Dragons are cool mythical creatures many of us have a fascination with. However, they are wise and powerful magical creatures holding magic, mystery, and legendary tales. 

In Japanese tradition, dragons are very holy creatures that bring happiness and good luck. Be it for a belief in this creature of good fortune or simply out of passion, you may want to get a traditional Japanese Dragon Tattoo. If that is the case, then you will never run out of options. 

When you said you wanted to get the Dragon from Japanese mythology inscribed, we heard you clearly. So here are some recommendations you will love. 


Japanese Dragon Tattoos You Should Consider In 2023

Here are some dragon tattoo ideas based on Japanese mythology. If you are a fan of Japanese mythology, you might love these tattoo recommendations. –

1. Full Back Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Full Back Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Who does not love a back tattoo? But nothing could be cooler than getting the Japanese Dragon tattooed on your back. Most importantly, they come in all shapes, colors, and designs. Also, if your Tattoo artist has a specific style, you are in for an extra advantage. 

The back portion of your body offers a wide space. A tattoo artist can go wild if you are ready to pledge your back in the name of the great Japanese Dragon. You can get them in greyscale or get some blue and red to magic on your skin.

2. Japanese Dragon Tattoo On Full Sleeve 

Japanese Dragon Tattoo On Full Sleeve

A tattoo on the back is indeed impressive. However, if you want to show off, the back does not help much; you cannot go out with your back open all the time, especially not in the winter. But if you want to show off a bit, then a full-sleeve tattoo can definitely work the charm. 

You know what! You can add another animal or another element if you want. Do you remember Mighty Morphin Power Ranger? Tommy had a Green Dragon Zord first; later on, he had the Tiger Zord. Now, if you are getting a green Japanese Dragon Tattoo on the upper portion of your hand, you can get a white tiger on your arm. Now, that’s a heavy-weight tattoo.

3. Japanese Dragon Tattoo On Chest 

Japanese Dragon Tattoo On Chest

Having a tattoo on your chest makes you look more attractive. But it needs to be done perfectly with the help of professionals. You can leave the back untouched, or you can connect the chest, your sleeve, and the chest. 

Or you can get the chest tattooed like Dwayne Johnson. When it comes to a chest tattoo, the face of a dragon fits perfectly.

4. Japanese Dragon Tattoo On Legs

Japanese Dragon Tattoo On Legs

No one is stopping you if you want to get Japanese dragon tattoos on your legs. You can make your whole body a work of art with these wise and powerful mythical creatures painted on it. 

Yes, you can get the whole leg inked. Or you can get a small one and leave a portion of your leg empty. Maybe you want to tattoo something else there. Who knows.

5. Neo Traditional Japanese Dragon Tattoos

Neo Traditional Japanese Dragon Tattoos

A neo-traditional Japanese dragon tattoo is an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary styles. The traditional Japanese dragon tattoo usually has bold outlines. On the other hand, the neo-traditional styles use colors and realism to make the tattoo pop. The bright colors add more character and story to the tattoo, making you look almost like a dragon. 

The color and style of the neo-traditional dragon tattoo tend towards a ferocious and darker dragon.

6. Greyscale Japanese Dragon Tattoos

Greyscale Japanese Dragon Tattoos

So, you are not too fond of colors? Fine. A greyscale Japanese dragon tattoo looks just as beautiful.

7. Japanese Dragon Tattoo Linework

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Linework

You don’t have to get it filled in with ink if you don’t want to. The Japanese dragon tattoo can look amazing with linework alone. Many people love to get the tattoo outline done and leave the insides empty. You can fill them in later on. Or you can leave them as it is. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are  some popular questions people ask about dragon tattoos.

1. Are Dragon Tattoos Chinese Or Japanese?

Ans: Dragons are part of different mythologies. Dragons have a part in Chinese, Japanese, and different other mythologies around the world. However, the root of Dragons’ origin is China 6000 years ago. Many Asian and western tattoo artists love to use dragons as the element of their tattoos. 

2. What Are The Rules For A Japanese Tattoo?

Ans: The Japanese dragon tattoos need to cover your whole arm, your back, or the chest. The second rule of Japanese tattoos is that they need to have the symbols and themes of Japanese culture.

3. What Does A Dragon Japanese Tattoo Mean?

Ans: The Japanese dragon tattoo symbolizes different meanings. The wise mythological creature means strength, wealth, health, and good fortune according to Japanese culture. These tattoos also symbolize power, knowledge, and nobleness. 

Bottom Line

Japanese Dragon Tattoos are one of the most sought-after tattoos among youngsters. If you are planning to get these tattoos on yourself, you can take inspiration from the ones I recommended. You can choose from any style and get them inked on your back, chest, or any other place you would like them. 

I hope you like the tattoos I recommended. If you have any queries, you can leave them in the comment.

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