Instagram is currently one of the best Photo and video-based platforms. If you love to scroll through different short videos and interesting photos, then you will find yourself using Instagram. The platform lets users share and view stories, reels, and regular photo and video posts.

But, when it comes to viewing Instagram stories and reels, someone does not necessarily need to have an Instagram account. Yes, you read right. There are many Instagram story viewers that you can use to view the Instagram stories of different users.

These apps let users view and download Instagram stories, reels, and posts anonymously. The profile you view will not know that you have viewed their stories. Most importantly, you can also view the stories of the private accounts. So, if you want to check out these apps, follow this article for the best app recommendations I have laid down for you.


Best Instagram  Story Viewer Anonymous Apps

Here are the best Instagram story view apps that I have gathered and listed for you –

1. Qoob Instagram Story Viewer

Qoob Instagram Story Viewer

The most powerful and capable Instagram story viewer is the Qoob Insta viewer. It is also a mass downloader of Instagram posts, stories, reels, videos, and all types of content available on the platform. You can do the viewing and downloading for private Instagram accounts as well. All you need to do is to enter the username of the account you want to view the story from.  This process of downloading can also be automated by adding your favorite account to the Qoob Story Downloader/Viewer.


  • Qoob is a great application when it comes to viewing the Instagram stories of public and private accounts on Instagram.
  • You can download photos and videos with high-quality meta-data.
  • The Instagram downloading process can be automated through the Qoob Instagram  Viewer.

Price: if you want to go with the personal plan, the app will charge you $7/month. The Professional plan charges $25/month.

2. mSPy  


Not all of us want to be anonymous on Instagram to stalk people. Looks like parents also have some use of these Instagram story viewer apps. Social media monitoring and tracking tool. Parents concerned about their children’s online activities can use tools like mSPy to keep track of their story-sharing Instagram conversations. This app does not put any app icon on the phone and remains invisible. So, if you want to use it to track your children’s activities on Instagram, then this app is for you.


  • mSpy also records details about incoming and outgoing messages and calls.
  • It shows the GPS location of the device.
  • The app works in stealth mode.

There are three versions of the app with three different pricing plans – $11.66/per month, $27.99/per month, and $48.99 per month.

3. Inflact   


Another app providing different Instagram story viewer features is the app named Inflict. Instagram offers a giant user base to marketers to market their products. If you want to get traction for specific products on this platform, you need Instagram marketing tools such as Inflact.

The funny thing is, InFlact works as an Instagram story viewer you can use to check the Instagram stories of your users. The story downloader features can also further be repurposed for entertainment or marketing purposes.


The app is priced in three different period bases. You can purchase the app for two weeks, three months, and 3 months plans. The monthly basis plan costs $57/account.

4. Instalkr


Compared to other Instagram story viewers, Instalkr offers a completely different set of services. With the help of Instalkr, you can browse someone’s Instagram account anonymously. You can view stories, subscriptions, likes, and comments of the Instagram account you are stalking using the Instalkr application. The exceptional features of this application include showing you the stories and posts deleted by the user.


  • Anonymous story viewership.
  • Access to stories, videos, and posts that got deleted.
  • Instagram content download.
  • Free application.

Compared to the other applications I have discussed so far, Instalkr is completely free. Also, you can view both public and private accounts using the Instalkr story viewer.

5. Stories IG  

Stories IG  

If you are a fan of those Instagram story viewers that work simply by copy-pasting the username of an account, then you will love Stories IG. Not just the Instagram stories, thanks to the Stories IG application you can view the Instagram stories application, you can view and download Instagram content, stories, reels, videos, and other posts.

All things are done anonymously here, and the application also has a clean UI that you will love. You can share the Instagram stories you have captured using this tool on different social platforms.


  • Anonymous story viewer and downloader.
  • Basic UI.
  • Sharing content on different social media.

The app is completely free to use.

6. InstaDP  


Whether you want to view the stories of a  friend or a popular celebrity, you can do it all  under the anonymous veil of the Instagram story viewer app named InstaDP.  All you need is the username of the person you want to view the story of on Instagram. You have to copy and paste the username of the account you want to view anonymously. Their web-based application lets you download stories, reels,  and posts from Instagram.


7. Stories Down   

Stories Down   

If you want to view someone’s Instagram account while not having an account of your own, then the Stories Down application is what you are looking for. You can anonymously view the content of this website and save the stories, reels, and other posts on your computer or your mobile phone. The app has striking visuals with a clear textbox. You can put the username in the textbox to anonymously view someone’s story.


  • This app lets you view stories anonymously.
  • You need no registration or account.
  • High-quality content downloading features.
  • Free of cost.

Final Words  

There are both web-based applications and installable apps that you can use for viewing and downloading Instagram content anonymously. However, if you simply want to view someone’s Instagram stories and accounts, you can follow the options I have suggested in this article. If you have any queries, you can leave them in the comment section. We will be sure to check them out.

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