ensure you are not getting too deep too soon.
  3. Never ignore something your crush texted you about and jump to another topic.
  4. Texting without a purpose is plain boring. So, just end the conversation if there is nothing to text about.
  5. Don’t have a boring start – your first text has to be engaging. Otherwise, why would your crush text you back?
  6. Avoid being too serious. That way, you can keep it fun, light, and very entertaining.
  7. Remember that good texting is an art, and it definitely takes time. So, don’t put pressure on yourself to text well suddenly. Instead, give it time.

And It’s A Wrap!

How to not be a dry texter is not a concern; instead, becoming an effective texter is a matter of concern. Moreover, words can create magic if you use them at the right time.

The more you avoid people, the more amount of hatred you will gather for yourself. Use your best weapon of words in the correct order to make things easier for yourself. So, do not miss out on something since it can create problems for you in your daily life. 

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