There are many food grains that human beings have been cultivating since ancient times. Quinoa is one of them. The ancient people cultivated it mostly in South America. As of now, there are more than 120 variants of Quinoa.

Nowadays, Quinoa has become one of the most happening food items in the US. A lot of nutritionists, physical trainers, and even doctors are suggesting people incorporate it into their regular diet.

So, if you are also thinking to start the regular consumption of this food grain, this article can be of help. Here, you can go through its importance and nutritional values. Moreover, you can also check out its downside.

So, spare some minutes from your life now and take a step towards good living. Check out the following parts.


Top Seven Reasons Why Quinoa Is Important In Regular Diet

seven reasons why quinoa is important in regular diet

As you already know what is Quinoa, it is time to know why it is important. Well, you can consider the following points as health benefits too.

1. Quinoa Acts As An Antioxidant

Quinoa is rich in a couple of flavinoid plant compounds, such as Kaempferol and Quercetin. These are good antioxidants, as per the study. Both these compounds help in minimizing cell damage.

You can consider this as one of the primary benefits. It is the reason why most health-conscious people have tilted toward Quinoa.

2. It Has Anti-Inflammatory Compounds

Both the flavinoid plant compounds named above have anti-inflammatory agents. So, a regular intake of it can help you avoid inflammation. You can consider it one of the prominent benefits of Quinoa.

3. It Is A Gluten-Free Food

If you ask if Quinoa is a carb, you should be aware that the total content is 39% only. On the other hand, it is gluten-free. As a result, you can easily intake the grain even if you have gluten intolerance.

4. Quinoa Has A High Protein Content

If you are not taking Quinoa now, consider it to be the high time to start the consumption. If you are concerned, is Quinoa good for you? The answer would be a yes. It is rich in Protein, and regular consumption can help you to gain stamina and strength. So, you get the answer to the question, is Quinoa a protein?

5. Quinoa Provides Good Fiber

Many people have a question, is Quinoa healthy? Well, you should be aware that it is a good source of fiber apart from carbohydrates and protein. So, you can expect it to keep your gut healthy.

Even it can help you deal with bowel problems and constipation due to the rich fiber content. The best you can do is talk with your physician and set the amount of regular intake.

6. Boosts Metabolism

When you start regular consumption, you should be aware of what is Quinoa good for you? Well, as per many doctors, it can boost metabolism. As a result, you can live a healthy life.

So, the best you can do is have some dish made with Quinoa in the breakfast or tiffin. You can even have it as a brunch.

7. Quinoa Is Packed With Nutrients

You would probably fall in love with the food grain while making a note of the Quinoa nutrition. The presence of several nutrients makes Quinoa one of the best picks for a staple diet.

The only thing you need to check out is the quality of the food grain you are purchasing. Make sure you buy a product that is processed in a good manner. In the next part of the article’, you can go through a table containing the nutritional details of  Quinoa.

Quinoa: Details Regarding Nutrients

quinoa nutrients

The nutritional details are given here in the form of a table. Go through it, and you can understand why it can be the best food for you. All the values are given with respect to 185 grams of Quinoa.

Vitamin E:
Vitamin B6:
Vitamin E:
39 grams
8 grams
5 grams
19% of DV
3.55 grams
8% of DV
13% of DV
8% of DV
15% of DV
28% of DV
51% of DV
22% of DV

Downsides Of Quinoa

In this part, you can learn about the downsides of Quinoa. Check out the points given below:

Quinoa Leads To Quinoa Allergy

Quinoa Allergy is a disorder that can happen to you early when you start consuming it. Well, the main symptoms are inflammation, asthma-like symptoms, eczema, hives, and nausea.

In case you become a victim, you need to discontinue its consumption instantly.

Saponin Allergy

The Saponin Allergy is yet another disorder that can happen due to Quinoa intake. However, you can avoid the discomforts by washing the gains thoroughly before eating them. It helps to reduce the amount of saponin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Quinoa High In Protein?

Yes, Quinoa has a rich protein content. You can consider only 185 grams of the foodgrain to contain 8  grams of protein. So, you can have it as a good plant protein source. This makes it no less good a protein source than salmon

2. Why Is Quinoa Good For You?

Quinoa is good for you as it is rich in several micro and macronutrients. You can expect to get carbs, protein, vitamins, and a lot of metals from the seeds.

3. How To Make Quinoa Dish?

Making a simple dish from it is very easy. You just need to boil the seeds and add a few basic spices like salt and pepper. The best way to eat Quinoa is with veg salads. You can even use almonds with Quinoa. 

Final Words

At present, Quinoa consumption is increasing quite rapidly in the US. Well, you should also give it a try. The best you can do is go through some simple Quinoa recipes from the internet and start using it daily. 

If you do not develop any allergies, the foodgrain can turn into your best friend for life. You can gradually find that Quinoa has improved your overall life dramatically.

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