If you want to have a good time in Philly, you can’t go wrong by visiting one of the area’s many bars.

However, with so many different places to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one you should go to.

The good news is that you can go to more than one in a short period of time if you set aside one evening and go on a Philly bar crawl.

Philly’s top five bars

Here are Philly’s top seven bars you should visit during your night out on the town.


How To Select The Best Bars? 

You all have busy schedules, and you must try to optimize the limited time. And you would not like to visit the bar to be dissatisfied. Here, we discuss some bar facilities or amenities that make the bars stand out from the rest. This awareness can help you find the best bars here in Philly.


The door staff that is attending you has to be friendly. You have heard that the first impression is the last impression. Good behavior right at the entrance is a hallmark of a quality bar. The authorities overseeing the functioning of the bars ensure that the service is of the top level. 

Now, when we discuss the service in a bar, we also add the most important sections like table services, clean toilets, and its nitty gritty. They make the overall ambiance relaxing.


The best bars ensure that their internal decoration is of the top standards. The decoration combines the history of the place and the contemporary style. The best bars will never go for over decoration and keep it balanced. Minimalist design and decoration is at the hearts of the people. Along with the decoration, lighting plays an important part. 

The best bars deck their space with warm glow lights to keep the visitors comfortable. Adequate chairs and tables will be there to accommodate a large gathering. The cushioning of these chairs has to be comfortable to offer a pleasant experience. 


The great bars boast a high-quality ambiance. They manage the internal space in such a way that it only becomes stuffed when there is more number of people. It denotes that the area internally will have a balance of not being too lonely and not too crowded. 

Light music and other amenities must be there, along with the generic features that make these settings romantic. 

7 Best Mini Bars in Philly: Let Your Heart Go Willy Willy!!

Quality time is depleting in one’s life. The fast pace of professional life robs all your happiness. But you must optimize your time by heading to the minibars. Philly has many such bars. Let us know some of them here so that you can spend quality time with your friends. 

Le Caveau

Located in the French Queen village, this is the perfect place for those looking for light bites and small plates of food. Their offerings include chocolate mousse and warm hot dogs wrapped around a baguette.

A lot of people come here for a date night because this wine bar is sophisticated but has a dark and moody vibe. It’s a great place to go for those who want a quieter atmosphere to have a conversation. Another nice thing about Le Caveau is that you can just walk in and don’t need a reservation.

Randstad Room

This iconic bar can be found right on Ranstead Street. Many people come here simply because it’s located underground, so visitors can escape the city’s hustle and bustle without having to go to the suburbs.

This bar is known for its strong drinks but also has plenty of milder options. Patrons love the bar’s prohibition theme, complete with a plethora of red leather couches. If you visit here, just be forewarned that you may end up staying a lot longer than you originally planned to because of the mellow atmosphere with the jazz music playing in the background.

Library Bar At Rittenhouse

If you love books, then this is the place to go to in Philly. Located right in Rittenhouse Square, this bar will make you feel as if you are in a library housed in a castle. It features a cozy fireplace, vintage books, and glamorous chandeliers. Because it’s a bar, they offer plenty of drinks and a limited food menu that changes several times a year.

They serve a wide variety of classic cocktails and some that the bartenders created. If you don’t see what you want on the menu, just ask; they will probably know how to make it for you!

Graffiti Bar

This is a great bar to visit if you want a colorful spot that gives off some seriously fun vibes. The Graffiti bar can be found in the Japanese Midtown Village but can be hard to find because it’s hidden behind Sampan’s kitchen. However, it is fairly well-known, and it does get crowded. Because of this, you should plan on arriving early!

One of the perks of visiting this bar on a wet or blustery night is that they do have a retractable roof, so you can easily escape the elements no matter how bad the weather is outside. If you get hungry, you can order some light bites, like edamame dumplings, prepared at the Sampan kitchen.


Located in Logan Square, this is a great spot to go to if you want to see some of the sights of Philly from a new perspective. This rooftop bar has plenty of great cocktails and couches to sit on while you enjoy them.

If you plan on visiting Assembly during the winter, there are fire pits to keep you warm, so you won’t have to worry about freezing while trying to enjoy your drinks.

Franky Bradley

13th Street in the area of Gayborhood is where you get this amazing mini bar. Franky Bradley is loaded with dim lights and dining rooms that are lit up with vintage artworks. Most of them are inspired by female characters and have frilly lamps and delectable fish dishes. 

You would want to grab a dinner table or leisurely sit around the bar. Taste some of the best beer selections and treat your tastebuds. The menu consists of upscale bar charges that range from shrimp scampi to steaks and chicken wings. 

Oscar’s Tavern

The posh area of Rittenhouse Square is the home to Oscar’s Tavern, another mini bar. It is quite popular among regulars for serving the cheapest beers in the area. Get fancy cocktail lounges with affordable wine and other drinks. 

The joint started in 1972 and serves feelings of an almost diner-like. Its exterior is designed with wood-paneled wood, and you will find a lineup of bar stools. It’s the perfect backdrop for people who love spending time while sipping their favorite beverage. 


As you can see, there are a lot of unique bars to visit in the Philadelphia area. If you aren’t sure if you want to visit a traditional bar, something that’s unique, or a bar that’s just slightly different, you can’t go wrong by going on a Philly bar crawl to some of the bars mentioned above.

Because they are in fairly close proximity to one another, you can easily visit several of them in just one night.

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