We love Reddit – there’s always so much to read on this platform! And there’s perhaps nothing more interesting and entertaining. Whatever you search for on Reddit, someone out there must have some kind of answer – it doesn’t matter how strange or how weird that answer sounds. But what if we tell you there are cases where even Reddit has failed to answer?

Yep, today we shall look into ‘Reddit unsolved mysteries’ – yes!

If you love going through different Reddit threads, then you will definitely love this article. So settle down with a cup of tea or a glass of red because we are about to unleash some of the best-unsolved mysteries on Reddit – stay tuned to find out.


Best 7 Reddit Unsolved Mysteries That You’d Most Love To See Solved:  

Best 7 Reddit Unsolved Mysteries That You'd Most Love To See Solved

If you do love spending time on Reddit, then you would understand our obsession with the platform – nah, you don’t need to google ‘Reddit unsolved mysteries askreddit’ – you can just leave that responsibility with us, instead. Because a few weeks ago, we were just trying to find the best Reddit threads when we stumbled upon so many hidden gems in the platform.

So, it was soon about the different Reddit threads we discovered, and if we did have to choose, then these unsolved mysteries were perhaps the most intensive – it made us think so much!

1. Who Bought The Ticket?

While it’s fun to find out about unsolved mysteries on Netflix season 3, it’s only normal that real-life mysteries that you have witnessed or, more importantly, experienced have more value when you think about them. This is precisely why this particular mystery caught our eye – it’s not tragic, it’s just suspicious!

“In 1994, I found a cinema ticket stub for Speed in my jacket pocket. I never saw Speed at the cinema, nor did I lend my jacket to anybody that had one. I’d like to know where it came from so I can one day sit through the film without wondering about it.

A random movie ticket in your jacket pocket. And since then, this person has been wondering where the ticket appears from. These are even better than the Tinder Reddit threads – don’t you agree?

2. Where Is Keith Bennett Buried?  

Nah, you don’t need to look up ‘Reddit unsolved mysteries updates’ on Google – trust us, these are enough. Just stay tuned with us because it’s getting interesting. Have you heard about the Moors Murders? The 1960s. Ian Brady. Myra Hindley. Rings a bell?

Keith was abducted, tortured, and eventually murdered by Brady and Hindley. Ruthlessly, these killers never shared where the twelve-year-old was buried. And it’s still not known.

Where Ian Brady buried Keith Bennett. I doubt we’ll ever know now unless someone happens to stumble over his remains. But my heart aches when I think of that poor boy’s mother being tormented by his killer until the end of her life.

3. Where Is Sneha Anne Phillip, The NYC Doctor?  

The 9/11 attacks changed the world forever, just like these events usually do – so many deaths, so many disappearances. What if someone used this event to stage a disappearance or cover up a murder for that reason? One of the biggest unsolved mysteries related to the 9/11 attacks on Reddit has to be about Sneha Anne Philip, the doctor who disappeared right before the attacks.

What happened to Sneha Anne Phillip, the NYC doctor who disappeared on the night of September 10, 2001? She was officially added to the 9/11 victim list and memorial in 2007 after her family fought for it in court.

But her rocky marriage, professional problems, and the fact that no one knew where she was the night of Sept. 10th have led to a lot of speculation that she was the victim of foul play or that she took 9/11 as an opportunity to run away and start a new life.

If you haven’t heard about Sneha before today, then this is the sign you need!

4. How Did Brian Shaffer Dissppear Inside A Bar?  

We have never heard or even witnessed someone disappearing from a bar – not disappearing for a few hours, but just disappearing into thin air…forever. Yep, we are talking about Brian Shaffer and one of her favorite famous unsolved mysteries, not just from Reddit but for a long time.

“The guy that walked into a bar and was never seen again.

Edit: His name was Brian Shaffer.

Yes, and that is exactly what happened – there was nobody found, and no foul play was detected. The next time your friend disappears inside a club, make sure you find them.

5. Remember The Delphi Murders?  

The Reddit unsolved mysteries would not have been complete if we had forgotten about the relatively more recent Delphi murders. It was 2017, and two sisters, Abigail and Liberty German, went on a hike and were reported missing later that evening. The next day, their bodies were found near the hiking trail.

This one drives me crazy. Those girls did everything right. They were together and managed to record their murderer. Yet he continues to live on. They were so brave. They deserve justice. Their families deserve closure.

Except, Abigail German managed to record the killer’s conversation and even some footage only moments before she and her sister were murdered

6. Who Is The Isdal Woman?  

You don’t need to google ‘creepy unsolved mysteries Reddit’ – instead, we have two more unsolved mysteries up our sleeves, and you will love these if you are a sucker for creepy conspiracy theories. Remember the Isdal woman? It is likely that you don’t – she was found dead in Norwegian Bergen.

It was 1970, the Cold War was going on, and there was a charred smell coming from the body when it was first spotted. Read up on it if war mysteries interest you – it’s been fifty years, but still, the Isdal Woman remains well-known in popular culture.

“The mystery of The Isdal Woman. Almost 50 years old case of an unknown woman who was severely burned and found in Isdal, Norway.

7. Do You Have Daddy Issues:  

Sorry, we do not want to sound insensitive, but while going through unsolved mysteries, we couldn’t help noticing how there are so many unsolved cases related to dads in general. It can be a good setup for dad jokes until someone really gets hurt. So, our Reddit unsolved mysteries edition would not have been complete without mentioning at least one such case.

“Where my father is, after leaving the house for work 20 years ago, when I was 6.

See, what were we trying to talk about? Yep, exactly, that’s the one – so annoying when you think about it!

And It’s A Wrap!  

And that’s a wrap on the Reddit unsolved mysteries edition. So, what do you think about these unsolved mysteries? Do you have more to share? Do you know of other such cases? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences related to these mysteries in the comments below.

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