Before I tell you the best places to visit in Montana, let me tell you why it is worth a trip. Montana is called the Big Sky Country due to its vast natural landscape, where you will hardly see any tall buildings. 

Even though it is the fourth largest State in the US, it is still not populated enough. But, rich with mineral resources like coal, gold, copper, silver, oil, and other natural resources, it is a great place to visit for those with a deep bond with nature.

If you want to visit the home of the “Richest Hill on Earth,” this article can guide you to the unique places to visit in Montana. Without any delay, let me take you to the best places you can visit in Montana –


Best Places To Visit In Montana

Here are the seven best places in Montana that you must visit –

1. Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park, Montana, United States

The number one place to visit in Montana is Glacier National Park. If your heart seeks a natural landscape that puts your mind at peace, then there is no better place than Glacier National Park. It is considered the “Crown of the Continent Ecosystem .”Beautiful mountainscape, lakes, and wildlifes are some attractions of this place.

Some endangered animals like Canadian lynxes, grizzly bears, and mountain goats are also visible here. I will suggest taking the highway named “ Going to the Sun Road .”It is 50 miles long and offers the best view of the park from close proximity.

Glacier National Park, Montana, United States [View Map]

2. Virginia City 

Virginia City, Montana, United States

Do you want to get lost in a lonely town? No, Virginia city is not a ghost town. People still live there – but a measly 100 of them. You can enjoy the historic buildings in Virginia city. Between 1863 to 1875, a massive amount of gold was pulled from this place. It was worth $90. But the town went under preservation after the 1960s. It was made free of commercialism. 

You can hop in one of the old-fashioned stagecoaches and take a tour of the old town. You can also experience melodrama and vaudeville by the Virginia City Players, who perform in the opera house. It is one of the best places in Montana to visit if you want a relaxing vacation.

Virginia City, Montana, United States [View Map]

3. Bozeman 

Bozeman, Montana, United States

There is a place at the corner of Montana that treasures art, culture, and the history of the US. It is the home to Montana State University and the way to Yellowstone National Park. Some worth checking attractions of the place are the Museum of the Rockies, Pioneer Museum, and the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture. You can also visit the American Computer Museum.

Gallatin River, close to Bozeman, is a good place to visit in Montana if you want to relax, swim, fish, or have fun on kayaks.

Bozeman, Montana, United States [View Map]

4. Helena

Helena, Montana, United States

Helena, the capital of Montana, is a mix of modern and historical life. The city has carefully cherished much of its past and is one of the best places to visit in Montana if you are looking for a tour into the history of the State. The Helena Visitor Center will provide you with insight regarding how to explore this town. I will also suggest you take a tour of the Pioneer Cabin of the city.

Helena, Montana, United States [View Map]

5. West Yellowstone

West Yellowstone, Montana, United States

Although most entrances of the famous Yellowstone national park are within the State of Wyoming, some entrances are located in Montana. West Yellowstone is one of the common entrances to the national park.

Although famous for the national park, West Yellowstone is also known for its extensive collection at the Yellowstone Museum. I will suggest bagging some souvenirs from the local stores there. You can also go to Faithful Street for some delicious meals.

West Yellowstone, Montana, United States [View Map]

6. Whitefish

Whitefish, Montana, United States

Whitefish was the result of glacier activities. It is also the gateway to the national glacier park. If you are looking for the best place to visit in Montana, then Whitefish is the destination you should choose. Why? It is the perfect resort destination for many. You will be stunned by the lakes and streams in this area in Montana. 

The natural treasure of whitefish calls for all sorts of outdoor activities like skiing, fishing, and gliding on the lakes on a Kayak.

Whitefish, Montana, United States [View Map]

7. Livingston

Livingston, Montana, United States

Mostly known as the home of the notable frontierswoman Calamity Jane, Yellowstone is a ranch town worth the visit. It is also known as the best trout fishing location in the world. If you are one for aesthetics, the art museums and the art galleries here will fill your heart with happiness.

The mountains surrounding the place make it one of the best places to visit in Montana. You can go horseriding, enjoy a drink in the local bars, or go shopping in the local market. There is plenty of opportunity for hiking, biking, and other adventurous outdoor activities.

Livingston, Montana, United States [View Map]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some popular questions that you might be looking for answers to.

1. What Is The Prettiest Part Of Montana?

➥ Here are the best places you can visit in Montana.
⁍ Belgrade.
⁍ Bozman.
⁍ Billings.
⁍ Dillon.
⁍ Helena.
⁍ Four Corners.
⁍ East Helena.

2. What Is The Number One Attraction In Montana?

➥ The number one attraction of Montana is Glacier National Park. It is also hailed as the crown of the continent. The mountain ranges, thick forests, alpine meadows, and beautiful lakes are worth your attention.

3. Is Yellowstone Or Glacier Better?

➥ Yellowstone is much easier if you want to move around easily. You will not need to spend much of your physical strength if you go on hiking in Yellowstone. But, The glacier is much more rugged and raw. The glacier park is higher than Yellowstone. When it comes to beauty and adventure, Glacier Park takes the number one spot. But Yellowstone offers easier treks.

Final Words

I will also suggest you visit Missoula, Great Falls, flathead lake, and little Bighorn Battlefield if you have time on your hand. However, the names that I have mentioned here are some great places to go to in Montana.

Did you find this article helpful? If you did, you could let us know in the comment. However, if you have any further queries related to the same, you can ask questions in the comment section.

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