When I look at the most dangerous dog breeds, they sometimes make me wonder how contrastive dogs’ nature can be.

Dogs are life support to many lost souls. They are not just the best pet. They are also the best friends of many. However, one should never deny that dogs are extremely dangerous. 4 million people around the world have suffered a dog bite. 

They sometimes remind us that they are the descendants of wolves. Some of them are trained for hunting, while some are good at defending their home. They are lovable. However, they can also be very fierce. In this article, I have talked about the best dog breeds you should know about. 


Seven Most Dangerous Dog Breeds In The World 

Here are those most notorious dog breeds and what they are capable of. 

Pit Bull 

Pit Bull 

Pitt bulls are the most dangerous dog breeds due to their killing instincts. Their size, strength, and strong determination add to the killing instinct they keep hidden inside.

According to the reports of the last 13 years, Pit Bulls were responsible for more than 284 deaths in the US. all the fatal dog attacks in the US were done by Pitt Bulls. Since only 6% of pet dogs in the US are Pitbulls, they are a severe threat. Their strong teeth and killer motive make them a force of nature. Many owners don’t want to consider a pit bull as their pet or guard dog, especially due to their ferocious looks. 



Rowletters are the best when it comes to guard dogs. They are considered the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. Before pit bull took everyone’s attention, the crown of notoriety belonged to Rottweiler. They are dangerous as they are big. 

Rowletters can get as big as 25 inches and weigh as much as 120 pounds while still maintaining a healthy condition. They are powerful, protective, and vicious. Their protective nature is what makes them vicious sometimes. According to studies from the last few years, Rottweiler has caused more than 45 fatal incidents. 

German Shepherd 

German Shepherd

The only dog with much attention from the security and police department is the German Shepherd. They are among the most dangerous dog breeds, which is why they are working dogs. They have robust energy, intelligence, and heightened sense, and they can inflict deadly blows on their attacks. 

These dangerous dog breeds can get as large as 2ft and weigh around 90 pounds. The german shepherds boast the record of 20 death and overall 5% of all dog bite deaths. Also, they are the reasons behind countless non-fatal dog bite cases.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

No, huskies are not the most dangerous dog breeds. They are also not among the top five dangerous breeds judged by the fatality rates, according to CDC reports. They are lively and large in size. But there is a tenacious beast lurking inside them as well. 

Huskies look almost like wolves. Deep down, they have the motivation to catch the prey. Any living being smaller in size than huskies can be their potential prey. They are responsible for 3% of all fatal deaths. Although they look like wolves, huskies can still be good pets if trained and taken care of properly. 

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

There is no need to check on the fatality rate of the Doberman Pinscher to say that they are the most dangerous dog breed. Their look is enough to intimidate people as well as other animals. They look aggressive and sleek. Similar to the German Shepherds, the Doberman Pinschers are great guard dogs. Dobermans are very determined and are good at inflicting serious injuries.

In terms of their looks, Dobermans can grow 2 to 3 feet. They are responsible for causing 6 deaths. These dogs weigh around 80 pounds. 



Bullmastiffs are more protective in nature than many owners give them credit for. However, they may not enjoy the presence of strangers. Their playful and athletic nature can be turned into anger and ferociousness if they are not properly cared for.

This breed of dog can get as tall as 27 inches and weigh around 130 pounds. Bullmastiff breed is responsible for around 3.2% of fatal dog attacks in the US, according to the last 13 years of study. This breed of dog is also known for causing 14 deaths. If not treated well, Bullmastiffs can also be pretty dangerous.



Boxers are the eighth most dangerous dog breeds. They are strong and aggressive in their looks and their behaviors. The boxers are an energetic breed and are working dogs. They have an excessive amount of energy. Their protective nature can unleash a fierce creature upon someone. 

There have been reports of the Boxers causing 7 deaths and 74 total attacks. Similar to the other dangerous dog breeds, the Boxers are good and adaptable breeds. However, you have to train them properly so that they don’t turn out vicious.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, these were some of the most dangerous breeds of dogs. Here are some similar queries and answers. You may find them helpful.

What Is The #1 Most Dangerous Dog?

Pit Bull is the most dangerous dog in the world. They have a ferocious look and a muscular build. Many pet lovers find it hard to consider Pit Bulls due to their dangerous look and attacking nature.

What Breed Of Dog Attacks The Most?

Pit Bull, Rottweilers, German Shepherd, and Presa Canario are some dog breeds with the most amount of attacks. Pit Bulls are responsible for 3,397 attacks, while Rottweilers and German Shepherds are responsible for 535 and 113 attacks. There are other ferocious dogs like Presa Canario, Huskies, and Wolf-Dog hybrids.

What Dogs Are Least Likely To Bite?

Here are some dog breeds that hardly bite humans –
⦿ French Bulldog.
⦿ Labrador Retriever.
⦿ Golden Retriever.
⦿ Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
⦿ Newfoundland.
⦿ Boxer.
⦿ Bernese Mountain Dog.

Bottom Line

This article does focus on some of the most dangerous dog breeds. However, it does not mean all dogs are dangerous. In fact, the most dangerous-looking breeds are also pretty friendly if they are treated properly. 

Most usually stay civil and friendly to their human owners. It is good to be cautious around these breeds. However, a massive number of dog attacks are due to influential reasons.

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