Not everyone is lucky enough to be loved by a pit bull. Not everyone can own and take care of a Pit Bull. they are considered among the most dangerous dogs in the world. Pit Bulls are the most dangerous dog breed in the world. 

They have square faces, broad chests, and muscular builds. Those are enough to intimidate people. Although many people don’t consider them family-type dogs, they are quite family-type dogs. They can also be adorable goofballs if loved and cared for properly. 

But, there are some widespread rumors and myths about Pit Bulls that are not true or opposite to what Pit Bulls actually are. In this article, I will go over seven facts about Pit Bulls that should have gotten your attention by now. 


Bursting Myths: Facts About Pit Bull Puppy

Here are some myths about Pitbulls. You should know about these myths and be able to burst them. 

1. Pit Bulls Are Not Pure Breeds

Pit Bulls Are Not Pure Breeds

Pit Bulls are not a pure breed, even though many veterinarians and trainers mistake them as pure breeds. Their blocky heads, wide physical build, and brown almond-colored eyes don’t mean that they are a pure breed. Instead, they are considered descendants of English bull-baiting dogs. The AKC club does not recognize Pit Bulls as a pure dog breed. 

2. Pit Bulls Don’t Have The Most Powerful Lockjaw 

Pit Bulls Don't Have The Most Powerful Lockjaw

Regarding LockJaw, Pit bulls don’t have the most powerful LockJaw. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers has revealed that they don’t have the strongest Lockjaw, and they can be easily surpassed by other breeds like Rottweilers, Dobermans, and Siberian Huskies. So, even though they look pretty intimidating, they might not be as dangerous as many see them. 

3. Pit Bulls Are Not A Totally Fighting Breed

Pit Bulls Are Not A Totally Fighting Breed

Pit Bulls are fighting breeds, according to some assumptions. The English Bul-baiting dogs are bred to fight against other animals. When bull-baiting dogs were banned during the 1800s, some of them were crossed with smaller-sized terriers, and as a result, we have pit bull terriers now. Some of these dogs might be good at fighting but not exceptionally good at fighting. Therefore, their aggressive nature cannot be concluded as a fighting breed. 

4. Pit Bulls Are Vicious, Really!

No, they are not vicious. Melissa Pezzuto, a behavior consultant team lead at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary based in Kanab, Utah, says, “no dogs are inherently vicious.” Their experience in life causes viciousness among animals. If the dog has only felt alone, abused, and harmed, there is a chance that it would end up becoming vicious. 

It can happen to any breed, even to the sweetest breed you can think of. However, according to research, American Pit Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier have earned the highest rate of affability with 87.4 % and 90.9 % scores. It means they are less likely to be angry compared to many family-friendly breeds we talk about.

5. Pit Bulls Don’t Get Along With Other Breeds

Pit Bulls Don't Get Along With Other Breeds

Pit Bulls are not good at getting along with other breeds; they don’t socialize – these facts are false. Dogs can or cannot get along with other animals and other breeds of dogs. But this does not depend upon the breed. A dog’s social skill is not breed-specific. 

Each dog has a different temperament and may be emotionally different due to its environment and how they are treated. Their socializing skill cannot be blamed on the breed names. Even many Pit bull owners claim their dogs are immensely adorable and can socialize. 

6. They Have The Highest Records Of Godbites 

They Have The Highest Records Of Godbites 

Pitbulls are said to bite humans more than other breeds. However, there is little truth to this claim. Many pet-related websites show otherwise. Some show that rottweilers and Chihuahuas score higher rates of dog bites. 

On the other hand, the International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology has published a survey on dog bites which showed that mixed breed dogs and Pit bulls both have frequent and severe dog bites. However, all the data related to dog bites are not easy to track – so the assumptions can either be true or false.

7. Pit Bulls Turn Out On Instantly

Pit Bulls Turn Out On Instantly

No, this statement, too, is not quite true. Pit bulls, also many other breeds, rarely turn out all of a sudden. Almost all dogs give multiple signals that they feel uncomfortable before lashing out at someone. Snarling tucked tails, and growling is common signals suggesting that a dog feels uncomfortable. It turns out alright if someone notices and understands these signals. However, reprimanding or ignoring these signs often make them snap and turn out on you. Again, not just Pit bulls; this is normal across all breeds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily understand that a lot of assumptions made about Pit bulls are not true. However, here are some questions and answers that should come to your attention as well. 

Is Pitbulls Aggressive?

Although many of us may think Pit Bulls are aggressive, they are usually not. However, they can be less tolerant towards other dogs, but they are certainly good to their owners. Pamela Reid, vice president at ASPCA’s Animal Behavior Center, confirms them being a tenacious but not too aggressive breed.

Is Pitbull A Good Family Dog?

Despite many opposite beliefs, Pitbulls have been a family-friendly breed to many. Research also says that pitbull dogs bred for fighting are also not too aggressive to people in general. Instead, they are gentle and family-friendly to their owners and human family.

What Two Breeds Make A Pitbull?

The two breeds that make a Pitbull are Bulldogs and terriers. Therefore, the cross of these two breeds is what created a Pitbull.

Final Words 

Pit bulls are indeed a tenacious breed, and some are bred to fight them. But generalizing them as ferocious, aggressive, and killers would be wrong. On the contrary, they serve many owners as adorable and careful pets. They also would not harm any people without any reason. 

All the facts discussed in this article are true. If you want to read similar topics, you can stay tuned. Also, your feedbacks and questions are always welcome.

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