Maldives glowing beach is one of the most beautiful places on the Earth for a magical vacation. The Vaadhoo Islands will make you witness a beach that glows in the dark.

The best time to visit the glowing beach Maldives is between June and October. The weather remains warm and pleasant. Also, in this season, the phytoplankton gets the ideal natural condition to have a brighter glow.

So, are you planning a trip to the Vaadhoo Islands? Let’s find out the things to do at this beautiful place. 


Things To Do In Maldives Glowing Beach 

Maldives has an international airport. Once you reach the airport on the island of Hulhule, you can take a domestic flight or a speed ferry to the glowing beach. 

It’s a wonderful destination as a romantic gateway. The relaxed ambiance and amenities of the place also make it suitable for family holidays.  

Nevertheless, once you are at the beach, don’t miss the following activities. 

1. Have The Most Romantic Candle Light Dinner At Soneva Fushi

“Embrace nature’s majesty,” that’s what Soneva Fushi promises you. In the heart of Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Soneva Fushi is the place to enjoy “barefoot luxury.”

From quaint beaches to lush jungles and sustainable ecosystems, this hideaway has to offer a lot of things.

Also, you will get the best wines and barbecue experience if you want to have a romantic candlelight dinner

So, enjoy nature’s bounty during the daytime and indulge in romance after the Sunset. 

2. Experience The Ethereal Beauty Of The Sea of Stars Maldives 

Have you listened to the Ocean of Stars song? It’s the best depiction of what you can expect at the Maldives glowing beach. 

Thanks to bioluminescence in the reefs of the Maldives, the sea glows like the night sky. Witnessing this scene is like an ethereal experience.

The seawater here is filled with Lingulodinium polyedrum, a type of phytoplankton. It causes bioluminescence, and when they move with the wave, it looks like the stars traveling in the night sky.

Some Tips To Enjoy The Beauty Of The Glowing Beach

If you want to optimize your experience at the glowing beach, here are some tips you must follow.

  • You must look for the darkest spots on the island. Or, you can explore the narrow lagoons. You will get the best view of the starry glow in the seawater in these places.
  • During the daytime, look for red and orange algae in the ocean. Locate these places and at night explore them for the best view, as parts with these algae have the maximum density of phytoplankton.
  • You can dig the sand a little or explore the beach to find the blue spots. 

3. Enjoy Your Vacation At Cheval Blanc Randheli Resort

Are you planning to spend your time at the best Maldives glowing beach resort? It has to be the Cheval Blanc Randheli Resort. 

The turquoise horizon and the tranquil water of the sea will offer you the most calming experience. Here, you can also enjoy the most beautiful view of the Sunset. 

Further, if you are traveling with your kids, it will be the most delightful experience for them. Le Carrousel is like a kingdom here, keeping the children in mind. 

4. Enjoy Scuba Diving

When you are at Maldives glowing beach, you must enjoy scuba diving at Maafushi. The reefs and schools of fish will make you witness the most gorgeous marine life.

The best snorkeling and scuba diving options at Maafushi are

You can contact the Eco Dive Club, Kaani Dive Club, or Arena Water Sports for snorkeling and scuba diving. 

5. Do Some Hitching

The Maldives glowing beach is a picturesque place. For some adventure and fun, you can do hitching on the seaplane. 

6. Take A Helicopter Ride Over The Maldives Glowing Beach

You can also take a helicopter ride to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. The helicopter ride will give you a hawkeyed view of the beautiful islands. Don’t miss the bounty of the vegetation and organic terrain the place has to offer. 

7. Enjoy The Beauty Of White Sand On Hulhule Beach

Hulhule Beach is known for its white sand and the tranquil beauty it has to offer. It will take you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can just unwind at the beach and spend some quality time at the beach.

Some Tips If You Are Traveling To Maldives Glowing Beach 

If you are traveling to Maldives Glowing Beach, you must keep a few things in mind. Are you a photo enthusiast or a social butterfly? The place will offer you a lot of opportunities to capture the best scenic beauty. So, carry your best smartphones and cameras while traveling.

Further, there is a major difference in the temperature of day and night at the beach. So, don’t forget to carry a thick sweater or pullover. Warm clothing is also important to combat the windy weather of the place.

In addition, carry your slippers and swimwear if you want to enjoy the best of the beach life. Don’t go for very fancy footwear unless you have evening party plans or dates. As you will be spending a major part of your day at the beach, you will need all the Sun protection essentials like Sunscreens, shades, and hats.

Finally, are you planning a trip between June and October? It is the ideal time to pay a visit to the place. However, it is also the peak season. So, make sure to make your booking in advance. 

Final Words 

Maldives Glowing Beach is a place that will offer you a mystical experience. The glowing blue light at night will transcend you, while you can take part in many adventurous activities during the daytime. You can do snorkeling, hiking, and scuba diving to get a taste of the diverse marine ecosystem here. 

So, are you planning a trip to Maldives glowing beach? Don’t forget to share your experience with us. 

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