The world of art has been evolving for years now. While Romanticism ruled the 18th century and Modernism ruled the 20th century, the century in between was one of a kind – ideas clashed, critics fought, and Realism was born as a movement. While Realism officially lasted for 4 decades, the impact has managed to survive to date. 

And the post-modern gen Z might not care much about the pathos of postmodernism in their daily lives – but art inspired by Realism has managed to stay relevant even today. If you think the realistic tattoo trend is a simple by-product of the chain reaction started by Realism centuries ago. 

You probably never thought about a tattoo trend in this context. But now that we have made you think a little deeper about a tattoo, don’t you feel like getting one? Keep reading to check out some of the best inspiration – a tattoo is a work of art, after all!


The Realistic Tattoo Trend: 7 Best Types To Follow In 2023 

The Realistic Tattoo Trend 7 Best Types To Follow In 2023 

Art has a strange habit of coming back, then randomly disappearing, and then reappearing yet again. Look at the world of fashion – trends come and go. The world of tattoos is no different. While realistic tattoos have been around for some time now, it is obvious that the realistic tattoo trend will stay relevant in 2023 as well!

The question is which realistic tattoo you will get next year – because there are so many different types of such tattoos, all equally appealing in their own style, so much so that you will be spoilt for choice!

1. Full-Color Realism:

Full-Color Realism

While you might think that a realistic butterfly tattoo is all you need in 2023, the realistic tattoo trend is a little more intense than just your usual butterflies or even micro hearts. So let’s talk about full-color realism! 

It’s all about that vibrant, colorful pop. But understand that creating any color tattoos needs a lot of concentration and time. Plus, the tattoo artist will need to add several layers just to obtain the desired result.

2. Grey And Black Realism:

Grey And Black Realism

If you are looking for a creative, realistic eye tattoo design, then have you considered designs inspired by grey and black Realism? It doesn’t matter which part of your body you want to get tattooed because it will all look highly appealing, provided your tattoo artist knows how to make the most of this form of realism. 

It is a comparatively easier art to master since the tattoo artist doesn’t have to worry about adding color and instead can focus solely on shading and detailing.

3. Portraits:


The realistic tattoo trend is definitely popular, but one type that keeps on bagging the first position is portraits. These are perhaps the most common type of realistic tattoos! From portraits of pets and loved ones to celebrities, these tattoos will never get out of style. 

Moreover, did you know that tattoo artist specializing in realism mostly work on realistic portraits since these are perhaps the most popular design in the entire tattoo industry?

4. Macabre Themes:

Macabre Themes

Are you into gory macabre themes? Then you getting a macabre-themed realistic tattoo is a great idea. You will be able to get 3d effects like oozing blood, torn flesh, and everything spooky. You could even get a spooky skin-crawling effect if you are into those types of realistic tattoos. 

Think a realistic grim reaper tattoo, or even better, a Halloween-themed spooky tattoo? Sounds absolutely crazy – what do you guys think?

5. Nature:


If portraits are the most popular type of realistic tattoo idea, then nature-inspired tattoos are next in line. From charming landscapes and aesthetic flowers to finely drawn wildlife, nature-inspired tattoos are everywhere. 

If you feel like experimenting with larger body space, then opt for a landscape, but if you feel like experimenting with a smaller tattoo, a flower is always the safest bet! 

6. Worldly Inspiration:

Worldly Inspiration

What any tattoo artist will tell you is how the world around them often proves an inspiration for their art. Tattoo artists are inspired every day by the reality around them – from shadows, painting, and people to even mundane things like architecture, there’s no end to inspiration. 

And that is the beauty of a realistic tattoo inspired by the world around – anything depicted in this form of art can be beautiful as long as the artist is able to depict the story they want to tell the world!

7. Illustrative Pop Art:

There’s nothing much to say about illustrative pop art-inspired tattoos. These have stayed relevant for years and will perhaps continue to be relevant even decades later. This is what we love about the realistic tattoo trend – the design possibilities are simply endless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to the realistic tattoo trend mentioned below!

Q1. What Tattoos Are Popular In 2022?

Ans: The tattoos that are popular in 2022 are as follows,
⦿ Modern tribal art,
⦿ Tattoo freckles,
⦿ Red Ink,
⦿ Geometrics, and
⦿ 90s +.

Q2. What Tattoos Are Cliche?

Ans: The tattoos that are considered to be cliche are as follows,
⦿ Infinity Sign,
⦿ Chest Wings,
⦿ Butterfly,
⦿ Dandelion Birds, and
⦿ Tribal art. 

Q3. What Professions Look Down On Tattoos?

Ans: The professions that look down on tattoos are as follows,
⦿ Healthcare Professionals,
⦿ Law Firms,
⦿ Hospitality industry,
⦿ Administrative Assistants, and
⦿ Financial Institutions.

Q4. What Is The Current Tattoo Trend?

Ans: The current tattoo trends include,
⦿ Minimalist art,
⦿ Abstract art,
⦿ 90s Themed, 
⦿ Dotwork, and
⦿ Colorful Art.

And It’s A Wrap!

So that’s a wrap on the realistic tattoo trend! What do you think? Do you like these ideas? If you do like these ideas, then don’t forget to save this article for the future – so that you can come back to us when you are in desperate need of inspiration. 

And in case you are not vibing with these ideas, then share your ideas in the comments below – we are excited to see what you have got in store for us! Of course, you can also share your thoughts, ideas, and past experiences related to realistic tattoos in the comments as well.

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