Peonies flowers are dainty and graceful. However, peony plants live years and can fight harsh conditions. Also, these petite flowers come with a rich symbolism, denoting marriage, romance, and prosperity. 

‘Cause it’s sweet peony, it’s my dream

It’s a sweet peony, it’s my dream…”


Do you remember these lines from Bobbie Gentry’s Sweet Peony? Flowers like peonies reinforce your belief in the magic of nature. In your garden, those little blossoms can be your confidante.

So, do you want to have the best peony flowers in your garden? Let’s explore. However, before that, I will tell you about the different categories of peonies. 


Peonies Flowers Based On Categories

Peony flowers have three major categories. Those are:

  • Herbaceous peonies
  • Tree peonies or woody shrub peonies
  • Intersectional or Itoh peonies

Herbaceous Peonies 

These are perennial peony plants. They are in full bloom in spring. You may feel that these plants have died during the late autumn. However, much to your surprise, these plants will raise their heads above the ground in early spring.

These peonies come in different colors and with various petal types. So, from crimson red to white, you can pick many shades of peony flowers for your garden.

Some of the most beautiful variations of herbaceous peonies are:

  • Bowl of Beauty Peony
  • Coral Charm Peony
  • Raspberry Sundae Peony
  • Coral Sunset Peony

Tree Peonies Or Woody Shrub Peonies Flowers 

If you are a plant mommy, you will be able to differentiate tree peonies flowers from herbaceous peonies. The stems of herbaceous peonies die every autumn. However, the woody stems of tree peonies stand stoutly even in winter. 

Some of the best variations of this category of peony flowers are:

  • Joy of Longevity Tree Peony
  • Renkaku Tree Peony 
  • Golden Crown Tree Peony 

Intersectional Or Itoh Peonies Flowers 

Japanese breeder Dr. Toichi Itoh came up with these intersectional peonies, which are also known as Itoh peonies, named after him.

These peonies are a mix of woody tree peonies and herbaceous peonies. 

Flowers of this intersectional category are larger and more fragrant. Their petals are also fuller. 

These peony plants can further endure extreme cold weather. 

Do you want to know about the best intersectional peony flowers? Here are a few examples.

  • Scarlet Heaven Itoh Peony
  • Scrumdiddlyumptious Itoh Peony
  • Julia Rose Itoh Peony
  • Bartzella Itoh Peony 

With a fuller volume and a plethora of colors, these flowers can give your home garden a regal look

Peonies Flowers Based On Petals

Before you pick the best colors of peony flowers for your garden, you must also know how they can differ in petal type and size. 

So, a peony can be the most delicate, almost airy, flower you will ever come across. At the same time, another variation of the flower can look audacious with a full body and more fragrance.

Based on the petal types, you can find the following variations in peony flowers.

  • Single
  • Semi-double
  • Full-double
  • Bombe
  • Japanese
  • Anemone

As the name suggests, the single peony flowers have a delicate structure with a single layer of petals. This variety is popular among American breeders.

Semi-double peonies have more than one layer of petals. However, the petal layers do not cover the flowers’ crown. As a result, the pollen remains exposed, attracting bees and birds. 

Further, full-double peonies come with many layers of petals. The petals cover the crown of the flower. 

The Bombe-type peonies have a soft-ball-like structure in the center. Layers of guard petals surround the structure.

Japanese peonies are fuller in structure, with many layers of petals. Finally, Anemone peonies come with double layers of petals, and they look like regular buttercup flowers

Best Types Of Peonies Flowers You Can Have In Your Garden 

Did you know that there are more than 30 varieties of peonies flowers? Of course, it is not possible for you to have all the varieties in your garden unless you are a professional breeder.

So, here I have curated seven of the best peony flower types for you. Let’s have a look.

White Peonies Flowers 

Like all white flowers, white peony flowers exude an innocent and pure vibe. However, they traditionally mean shyness or apology. Did you have a fight with your partner last night? You can make a bouquet with a bunch of white peonies from your garden.

Do you want to know about some of the best examples of white peony flowers? These are:

  • Moon Over Barrington Peony
  • Marie Lemoine Peony
  • Festiva Maxima Peony
  • Moon River Peony
  • Gardenia Peony
  • Jan van Leeuwen Peony
  • Green Halo Peony

Blue Peonies Flowers 

Blue peonies come with spiritual symbolism. These dainty flowers also represent enlightenment. Some of the best blue peony flowers to have in your garden are:

Black Beauty Or Black Peonies Flowers 

Black Beauty or black peonies are purple in shade. It is a rare variety of peony flowers in comparison to the other variations available in the market.

You will get this flower in sem-double or double-petal variations. 

Red Peonies Flowers 

Red peony flowers stand for love and passion. So, it’s best to have it in your garden if you want the space to be filled with romance. Further, thanks to the vibrant colors of the flowers, they elevate the visual appeal of any landscape.

Some of the most beautiful red peonies to have in your garden are:

  • Karl Rosenfield Peony
  • Cherry Hill Peony
  • Diana Parks Peony
  • Command Performance Peony

Pink Peonies Flowers 

I love pink peonies as they stand for love and affection. Further, they have an unmatched feminine charm. Visually, these flowers look very pure.

If you want to have some pink peony plants in your garden, here are some variations you can try.

  • Bowl of Beauty Peony
  • Dr. Alex Fleming
  • Coral Sunset Peony
  • Bella Donna Peony

Yellow Peonies Flowers 

If you want to make a new beginning in your life, plant yellow peony flowers in your garden. These flowers also make wonderful gifts for housewarming or birthday parties. 

Pick any of the following variations of yellow peonies to make your garden more beautiful.

  • Lemon Chiffon Peony 
  • High Noon Tree Peony
  • Goldilocks Peony
  • Garden Treasure Itoh Peony

Orange Peonies Flowers 

Orange peony flowers are associated with care, good health, and an optimistic mindset. Some beautiful examples of orange peonies are:

  • Julia Rose Itoh Peony
  • Living Coral Peony

Final Words 

If you want to explore the types of peonies flowers, you will be spoilt with choices. Name a color, and you will have a peony variety in it.

Do you want to have peony flowers of any of the shades I have mentioned here? Or do you have any color in mind? Don’t forget to share. 

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