Technology has been developing tremendously, affecting every sector of business and even human lives. This development has crept into the modern real estate landscape as well. From various kinds of physical and virtual technology improving real estate, the possibilities are endless now.

There are many different kinds of PropTech – the new term for property-related technology. Using “proptech” has allowed real estate developers to flourish by becoming their early adopters. From making houses smarter to improving the management of entry systems, there are many trends and innovations in real estate that you can adopt right now.

Therefore, read about the best of them in this post.


The best modern real estate practice and trends that you should catch up on in 2023 are:

Modern Real Estate

1. Building management systems (BMS)  

Building Management Systems (BMS) refers to the automation of many functions inside a house. Finally, everything becomes automated, from managing the temperature inside rooms to turning on the lights and adjusting their lights. Life becomes easy when all these daily hassles become automatic!

BMS uses sensors to make such functions automated. For example, the lighting of a room adjusts according to the number of occupants currently present in the room. Other such tasks of BMS include HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and much more.

2. Blockchain  

Blockchain has been one of the rising new technological innovations in the last few years. Young people of this generation have less time to spend on paperwork and banking when buying real estate. Blockchain comes in its place to make all the legalities easier and faster.

Blockchain refers to digitally stored documentation of modern real estate purchases that removes the need for banking and lots of paperwork. In addition, contracts with real estate agents are signed digitally using blockchain. This makes the entire transaction management for real estate transparent and protected.

3. Drones  

Drones are being used by hiring a modern real estate developer to give interested clients a better view of the entire property. The agents use drones and fly them around to provide clients with views of their property from various angles. Think about being cinematic when seeing your new studio apartments!


Drones also captivate and impress clients since they prefer aerial views of the property they wish to purchase. Using drones makes the buying experience more engaging for customers and increases the chances of a successful trade.

4. Big Data Analytics  

Big data analytics means analyzing a company’s digital real estate data to make suitable clients. This involves identifying and categorizing various properties of the firm so that modern real estate agents can better cater to the client’s requirements.

Big data analytics examples include linking nearby schools and railways with a property. This becomes valuable when clients search for tools to find details about real estate property beside a school or a railway station. The client will be directly given a link to the house when searching for such properties.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now become used in almost every industry. For example, property dealers are also using AI. The use of AI in the modern real estate sector has made large amounts of data instant, making calculations feel like child’s play.

AI is also used to analyze market trends and client preferences. For example, a modern real estate business can use AI to analyze the movements of customer preferences in the last few years to understand what they want in a flash. This makes project management and development more accessible than before.

6. Robotic Process Automation  

When clients search for new properties to buy, they expect faster responses and better management of their requests. This is where robotic process automation comes into the fray.

Robotic Process Automation  

You can see this trend everywhere – from shops to even the airport. This includes using AI to set up a chatbot to respond to client requests over the phone or through online submissions. This makes the need to hire commercial development experts obsolete.

7. Virtual Tours  

Virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular daily as clients want a better property tour. Virtual tours are conducted using 3D models of the property and showing every aspect of the house from various angles. This can also be seen by clients on the websites of modern real estate businesses.

Virtual tours allow clients to get a better look at the property from the comfort of their homes. This has become very important due to the ongoing pandemic, where people should stay inside their houses.

8. Internet Of Things (IoT)  

IoT will be your best friend if you want your house to be completely secure and constantly monitor who is coming and going when you are not present. Just think about controlling your lights and fans by just using your smartphone.

Like BMS, IoT connects various sensors in your house to the internet, creating connectivity between all the sensors. This allows them to send data to each other in real-time to work coactively with each other.

Internet Of Things

An example of the use of IoT is the usage of security cameras in your house and even workplaces. You can check what is going on from distant places using your phone. This works as long as you have a stable internet connection, and so does your camera.

9. Mobile Applications  

Ever since smartphones started to be widely used by people worldwide, it has become necessary for businesses to take advantage of them. Every business organization took the opportunity to introduce its applications to connect with its customers. This has been done in tandem with social media to sell real estate.

Modern real estate agencies have released applications for smartphones that allow clients to find details of their properties. This application even connects with their website and allows customers to see the property’s virtual tours from their phones.

10. Property Tokenization  

Property tokenization is the most modern real estate innovation to impact the industry significantly. This will become more popular as prices for real estate rise every day.

Property tokenization allows the use of cryptocurrency to purchase real estate. Cryptocurrency has become highly sought after its rise among millennials.

Property Tokenization


Modern real estate innovations have shaped how customers look for new properties in the market. These innovations are necessary to push the industry forward toward modernization.

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