Rottweiler has an aloof demeanor and is one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are the loving protectors your home needs. The American Kennel Club counts the Rottweillers among the top ten breeds in the world. 

Although they are also considered among the most dangerous dog breeds in the world, they can be incredibly humble and fun dogs to keep as pets. However, there are some amazing facts about Rottweilers that require your attention. 

Before you start looking for rottweiler puppies, reading this article might be helpful. So, without any delay, let’s start.


1. They Descended From The Roman Drover Dogs

They Descended From The Roman Drover Dogs

While the roman legions were making their way across Europe, they were using breeding dogs for guarding and moving their cattle. The modern rottweilers are supposedly a descendant of the Asian mastiffs, and they were once used for breeding herders. 

An average male Rottweiler is around 24 inches to 27 inches in height. The female dogs are slightly smaller and are around 22″ to 25″. These dogs also weigh around 80 pounds to 135 pounds.

2. Rottweilers Are A Smart Breed

Rottweilers Are A Smart Breed

Rotties are sometimes smarter than their owners. Before they do anything, they will think it through and create a situation or opportunity to act upon it. So, if you are not good with dogs or if you are planning to own a dog for the first time, then you should consider any other breed but  Rotties. 

Even when you are training them, it may seem hard to keep up with Rottweiler puppies. They can give you a hard time on purpose. Rottweilers are not your favorite lap dogs; they would rather love to lean on you to show their affection. To some extent, they might seem hard to handle. But, if you can train them and make them fall in love with you, they can be a joy to be around. So, before you take a rottweiler, you should think about it thoroughly. 

3. They Take Their Name After The Town Of Rottweil 

They Take Their Name After The Town Of Rottweil

It is said that the name Rottweilers come from the town of Rottweil. The Rottweiler Club of the UK claims that the Roman armies and their dogs and herders camped near the Neckar River of Germany around the time between 73 to 74 AD. the large, sturdy dogs remained throughout the middle age. They were used for hunting bears and as headers. 

This area occupied by the Romans during the 73 to 74 AD came to be known as ‘Rote Will’ Gradually, the name Rote Wil evolved into Rottweil. According to popular opinion, the Rotties got their name from this town. Also, they are a descendant of the dogs of this town.

4. Rottweilers Are Grocery Lovers

Rottweilers Are Grocery Lovers

These dogs are great eaters. They love to eat and will disturb you every chance they get begging for food. These dogs are obsessively in love with their groceries. Some of them trick their owners with their love and puppy eyes and convince them to buy more food for them. It is normal for some rottweilers to turn into chubby goofballs. 

5. The Dog Of The Butcher

The Dog Of The Butcher

They were also known as the Rottweiler Metzgerhund in Germany. This name comes from the dog’s job as a cattle herder. They were also cart pullers for the butchered livestock when they went into the market. There is a long history of this breed. As a dog lover, you will love to explore all these different facts about Rottweilers. 

6. Rottweilers Were On The Brink Of Extinction 

Rottweilers Were On The Brink Of Extinction

The Rotties were on the verge of extinction. They were herding dogs, and the lack of herding almost made them an extinct species. Industrialization played a major part in this case. However, during the 1800s, when the railroads started to become more accessible, the herds were easy to transport. Both breeders and lovers worked hard to keep them from being extinct breed. 

7. They Were The Rescue Dogs During The 9/11

They Were The Rescue Dogs During The 9/11

Right after the 9/11 event, a rescue team was deployed. A group of handlers came with Rottweilers to the scene of Twin Tower for a rescue mission. There were also other breeds like German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers. They put their hundred percent effort into this rescue mission during the 9/11 attack.

They are also the favorite of many popular Hollywood stars like Bruno Mars, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Will Smith. In fact, Will Smith himself owns several Rottweilers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope that these facts were pretty interesting to read. However, here are some popular queries that I have answered about this breed. These might seem helpful.

1. What Is Special About Rottweilers?

Rottweilers are among the most lovable dogs in the US. They are affectionately called Rotties. They are well known for their loyalty, power, and protectiveness toward their masters. Rotties are very intelligent and smart. They are good at reading the emotions of their owners. However, they might be a little difficult to train for some owners and trainers.

2. Do Rottweilers Like To Cuddle?

Rotties enjoy the love and affection their owners have for them. They are playful and will enjoy the company of their owners and their family. They love to cuddle on the couch, on the chair, and on the bed. It is the same for Rotties of all sizes.

3. Is Rottweiler One Master Dog?

Although it may seem like Rotties are master dogs, they do well with a family. Even when they are loyal to one master, they will behave well with the family members. They are great family dogs due to their protective nature.


The Rotties love to cuddle, and they feel that their owners have some sort of responsibility toward them. Although they are physically strong, they can be emotionally weak if you should get the right amount of emotions, care, and concern for the rottweilers. They are good house pets, and they don’t bark too much. They can be all-rounders when it comes to love, loyalty, protectiveness, and smartness. 

It might be a good choice if you are thinking of taking a Rottweiler home. I hope you liked reading these fun facts. If you have anything to share, the comment box is open.

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