Who doesn’t love Reddit? It is one of the most popular social media platforms, especially for different communities.  When I say community, it is hard to forget about the MCU fans.

Nowadays, they are everywhere – Twitter, Facebook, Reddit – just name it. Some of the most anticipated Marvel movie secrets and spoilers are first leaked on Reddit. And we all have that one friend who is looking through these ‘Marvel spoilers Reddit threads.’

So, today, I thought of picking up some of the latest Marvel spoilers and casting rumors trending on Reddit. Here are some of the latest Marvel spoilers and casting rumors –


Marvel Is Looking For A “Dakota Johnson Type” For Sue Storm   

Marvel has already started looking for actors and actresses for their upcoming  Fantastic Four movie. While we still feel nostalgic about the old days when Chris Evans ‘Flamed on’ as Johnny storm, we don’t know yet who our next Human Torch will be. But, recent Marvel spoilers Reddit posts are suggesting that Marvel is looking to cast Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman.

While we cannot forget Jessica Alba’s stunning performance in the old Fantastic four movies, Marvel already has a type of actress in mind. They are reportedly looking for “Dakota Johnson Type” actresses for our very own Mrs. Fantastic.

Werner Herzog Is In Talks To Join Wonder Man’s Casting   

Warner Herzog, the famous German actor, screenwriter, and director is in talks to join the cast and crew of Marvel’s upcoming TV series Wonder Man. this popular character of the Avengers has been sidelined for too long. It is about time we are getting anything on one of the core characters of the old Avengers cartoons.

Wonder Man was one of the main members of the Avengers cartoon. Long story short, he is a superhero based in Marvel comic books who got his powers due to Baron Zemo’s chemical treatments. However, we still need to know more before we confirm these spoilers from Marvel spoilers Reddit threads.

Across The Spider-Verse Delayed To Include Tom Holland  

Rumors have it that Tom Holland’s spiderman will reportedly be included in the sequel to the blockbuster Into The Spider-Verse. The sequel is titled Across The Spider-Verse.

Reportedly, Marvel is delaying the release since they want to put Tom Holland in the movie. Even Miles Morales will reportedly be in future live-action Spider-man movies. However, Miles might still work as an animated character in the live-action spiderman universe. However, we don’t know whether these rumors will come true or not since they are from Marvel spoilers Reddit threads.

Kang Variants To Appear In Shang-Chi 2  

Kang might cameo in Shang-Chi 2, and it is my It is the best among the Reddit Marvel studios spoilers that I came across.

Kang said to Loki to wait till he meets the other variants of Kang. We are not sure whether Loki will meet Kang in the future or not, but, Shang-Chi might. Shang-CHi is one of the newest Marvel heroes in town, and he might end up facing up against the big baddy Kang in the upcoming Shang-Chi 2.

Shang-Chi was well received by the fans and is also getting a sequel down the road. However, Marvel’s plan regarding Kang seems more than Kang Dynasty’s. It seems after his appearance in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Kang might end up in the next Shang-Chi movie.

MCU Puts Shang-Chi 2 And Eternals 2 To Their Production Calendar   

One of the most popular Marvel spoilers Reddit threads suggests that Eternals 2 and Shang-Chi 2 are reportedly greenlighted. Although Shang-Chi was a hit, many fans still have mixed feelings about The Eternals.

Will we see Angelina Jolie in her Eternals avatar again? Well, I cannot say for sure. But it is possible since Marvel always has more stories to tell, and they don’t frequently recast their characters. We are looking forward to seeing Thanos’ brother, though.

Demetrius Grosse Is Reportedly In Talks To Play Eric Williams/Grim Reaper   

Casting rumors and news don’t seem to be stopping Marvel’s Wonder Man series. Demetrius Groose is reportedly being negotiated with for the role of Grim Reaper in the upcoming MCU series on Disney plus.

Grim Reaper, aka Eric Williams, is a great Marvel baddie, and fans are excited to see this character in the upcoming Marvel series.

Iron Man Returning To Kang Dynasty  

These are the least possible predictions available in Marvel spoilers Reddit threads. However, it would be a dream-come-true moment for all Iron-Man fans to experience Robert Downy Jr reprising his role.

Kang is a strong and formidable foe that needs the excellence and genius of Tony Stark. But it’s not like MCU will bring Tony Back from the dead. Wait, will they?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):- 

Here are some additional popular questions and answers –

Q1. Who Is The Newest Villain In Marvel?

Ans: Kang the Conqueror is the latest villain in the Marvel universe. We have already seen big baddies like Thanos and Ultron in the movies. Now it is the time for Kang, the conqueror, to enter the ring of the big baddies. Jonathan Majors has been portraying the role of Kang the conqueror in the MCU and appeared in Loki and in Ant-Man 3.

Q2. Who Is The New Leader Of Marvel?

Ans: After Steve Rogers retired and passed his shield onto Sam Wilson, Sam Wilson is taking the new leader of the Avengers. However, many are speculating Captain Marvel as the designated leader of the Avengers.

Q3. Is Marvel Replacing The Avengers?

Ans: The MCU Boss, Kevin Feige, said last year that the avengers are no more. Feige said that in the D23 Expo of last year in a chat with ComicBook. They have announced that there are no more avengers, and the MCU is moving forward in a new direction.

Bottom Line  

So, these are some of the latest Marvel Spoilers on Reddit I could come up with. Some of these spoilers are true, while some of them are based on rumors. However, be it rumor or truth, these spoilers are fun to read; as a Marvel fan, I am very excited to see more of Kang the conqueror in the future.

What do you think of these spoilers? Let us know in the comment section. You can also leave your various queries for us to check out.

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