Are you looking for a mystical experience? Or do you want to enjoy the company of nature in its pristine form? Ooty hill station is the place for you. From a slice of history to beautiful gardens and hills, the Queen of Hills has a lot to offer. 

Located in the Western Ghat Mountains in Tamil Nadu, this resort town attracts a lot of visitors due to its natural abundance and temperate climate.

So, if you also have a plan to travel to this hill station, you must know about the places of interest there. 


Best Places To Visit In Ooty

Ooty is frequented by many travelers every year. So, there is no shortage of customized Ooty tours packages. Based on the place you are traveling to and the travel plans, the package will differ. 

If you are traveling to Ooty from outside the country, you can explore the forex exchange options to know about the best Ooty tourism packages up for grabs.  

Nevertheless, that’s something your travel planner and you can chalk out. Let’s keep the mundane part aside for now and check out the places you must visit. 

Ooty Rose Garden

If you plan a romantic gateway to Ooty, you cannot miss the rose gardens. The blossoms, in their full glory, will mesmerize you. Did you know these gardens have the highest rose production in the country?

Located on the slopes of Elk Hills, the rose garden attracts tourists and botany students alike. The Horticulture Department maintains these gardens, and during the flower show, the greatest number of flowers are cultivated in the garden.

Also, dear to the local people, the rose garden of Ooty is known by many names. Many call it the Jayalalithaa Rose Garden. It is also referred to as the Nootranju Roja Poonga or Centenary Rose Park. 

You can pay a visit to the garden from 9 am to 6 pm every day of the week. 

Doddabeta Peak

Do you want the right fusion of adventure and mystical experience at Ooty? The Dodabetta Peak is one of the best Ooty tourist places if you want to inhale some fresh air and feel rejuvenated.

The highest peak of the Nilgiris, Doddabeta, stands at an altitude of 2,623 meters above sea level. Once you reach the peak, you will get a breathtaking view of the mountains and vegetation. You will also feel like the clouds caressing your hair. 

Further, you will get to see many eucalyptus plants and different types of ferns at Doddabeta. 

You can go to the Doddabeta peak between 7 am to 6 pm on any day. 

Dolphin’s Nose

Ooty has the best places to offer you a panoramic view of the lush vegetation and the Western Ghat mountains. Dolphin Nose is one such place frequented by travelers for the best photographic opportunities. 

Further, if you are into trekking, reaching the spot after some toil will be a prized experience. You will be offered a telescope there. Use it to cherish the beauty of Catherine Falls.

If you have Dolphin’s nose in your travel plans, you must do it during the daytime. Otherwise, fog can block your view. 

Ooty Lake

If you want the pleasure of a water ride, you must plan a boat ride in Ooty Lake. The L-shaped artificial lake is known for its clear stream of water and the scenic beauty everywhere you look. You can go boating in the lake from 9 am to 6 pm every day.

Further, you can go fishing at the lake and enjoy some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

In addition, if you love shopping, you can grab some shawls or other stuff made by local artisans. 

Kalhatti Falls

Are you an avid bird watcher? Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Kalhatti Falls when you are in Ooty. Birds of various species flock to this place. 

Also, the place has a very tranquil ambiance, allowing you some time to meditate or introspect. Located in Kalhatti village at a 14km distance from Ooty, the water here descends from a height of around 120 feet.

This place will also enthrall you if you want to be in contact with wildlife. You will get to see Sambars, spotted deer, monkeys, bison, panthers, and wild dogs and buffaloes there. 

Further, you can trek to the Kalhatti hills to have an unforgettable experience.

And do you want to be the mistress of spices? Kalhatti is the hub of exquisite spices like rosemary, cloves and cinnamon. You will also find the abundance of rosewood and sandalwood there. 

Tiger Hill

A trip to Ooty will remain incomplete if you don’t trek to Tiger Hill. Located on the lower side of the Doddabeta peak, it will offer you one of the best Sunrise and Sunset views in the world. The experience is ethereal, to say the least. 

You will also find a cave and a freshwater body once you reach the zenith of the hill. 

Spend some time here to liberate your mind and bask in the magic of silence away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

If you want to have the best experience at Tiger Hill, you must avoid paying a visit in the early morning or late evening. In these hours, fog will blur your vision, restricting you from enjoying the scenic beauty. 

Droog Fort

Along with the company of nature, Ooty can also offer you a ride down the pages of history. You can trek a few kilometers to reach the fort, and it is believed to be the outpost of Tipu Sultan.

Places at a 6000 feet height, the Ford offers a breathtaking hawkeyed view of the surroundings. Once you reach there after a trek, you can sit on the cliffs or enjoy the best photography sessions with your friends or family. 

You can visit this place from 6 am to 6 pm on any day of the week. 

Final Words 

Ooty is a traveler’s delight, and it’s like a buffet platter, allowing you to choose your travel plan based on your preferences. 

The other places of interest in this resort town are the Elk Hill Murugan Temple, Wenlock Downs, Kandal Cross Shrine, etc. You must also plan a ride in the Nilgiri Mountain Railway Toy Train.

So, when are you planning a trip to Ooty? Don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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