The Lada Russian car manufacturer comes with some high-performance and budget-friendly cars. One of the best Lada Car Models is the LADA Niva Legend. This car has become popular outside Russia as the Lada Car. This car is the best option for you if you are looking for rugged drives and performance and do not care much about the comfort and luxury of the car.

In this article, you will learn some of the most interesting facts about the Lada Car or, specifically, the Lada Niva. Lada is one of the most popular Russian car brands. And when it comes to Legend Motorcars, there is hardly any car that can be compared to the Niva Legend. Here, you will learn the best aspects of the Lada Niva that make it one of the best classic cars ever. Hence, to learn in detail about the Lada car, read on through to the end of the article.


Lada Car – What Makes The Lada Niva Different?

One of the factors that make the Niva different from other cars is that it focuses on simplicity and classic design. The car retains its design and looks of the olden times. No, you will not find the comfort that is available with top-grade SUVs like the BMW X8 or even budget SUVs like the Toyota Fortuner. The Lada Niva is simply an old-school cross-country car.

If interior comfort is a second option for you, as compared to performance and rugged capability, then the Lada Niva is actually the best car for you. However, despite the car coming with barebones and lacking the luxury factor with it, the Lada Niva still deserves respect for being an immortal car that has been popular for a very long time.

Seven Factors That Are Special About The Lada Car

The Lada Niva was launched in 1977 in Soviet Russia. Until now, the Niva has been one of the most popular cars in Russia, and this does not make the car expensive. As per the standards of the United States, the Lada Niva is quite cheap and looks and performs truly like a 70s car. If you want an off-roader with rugged looks and build quality, then Lada Niva is the one you must go for.

The following are some of the most interesting factors of the Lada car that you must know about:

1. It Looks Like An Absolute 70s Car

 lada car looks

One of the first things that you will notice about the Lada Niva is that it looks like a 70s car and drives much like a 70s car. However, this should not discourage you from buying it, as it is a cheap machine with great performance. Furthermore, it is also very easy to maintain, with good quality parts that are designed for facing bearing conditions.

2. Lada Car Games

The Lada car is popular for its performance and off-road drive. However, there are many Lada car games available where you will have to control a Lada Drift Car and gain points. The game lets you start drifting in the game in an old Russian Lada. Just Google it and click one of the website links to play the game.

3. Gives The Classic Feel To The Drive

drive Lada Niva

If you get into the Lada Niva and take up the wheel, you will feel that the car does not seem modern. However, you will not feel bad driving the car, either. The engine is 1.7 liter and meets all the emission standards of the United States. You can do comfortable cruising around 60 to 70 mph.

4. Amazing Off-Road Performance

This car will show you what permanent four-wheel drive is. With amazing ground clearance and axle articulation, with properly made bodywork panels makes, it a great option. Furthermore, the car is only 1210 kg, and hence is a great option for rough rides off-roads.

5. Made For All Kinds Of Roads

Lada Niva performance

Russia is known for harsh climatic conditions, and remote areas, thanks to the vastness of the country. Hence, this car is created with an uncompromising focus to perform on all kinds of terrain and conditions. Therefore, in terms of off-road performance, there is no match for the Lada Niva.

In 1990, this car was sent to Antarctica, to the Russian station, where it survived without any big issues for fifteen years. This tells a lot about the car’s capability.

6. Easy To Repair And Work On

The best thing about any Lada car is that it is very simple in terms of design and can be used as a sort of “People’s car.” The car was actually created in such a way as to offer cheap and simple transportation to the masses. It was created in the 70s in Soviet Russia to face the harsh weather and the rough road conditions in remote areas where there are no repair shops.

repair Lada Niva

Hence, the car comes with a simple design, which is really simple to work on if you are not absolutely terrified of mechanical parts.

7. Very Much Affordable

affordable Lada Niva

According to,

the Lada Niva’s cheapness comes from its purposeful simplicity, but the rugged capabilities aren’t the only advantage to that. While a rare sight in North America, Lada Nivas are plentiful in Russia and the former Soviet States, with many owners seeing them as cheap tools to get a job done.”

Hence, if you find any Lada for sale, don’t hesitate if you are looking for a cheap-priced high-performance option for an off-road experience. The current version of the car with an amazing mix of old and new components.

Final Thoughts

Hope these facts helped you in getting a better idea about the Lada Niva. If you are on a budget and looking for a performance car, and do not care a lot about interior comfort, then this Lada car is the best option for you. Another great fact about this car is that you can take it to a car rally as well since the design and performance of the car will really make you feel as if you are in the 70s.

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