You are on a diet, and you have the most awaited date at Starbucks this weekend. So, are you losing your sleep over the drink you can pick there? You can really have some really low calorie Starbucks drinks and make the most of your time there.

I know that the list is long, and it’s not easy to make your pick from the endless options you have. So, I have curated the best options for you.

Let’s explore!


Best Low Calorie Starbucks Drinks You Can Try On 

Having low calorie Starbucks drinks does not mean compromising taste. Many low-calorie drinks come with an indulgent taste and are better than the cream or sugar-heavy drinks you have been drinking so far.

The fruit infused is there, always offering a healthier option. However, here, I have focused on drinks with tea, coffee, and milk that come with a low calorie count without letting you miss on the richness. 

So, let’s check out the options Starbucks offers without much ado. 

Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso

Calories: 120

I love this espresso from Starbucks. I know that the calorie count is a little higher, but it’s much lower compared to other options you will come across at Starbucks and other known coffee joints.

Further, the drink usually contains 13 grams of sugar that you can reduce to make the calorie count go down. 

But how does it taste? It’s yummy, to say the least. The combination of cinnamon, espresso, and brown sugar just works right for me.

So, for your next visit to Starbucks, consider this drink.  

Caffe Misto

Calories: 110

If you want a caffeine jolt without taking a lot of calories, this one is a good option. It does not have too much milk. Further, you can always substitute regular milk with a non-dairy option. It will help you to reduce your calorie intake.

If you can afford to have an extra pump of sugar once in a while, go for it. However, you can also have it completely sugar-free to keep the calorie count low. 

So, smell, slurp, and savor this drink just like an expert for the next time you visit Starbucks.

Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew 

Calories – 50

Did you know there is a smart trick for picking low-calorie Starbucks drinks? When you are not sure about the calorie count of a specific drink, just go for a cold brew.

A cold brew usually has low calories because of the use of less sugar and fat. Nevertheless, among the cold brews, my favorite is the honey almond milk cold brew.

The drink has 10 grams of sugar, which you can slash by reducing the amount of honey added to the drink. Further, the drink has half a gram of fat. So you can enjoy the best taste without compromising your health.

Along with an indulgent taste, the drink also looks tantalizing when served. So, cherish every sip of it. 

Black Coffee

Calories: 0 to 5

If you are very strict about your calorie intake, you can have the most refreshing and classic black coffee at Starbucks. In fact, it has no substitute if you want a caffeine-based drink sans the calorie spike.

You can have black coffee without any sugar or just with a pinch of cinnamon in it. However, if you want a regular coffee, you can add almond milk or any healthy option. 

Naturally, the calorie count will go high if you add one or more cubes of sugar to it. 

Mint Majesty Hot Tea

Calories: 0

The mint majesty hot tea can be your savior if you are struggling to keep your calorie intake in check. Without making you worry about the calorie count, the drink will offer you instant rejuvenation thanks to the presence of mint and lemon in the drink.

So, if you are hitting a Starbucks outlet in the morning and want some energy boost, try this drink once.

Also, it’s a herbal tea packed with health benefits. The lemon in it will boost your immune system. It will also alleviate your discomfort if you have a sore throat or common cold.  

Emperor’s Clouds & Mist

Calories: 0

Here is another 0-calorie Starbucks drink for you. For a connoisseur, a good cup of tea is never enough. There is always a search for something great and elevating.

One of the best low calorie Starbucks drinks, Emperor’s Clouds & Mist, can offer you that. The green tea comes from gardens located at a 3500 feet height.

So, you get a matchless blend, and the flavor you cherish with every sip stays with you for longer. 

Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream

Calories: 70

If you love iced coffee, managing your calorie count will not be a concern at Starbucks. You can try this most delicious and velvety beverage in the form of this nitro cold brew with sweet cream. 

Yes, it is not as low calorie as a cup of black coffee or the mint majesty hot tea and the emperor’s clouds & mist. However, in comparison to many other Starbucks drinks, it is a healthier option. 

Final Words 

So, with so many low calorie Starbucks drinks to have, you don’t need to think twice about hitting your favorite coffee joint now. Along with the low-calorie beverages, Starbucks also has some keto-friendly delights for you in drinks. 

Also, you don’t need to check out the elaborate menu for your next visit, as I have already curated some of the best variations for you. However, if you want more options, you can try jade citrus mint tea, iced passion tango tea, flat white, and other drinks.

To reiterate, it is always better to go for the cold brews as they always have a lesser calorie count compared to the hot ones. 

Are you ready to have the most delicious and healthiest drinks at Starbucks? Do you have a favorite pick for yourself? Don’t forget to share and enjoy your drink with your loved ones to make the moment memorable. 

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