Protecting your house from any kind of theft while you are not inside is a must in 2023. Car thefts and house robberies have become rampant in many suburbs of US states, making smart home security a must. This is why a Ring Camera will always get recommended for smart homeowners.

But what is a ring camera? Is installing such a camera any good? How will it protect my house and keep me updated while I’m out? These are various questions that must be going on in your mind right now. However, fret not. Read this post till the end to learn their answers!


What Is A Ring Camera?

The Ring Camera has become one of the most affordable smart home security and surveillance options in 2023. This security camera is manufactured by Ring, a security tech company owned by tech giants Amazon.

Currently, there are six types of Ring Camera. They are:

1. Ring Indoor Cam

Price: $59.99

This Ring indoor camera provides the best surveillance inside your house. It’s a must if you want to oversee what’s going on inside your house from anywhere at any time. All you need is a smartphone to do so!

Ring Indoor Cam

With this camera, you will get real-time 1080p HD video. Even if the lights are turned off, you will still get perfect vision due to its Color Night Vision. This feature alone makes this one of the best security cameras that you can buy for your house! Plus, you can easily set it up anywhere with its adjustable camera mount! Perfect!

2. Ring Stick Up Cam

Price: $99.99 (Battery)

This Ring camera outdoors is one of the most versatile Ring security cameras. This camera has intuitive wireless connectivity and design, which makes installing it easy. Plus, its adjustable stand makes it a breeze to set it up, whether it’s on a flat surface or anywhere on your walls.

Ring Stick Up Cam

In addition, Ring has provided you with various options here. You can buy a battery-operated Ring Stick Up camera or a solar-powered camera – best for outdoor surveillance without wires. These reasons make this the best Ring doorbell camera that you must set up!

3. Ring Spotlight Cam Plus

Price: $169.99 (battery)

If you have a big house like a villa or a mansion, there will definitely be various blind spots. If a robber is smart enough, they will target these areas first. But little do they know that you have installed a Ring Camera system that specifically spots them first!

Ring Spotlight Cam Plus

This camera provides amazing vision thanks to its customizable motion detectors and colored night vision. Plus, you get in various versions, like a battery-operated one or a solar-powered one! Therefore, carjackers will think twice before trying to nab your Toyota Fortuner or BMW X8.

4. Ring Spotlight Cam Pro

Price: $229.99

If you want to be like Big Brother, watching over everything in and outside your house, this surveillance camera will be perfect for you. Technically, it is the big brother of the Ring Spotlight Camera. It has more features that make it a better (and more expensive) choice than its smaller counterpart.

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro

It has the same features as the camera above, with additional features being a 3D Motion Detector with Audio+ audio recording. In addition, it also records videos at 1080p HDR for utmost clarity, with spotlights lighting up the era as well!

5. Ring Floodlight Cam

Price: $199.99

You have definitely seen movies where you see infiltrators entering a military base, stealthily hiding from the floodlights above. This might make you question – why use a floodlight when people can stealthily maneuver around it?

Ring Floodlight Cam

Now, infiltrators will never know there is a floodlight! The Ring Camera has motion-detecting LED floodlights. Plus, it has a siren that alerts you of any motion it detects around it. Perfect.

6. Ring Car Cam

Price: $249.99

The Ring Car Cam is the latest Ring Camera introduced in the market. This not-so-sus camera can be placed on your car, recording everything that goes on inside and around it.

This device has two dual-facing HD cameras to record everything with maximum detail. You can place this on your luxurious Audi A9 or Bugatti Bolide to get real-time feedback whenever someone tries anything suspicious when you are not around.

Ring Car Cam

Therefore, if you go to your workspace or to a nearby diner, your car is in safe hands, even if it’s parked on the main road!

Why Should I Buy A Ring Camera?

If you are still confused about buying such security cameras, then let me clear your doubts with seven reasons which made me buy a Ring camera!

1. Non-Stop Recording

One of the best features of the Ring Camera is its ability to record non-stop. As long as it’s running, it will keep on recording. However, pause and resume it anytime with the Ring app.

2. Zonal Motion Detection

Ring cameras are great for detecting any kind of motion within a large radius. Plus, some of the cameras even have multiple motion detection zones! Therefore, if you have a Ring spotlight camera, every little movement will come to light!

3. Both Pet-Sitting And Baby-Sitting In One Place

No matter for which purpose you want a security camera in your home, these cameras will be your visual babysitter. If it’s for babysitting or even looking after your pet all alone at home, Ring cameras have got you covered.

4. Always In Stealth Mode

Ring cameras are small, which makes them blend in easily. Therefore, no matter which corner of your house you set it up – no one will be able to spot it unless they know about it beforehand.

5. Customize Using The Ring App

Many features of the Ring camera can be easily customized using the Ring app. Whether it’s the intensity of its floodlights or the quality of its recordings – you control them from your smartphone – at any time from anywhere.

6. Several Protection Plans

If you wish to store your recorded videos on the cloud, then you need to subscribe to a Ring Protection Plan. Here’s what you need to pay:

  • Basic Plan: $3/month or $30/year.
  • Plus Plan: $10/month or $100/year, along with 24/7 monitoring of your Ring Alarm System for all Ring cameras in your house.

7. Easy Installation

Setting up a Ring camera is easy and takes only a few minutes. You simply need to take the parts of your box and attach them with the stand to any part of your wall! That’s it!

Final Verdict: Now You Know Why Your House Deserves A Ring Camera!

If I have convinced you to buy a Ring camera for maximum indoor and outdoor protection, then you will be well protected. These are some of the best and most affordable security cameras on the market that will make every dollar invested worth it! You can now sleep without any worries since these cameras have got your back!

If you have any doubts, please comment your thoughts down below!

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