Falling leaves, huge libraries, roadside bookshops, and the whole melancholy of dark academia! This is what comes to my mind when I think about my last visit to Oxford! The alleys reach the university gates.

Alone walks through the fall foliage-coated lands, everything so dangerously beautiful. But I cannot forget all the food that I devoured and the ambiance I enjoyed.

So, here is my list of top restaurants in Oxford to visit to get that exceptional Dark Academia feel!


Top Restaurants In Oxford!

Get the best bites, booze, and the best time with your books in these roadside Oxford restaurants!

It just doesn’t get any more magical than this!

Vaults & Garden

Want to experience the darkness and delights of a 14th-century vault hall? This is the restaurant you should visit on your first day.

Vaults and Gardens serves breakfast and afternoon tea. So, if you really want to do how the Brits do it, get yourself out on an afternoon date.

The location, being a literal historical building, serves not only your real taste buds but also your aesthetic ones. After all, why would you be on the streets of Oxford if not for the history?

It faces the iconic Radcliffe Camera Library. Although I visited it in the colder months and liked the cozy interior ambiance, you can take the soothing outside seats if you visit during the warmer months.

Anything with the word lamb on it will be a showstopper on the menu!

The Perch 

Although dark academia is a genre on its own, the more you move towards the English countryside, the more it blends with the idea of cottagecore!

If you are a fan of both, why not quench your thirst at The Perch (see what I did there!)?

It blends the idea of a perfect British 17th-century pub and all the delights of a dark academic cafe interior; you have to visit this place.

If you find yourself moving through the high street, you can take a serene bike ride to the pub. It is a 10-minute affair!

They have the perfect ingredients to bring you the best British local roast dinner.

It is quite a popular joint among the restaurants in Oxford, so we would suggest making a reservation.

Enjoy the quaint window-side view of the idyllic countryside while enjoying your meal.

It has wooden tables which bring out the unpolished essence of village life. But, for all my dark academia fans, you can get the best leather back couch sitting as well.

Gees Restaurant & Bar 

I cannot stress enough the importance of Oxford architecture!

So, whenever I was looking for a beautiful Oxford village, the first thing that came to my mind was the beautiful architecture.

However, every restaurant by far has the perfect interiors but fails a little with the exterior view.

But not with this one.

The Gees Restaurant has floor-to-ceiling windows, which gives you the perfect shot of Oxford’s historic area.

In terms of food, it is known for its Mediterranean cuisine. So, if you are looking for those classic English meal ingredients with a spicy kick, you should visit this place.

They are best known for their 55-day-old sirloin, paprika-roasted Poussin, and chilly oil-dipped poached egg (the perfect hangover remedy).

If you are out with your friends on this Oxford Dark Academia visit, you should definitely take them out for brunch here.

Parsonage Grill 

When luxury meets dark academia!

That is the first thing that came to my mind when I visited this place. Known among the top restaurants in Oxford with a 4-star rating, Parsonage Grill is the elite spot for you to enjoy good meals and company.

If you are looking for an English high tea experience with the best English tea desserts, Parsonage is the place for you.

Eclectic oil paintings and historical portraits mixed with its Bohemian vibe. You cannot miss out on a lunch date here.

After all, what could be better than sipping a glass of Champaign and flipping through your favorite classic novel?

In terms of food, the showstoppers, according to me, are:

Goat cheese souffle & lamb.

The sea bass is great if you wish to try some authentic fish and chips.

But the best part was definitely the dessert trays (I always wanted to have a three-tiered dessert tray!).

You can also get a lot of vegan options here.

Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons 

If you want a taste of the French embezzling with a hint of dark academia, then this top Oxford restaurant should be on your bucket list!

As you move through the footpath of lavender beds swaying in the wind, you are already part of the experience.

A little on the expensive side, this Manor House hotel restaurant is nothing short of the lordly feel. The kind we always crave when we visit someplace like Oxford!

From tasting menus to five-star rooms, they have got it all covered.

Through the vintage five-star woodwork rooms, I at least fulfilled all my dark academic fantasies. At the same time, having all the excellent food!

This is why this is one of the Top Restaurants In Oxford!


We all love those restaurants cum cafes which are hidden from plain sight! And, suddenly, you have this small space to rest after a long day of travel.

That is exactly what you will be getting at Moya.

Hideaway restaurants at St Clement’s. It is indeed the perfect spot for introverts who wouldn’t want a huge crowd.

This place is indeed for dark academia lovers who would rather go to a safe space that won’t drain their energy. All they need is a good ambiance, great food, and excellent cocktails.


Last on our list of Top Restaurants In Oxford is Quod!

When it comes to the aesthetic, you often think moody and dark. However, sometimes academia lovers also appreciate good French-style windows, stone-walled architecture, wood interiors, warm lights, and some vibrancy.

Again, I perfectly enjoyed the view outside.

Plus, this was a space where I didn’t need to order a full meal. They are great for their short snack-size meals like:

  • Burgers & stakes, &
  • Thin sliced Pizza.
  • Fish & chips.

They also have great vegetarian options.

The clicking of glasses and soft murmurs gives you the perfect ambiance to have a single date. I believe I covered everything, but do let me know your Oxford experience in the comment section below.

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