When they said, ”Great things come in small packages,” were right, maybe they saw the mini Australian shepherd when they came up with the phrase. These shepherd dogs are very adaptable and are able to do mostly everything. 

Since these dogs are smaller in size, they are able to adapt to every type of lifestyle that you have. But if you are unaware of this miniature Australian shepherd, then scroll down to know everything about this breed. 



Before we dive deeper into understanding the mini Australian shepherd, here is a brief overview of the breed. 

Size14 – 18 inches
Weight20 – 40 pounds
CoatLong & double coat
ColorMerle, black, red, brown, tan & white
TemperamentHelpful, loyal, lovable. Eager and hardworking
SocializationEarly training is needed, or else uneasy around people
Destructive natureKnocking over furniture, chewing and tearing.
People skillsProtective and highly devoted to the family
Around ChildrenGood around children
Activity LevelsVery high
Lifespan11 – 15 years


The mini Australian shepherds have rather beautiful physical features, with wavy long double fur coats, with multiple color varieties. They can even be bi-colored and even tri-colored with white colorations. 

These dogs are muscular dogs with broad shoulders and chests, with proportionate head sizes. The most beautiful feature of this breed is its eye color. They have beautiful eye colors like blue, brown, black, and also heterochromia. 

The height of these dog breeds is about 14 to 18 inches tall for the males, whereas the females are about 2 inches shorter than the males. The weight of this dog breed ranges from about 20 to about 40 pounds in the case of males, but the females are lighter than the males ones. 

Even though mini Australian shepherds are quite smaller in size, they should not be confused as a toy breed. 

Personality & Temperament

Personality & Temperament

The mini Australian shepherd is very happy when they have something to do or are busy doing something. They can get very irritated and pushy and this is when they become destructive all around the world. 

With limitless energy along with daily hard work and playing, this dog breed is very loyal and affectionate with its family. 

If the min Australian shepherd is kept active, they are very gentle dogs and quiet. You also need to pay a lot more attention to these dog breeds that are quite loyal to you and your family members. 

Care & Health Problems

Care & Health Problems

These mini Australian shepherds are a very high-maintenance dog breed, that stays occupied all the time. Almost all the time they are playing or training. They are great with families who are very active, but singles and couples can find these shepherds difficult to keep. 

If you are a first-time dog owner, then this might not be the best dog breed you wanna get. These dogs love long walks, and hikes and if they are split, it can be 2 brisk about 30 minutes each. 

These dogs are to be leashed at all times or else they are jumpy of other people and even chase other animals. 

Number Of Walks Each Day2
Total Exercise Required Each Day90 Minutes At Least

These dog breeds are also known to have a few health problems, that you should know about.

  • By birth, they have iris colobomas, which result in an underdevelopment iris. The Colomba looks like a black mark on the iris and causes vision impairment. 
  • The dog has beautiful eyes that are susceptible to various disorders. The massive cost of these illnesses and injuries can be saved if you take good care of the dog. 

Food & Diet

Food & Diet

Although these mini Australian shepherds are a very active dog breed, yet being a smaller one. They don’t eat like a standard Australian shepherd. 

These adult dogs eat about 2 cups of dog food, and 1 cup each meal. And if you want to feed them something curry based, then replace the cups with only one can of dog food. 

Both these dry and wet dogs are made of raw meat with no to little added fillers or even additives. It is important that the majority of a dog’s diet is made of meat, and then healthy fats. Also grains and carbs in smaller quantities. 

Calories per dayCups of Kibble each day
800 – 12003

Fun Facts About Mini Australian Shepherd

Fun Facts About Mini Australian Shepherd

Here are a few fun facts about the miniature Australian shepherd that might interest you a lot. 

  1. 2018, the mini Australian shepherd became the 17th most famous dog breed in the US. 
  1. The dog breed is originally from California but is named after the breeder’s country Australia. 
  2. The breed was earlier known as the California shepherd, then the Spanish shepherd, and then the New Mexican shepherd. 
  1. The standard Australian shepherd is related closely to the Border Collie. 
  1. Sometimes the dog coat has a double merle-type pattern, that appears completely white. 
  1. A few other names of this dog breed are Mini Aussie, Mini American shepherd, and MAS. 

Pros And Cons Of Buying One

Pros And Cons Of Buying One

Before you decide on making a mini Australian shepherd a part of your family, here are a few pros and cons that you should know first. 

Highly trainable to do any type of work.Has chasing instinct with prey drive.
Highly fit.They are destructive when bored.
Intelligent and obedient temperament.Require a lot of grooming.
Adaptable and trainable. Training requires a lot of time.
Protective and loyal to its family.Not great for people who live alone. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

If you want to know more about the mini Australian shepherds then here are a few questions that others have asked.

1. How Long Is A Mini Australian Shepherd Lifespan?

The average lifespan of a mini Australian shepherd is about 12 to about 13 years. It is still possible that the shepherd may live up to about 15 years.

2. What Is The Characteristics Of Australian Shepherds?

The shepherd breed is highly intelligent and easily trained. They are very eager to please the owners at all times since they are very loyal to their owners.

3. How Smart Is A Mini Aussie?

You should know that these mini Aussies are very smart, and they easily learn new tricks and follow all commands. So you should know how to teach these Australian shepherds as they don’t forget their training easily.

Wrapping Up!

The mini Australian shepherd is a very lively yet happy dog breed, that is a perfect fit for an active family. These shepherds need a very energetic family who can keep up with their never-ending energy and active life. 

These breeds are purposely raised for herdings like border collies or other herding dogs. If you have a big house with a yard, then only you should adopt a mini Australian shepherd, or else you should avoid them. 

If you find this article helpful then, leave a like and comment down below to let us know how you find the mini Australian shepherd.

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