So, what is exactly Insomnia Cookies?

It is basically a chain of bakeries that specializes in delivering baked goods, warm cookies, and ice cream. The company operates all over the United States and is based in Philadelphia and New York. The company started the business in 2003. The co-founders of Insomnia Cookies are Seth Berkowitz and Jared Barnett. Both of them were students at the University of Pennsylvania when they started the business.

Right now, the company has more than 200 stores all over the continental United States. So, you will find insomnia cookies located almost anywhere in the country. You must also know that there are a couple of stores in close proximity to university campuses. So that, university students can order cookies at night, whether it is late or early in the night. You a expect an insomnia cookie delivery late at night. 



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The company was started in 2003 by Seth Berkowitz and Jared Barnett. At the time of founding the company, they both were attending the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Berkowitz was the one who used to bake and deliver cookies.

He also delivered cookies late at night and used to use the dorm room for making cookies. The first store was founded in Syracuse, New York, in 2004. At that time, the company was known by the name insomnia cookies NYC.

Insomnia Cookies

Here is the basic information about the company.

Company NameInsomnia Cookies
FoundersSeth BerkowitzJared Barnett
Founded2003Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Locations (Number)More than 215
OwnerKrispy Kreme (JAB Holding Company)
Area ServerUnited States

The main operating states are Philadelphia and New York. Most bakeries are situated near universities and colleges. Also, the main target of the company is students. Suppose, there is a student who wants to order cookies late at night, and they want something different from a traditional bakery. 

You will find these stores open from 10:00 a.m., and the average closing time is around 3:00 a.m. The times are for Monday to Friday, and on weekends the opening time is around noon. In 2016, the company reached a landmark of 100 stores, and since then, it has been expanding throughout the United States.

The company got funds from Krispy Kreme. The company was acquired by the JAB Holding Company, and then it started operating independently. In the year 2021, the company introduced a membership service with the name “CookieMagic.” The cost of the subscription is $9.99 monthly. If you take this subscription, then you will get a free cookie every day, you will also get free local deliveries, and there are other perks as well. 

Two years back, the company made a decision to open an experimental CookieLab section. They named this section a cookie speakeasy. The section is basically a section for consumers who want to customize cookies, you will also find a bar where there are milkshakes and milk. In June 2021, the company reached another milestone by opening its 200th store. The 200th store is in Exton, Pennsylvania.

Insomnia Cookies Menu

Insomnia Cookies Menu
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Whether it is insomnia cookies Atlanta or insomnia cookies Chicago, you will find delicious cookies there. There are mainly 17 different types of cookies. You will find vegan options, and if you want deluxe cookies, you will find those too. There are other products like brownies, cookie cakes, ice cream, milk, and ice cream sandwiches. You should also know that insomnia cookie cake is one of the most famous.

Now, coming to the best part. Here is the menu that you will love for sure. First, let’s start with the cookies. The Insomnia cookies prices are not that much as the main target is students.

⦿ Classic with M&M’S

⦿ Chocolate Chunk

⦿ Double Chocolate Mint

⦿ Double Chocolate Chunk

⦿ Peanut Butter Chip

⦿ Oatmeal Raisin

⦿ Sugar

⦿ Snickerdoodle

⦿ Gluten Free Chocolate Chip

⦿ White Chocolate Macadamia

Here are the deluxe cookies:-

⦿ S’mores

⦿ Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

⦿ Confetti Deluxe

⦿ Triple Chocolate

⦿ Salted Caramel

⦿ Oatmeal Chocolate Walnut

Here are the cakes that you will find:-

⦿ 6” Cookie Cake

⦿ 10” Cookie Cake

⦿ Moon Cookie Cake

⦿ Triple Threat Cookie Cake

⦿ You will find only chocolate chip brownies here.

Here are the wiches that you will find:-

⦿ $2 Off Deluxe Cookie’wich

⦿ Cookie’wich (Old)

⦿ Deluxe Big’wich

⦿ Big’wich.

Other than these, you will find Quart and Pink in the ice cream section. And the best thing is that you will also find milk in the stores. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are some questions and answers that most people want to know about.

Q1. What Is So Special About Insomnia Cookies?

Ans: When it comes to insomnia cookies, the marketing manager, Catherine Garlin, said that the cookies came out from a dislike of heavy foods for sweet tooth late at night. When she was asked about this, she replied that the CEO of the company, Seth Berkowitz had this idea from his college days in 2003. The idea was to change late night deliveries, and he wanted to give more options.

Q2. Do Insomnia Cookies Have Alcohol?

Ans: There is a cookie named Hot Cinnamon Whiskey cookie that contents with 0.5% or less amount of alcohol in it. There are other cookies called Peanut Butter Old Fashioned cookies and Mudslide cookies which have artificial alcohol in them, and the volume of the alcohol is 0.0%. The last year was tough, and there are more options. Now the company knows that everyone’s needs are different, so it puts some extra cheers to their cookies.

Q3. Do Insomnia Cookies Give You Insomnia?

Ans: For your information, you will not feel sleepy after you eat the cookies. Not only this, the cookies will not make you awake as well. These are just cookies that are delicious, and there is no CBD, melatonin, THC, or other energetic or energizing ingredients. The only thing that you will get is a sugar buzz after having these cookies. 

Final Words

There are many bakeries that you will find, but experimenting with cookies and, at the same time, delivering cookies to the sweet tooths of the university and college students is a unique concept. The company is near to completing 20 years. 

So, I hope you enjoy the article, and now it is time to taste one. You can go through the insomnia cookies menu again and choose the one that you find tasty.

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