Renting a car can be difficult in the USA since getting a good rental car company on time can be a challenging task. With so many companies to go through, you have to make preparations beforehand before you leave your house. Or the airport.

So no matter what you wish to go from wherever you are, there are various top car rental companies to choose from. If you are in the USA, then I have compiled a list of the seven best ones you can rent out in 2023.


Best Rental Car Company In 2023  

When it comes to choosing a rental car company in 2023, especially in the USA, there are too many options. However, I have decided to make it concise and list the seven best rental car companies in 2023. Therefore, if you wish to know which car rental company is best, then they are:

1. Alamo Rent A Car  

Standard benefits from Alamo include unlimited free miles and a list of situations in which the company will not charge an extra driver cost if you are traveling with a companion. These situations include when the additional driver of a rental automobile is the registered driver’s spouse, domestic partner, or employer while driving under a corporate contract.

You won’t be assessed an extra driving fee if you belong to Costco. The Alamo Insider program, which guarantees consumers a 5 percent discount, is among the extra advantages. Military and AAA membership discounts, as well as complimentary car upgrades for specific driver groups, are among the rotating special offers.

Alamo excels at providing cars in airports, which is one of the best car rental places.

• Alamo rental cabs can be seen in moist airports
• It has various corporate programs and packages to choose from
• Occasionally provides special offers
• Have significantly fewer cars
• Since it primarily services airports, non-airport cans are pretty much less

2. Avis Car Rental  

Although Avis’ typical daily prices may be higher than those of its rivals, you may frequently reduce the cost of a rental car using discounts and special offers.

For instance, basic rental prices are discounted by up to 25% for members of the National Guard and Reserves, active duty personnel of the United States military, and veterans, while pay-now rates are reduced by up to 30% for union members. Additionally, AARP members get up to 30% off basic prices.

Additionally, all rental cars come with an e-Toll device if you’re in the Northeast (from Maine to North Carolina), California, Florida, Chicago, Oklahoma, Colorado, Washington, Texas, etc. This means that you won’t need to worry about paying tolls in various states.

In addition, signing up for Avis’ business program also means a complimentary Avis Preferred membership, which allows customers expedited pick-up and drop-off.

• Good membership programs for small businesses
• Various rates for long-term rentals
• Offers various offers and discounts
• Discounts often come with various terms and conditions
• Base prices are quite high

3. Budget Car Rental  

Budget provides rotating, limited-time deals like 10% off rentals for five or additional days and SUV rental for $50 per day, in addition to its 35% pre-pay discount.

Hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius, coupes like the Chevy Camaro, and pickup trucks like the Jeep Gladiator are all available from Budget. The generous cancellation policy enhances the pre-pay discount, which is good.

Please take notice, though, that Budget is going to charge $50 for withdrawals done more than 24 hours before your planned pick-up and $150 for withdrawals made less than 24 hours in advance. In addition, there are no reimbursements for early or no-show returns of your rental vehicle.

• Provides services in various locations across the USA
• Provides various offers
• They have a vast selection of vehicles
• Poor membership benefits
• Limits availability of cars during peak seasons (like Christmas and Easter)

4. National Car Rental  

The majority of best car rental agencies impose uniformly higher rates for additional drivers and one-way car returns. not National, however. Additionally, National offers complimentary equipment rentals such as GPS units, ski racks, and car seats.

In specific locations or nations, National’s Emerald Club loyalty scheme lets you accumulate points toward free rental days and obtain vehicle upgrades. Additionally, since National and Enterprise are owned by the same firm, you may earn Enterprise points for using National to hire a vehicle.

Additionally, if you use the proper credit card, you can already have automatic Executive status with National, guaranteeing an upgrade anytime you rent a medium car or higher.

• Provides various offers and deals
• You can select from a wide assortment of cars
• They provide great customer service
• Rates are pretty high
• Cancellation fee rates are pretty high

5. Hertz  

Hertz has over 1,600 airport facilities in the United States as well as coverage in smaller towns. If you are looking for the best car rental agency in the world, Hertz is one of the top choices. However, it’s not the cheapest.

The day charge for Hertz is typically $60 (though it varies by area). Although it might be challenging to avoid paying expensive airport rental car rates, Hertz stands out for its wide selection of vehicles, including budget cars for work trips, large family vehicles, Teslas, and high-end vehicles from Mercedes and BMW.

Additionally, the business gives up to 30% off on reservations made in advance, up to 20% discount for AAA participants, and no extra fees for AAA renters between the ages of 20 and 25.

• Available at most airports
• Provides great benefits for AAA members
• It has a pretty good reward program
• If you want luxury vehicles, you got it
• The most expensive rental car company on this list
• Has many reports of the usage of stolen cars

6. Enterprise Rent-A-Car  

Even if Enterprise’s rates could be a little bit pricier in some places, it continues to be a choice for its customer service. You will undoubtedly discover an Enterprise in whatever airport or town you are visiting, thanks to the over 7,600 locations the company has around the nation.

Additionally, it provides a four-tiered loyalty scheme called Enterprise Plus that entitles participants to annual upgrade privileges on rentals. Additionally, they get access to speedier members-only check-ins, a dedicated phone line for customer care, and the ability to accumulate and use points towards free rental days.

• Operates almost everywhere in the country
• They have an impressive membership program
• It has a vast selection of vehicles
• Pretty expensive

7. Lyft Rentals  

Although Lyft is most known for its on-demand ride-sharing service, it also introduced one of the best car rental USA programs in select cities in 2019, called Lyft Rentals, in collaboration with Sixt and Hertz.

The app makes it simple to rent a car and choose from free extras like phone chargers, ski racks, and kid seats. Renting can also be done on the website rather than the app.

You have unlimited mileage after you leave the lot, and you just have to shell out for the petrol and taxes you really use (other businesses could charge you for the toll transponder). The Lyft program also provides a $20 credit ($10 each way) that you may use to travel from your home to the rental location.

Additionally, locations fulfilled by Sixt rental cars grant you a $10 Lyft credit to use again anytime. Just bring your phone and have your driver’s license ready to check-in.

• No refueling charges before dropping-offEasy online booking
• Affordable rates
• Cars might come in a bad condition

Questions To Ask When Finding The Best Rental Car Company

It is vital to look into more than choosing a rental car company on a price basis.

What is the Total Cost?

Be transparent by understanding the whole cost including the tax, fees and other charges. This will enable you to determine correct price difference among the rental companies.

What Insurance Options are Available?

Inquire about insurance coverage options. Find out whether your insurance or credit card covers rental cars or you need to buy additional coverage. This helps avoid unexpected surprises at the rental counter.

Has Fuel Policy been adopted?

Confirm fuel policy—fill up or return with tank full or other alternatives. Knowing the fuel policy helps you budget and prevents extra charges.

Are There Mileage Restrictions?

However, some rental agreements have limitations on mileage. It’s therefore good to confirm the mileage policy and charges for over-exceeding the miles.

What are the rental period and late return policy?

Know the rental period including the grace period. Ask about additional late fees and how they are calculated.

What kind of car models are available?

Make sure that the rental company has got the specific type of vehicle that will meet your needs. Find out if it is available, what it has and does it carry any specific models in the category.

Do you provide age restriction or additional driver fee?

Ensure that there are no age restrictions and find out the cost of adding extra drivers. Others will charge you an extra amount on a young driver under 25 or on extra drivers beyond the first named renter.

Final Verdict: Which is The Best Rental Car Company In 2023?  

No matter where you are in the USA, choosing the right rental car company can be a tough choice in 2023.

However, to save you time, I have made this list of the seven best ones in the country. You can select any one of them and rest assured that you have chosen the right one!

If you need any further assistance, then comment below!

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