I have often heard fitness gurus talking about how you should not miss out on leg lifts, but I didn’t know why for a long time. Once I started working out regularly, I saw the point. It’s true! You cannot skip your leg days, and that too for a good reason.

It’s only natural that you might end up compromising on your leg day over something more favorable, like upper body exercises. But that’s precisely where you are making a major mistake. A balanced routine is one that prioritizes your overall well-being. So without wasting any more time, let’s talk leg raises, why you shouldn’t skip them, and more.

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Leg Days: What Are Leg Lifts?

So what are leg lifts? It’s a type of exercise regime designed for targeting both the upper and lower abdominal muscles while building strength in the same area. Think of these as a straight leg crunch but only in reverse. These might look pretty easy to pull off, but don’t judge from appearance!

Well known for being a superlative exercise routine, it can greatly boost flexibility across your hip flexors and back extensors. However, for effectively lifting your legs, you need to engage with all the right muscles and consequently enjoy reaping the benefits of the same!

When performed safely and accurately, the routine easily targets the lower muscles on your tummy, so hard to reach on most days. However, if you spend several hours of the day sitting for long periods of time, you should consider incorporating the leg lift exercise into your daily routine.

Benefits Of Leg Lifts: Why You Should Never Compromise On Leg Lifts?

benefits of leg lifts

The benefits of practicing the lifts workout are several. First, the more you will found out about the same, your need of compromising with this vigorous exercise will simply fly away. So instead of worrying about reverse leg lifts or some other variation, why don’t you scroll down and check out the benefits of the same?

1. Stimulates Hormones

From practicing hanging leg lifts to lying leg lifts or any other variation of the same exercise, it is great for stimulating the release of vast amounts of hormones. When you work your legs out, your body will easily release hormones like testosterone, cortisol, and HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

The cortisol hormone is responsible for increasing fat metabolism and responding to stress. Testosterone, on the other hand, helps the body to treat muscle proteins that have been damaged, while HGH boosts immunity, fat metabolism, and muscle growth.

2. Strengthens Balances

You can try out single-leg lifts as well. These are great for strengthening your balancing techniques. In fact, working out each leg singularly aligns the body easily – in the process, the exercise also helps the body to correct any imbalances in your muscles.

Single-leg lifts are pretty balance-oriented and can easily correct any muscle imbalance since these need you to utilize both sides of the body in equal amounts. This naturally makes it obvious that there won’t be any overcompensation on any side of your body.

Engages Core:

Once you figure out how to do it safely and accurately, you’ll soon understand how this can help your body to engage with the core muscles. And not just that. This will also help your body to develop great balance as well as prevent injury. This will also help your body to boost rehabilitation.

It is because when you work on one side, the muscles on your other side also get stimulated. The indirect stimulation will, in turn, strengthen injured areas located on your body’s opposite side. So while performing unilateral exercises, you can easily begin with the side that’s non-dominant.

Other Benefits:

If you have been looking for the ultimate leg lifts machine, you will be surprised to know there’s none since this does not require any equipment in the first place. In addition, there are several other benefits of doing different variations like abs, plank, and even standing leg lifts.

Scroll down and check it out now!

  1. Builds muscle,
  2. Tones legs,
  3. Strengthens core,
  4. Burn calories,
  5. Improves fitness,
  6. Reduces pain in joints,
  7. Images with major groups of muscles,
  8. Alleviates pain in the lower back,
  9. Boosts cognitive function,
  10. Creates balance,
  11. Improves mobility,
  12. Manages stress, and
  13. Improves posture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are The Benefits Of Leg Lifts?

Ans: The benefits of performing different variations like seated leg lifts or even back leg lifts are as follows,
⦿ Stimulates hormones,
⦿ Engages core, and
⦿ Strengthens balances.

2. What Muscles Do Leg Lifts Strengthen?

Ans: The muscles strengthened by different variations, such as lateral leg lifts or straight leg lifts, are as follows,
⦿ Iliopsoas,
⦿ Rectus Abdominis,
⦿ Oblique muscles (both internal and external).

3. How Do You Do A Proper Leg Lift?

Ans: You can do a proper leg lift by following the steps mentioned below,
1. Lie down with your back on the floor. 
2. Keep your legs together and straight. 
3. Now lift those legs while keeping them straight till your butt is off the floor. 
4. Slowly and steadily lower those legs till they are right above the floor,
5. Hold it for some time. 
6. Raise those legs again. 

4. How Many Leg Lifts A Day?

Ans: There are two ways to go about this. You can either practice three sets, each with ten reps, or do as many leg lifts as you can – try keeping a steady pace and be consistent with your routine. If you are practicing different variations like side lying leg lifts or even double leg lifts, then do the same for them.

And It’s A Wrap!

Incorporating this exercise into your daily workout regime is a pretty good idea, considering all the benefits this exercise can provide. However, if you don’t want to interrupt your current workout routine, then you can quickly finish your daily routine with side leg lifts before and after. 

In that way, you can enjoy the benefits of doing this exercise and at the same time not interrupt your routine. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments below.

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