Throughout many centuries, royale gardens provided a place for recreation, getaway, and enjoyment for members of royal families. Those gardens also served as perfect destinations for organizing official and private events. During those days, such gardens were reserved only for only the royal family members and the courtiers.

In this article, you will learn about some of the major royale gardens in the world, which are not only stunning and beautiful, but also venues of historical importance. The sites that are mentioned on this list are the ones that are a must-see if you like royal venues and gardens. Hence, to learn more about the best royale gardens in the world, read on through to the end of the article.


The Best Royale Gardens That Are A Must See

Most of the gardens mentioned on this list are extravagant and treasured. Furthermore, each garden has a uniqueness to them, as it will enable you to escape into manmade natural wonders. Yes, these gardens are so exquisite and stunning that they are nothing short of manmade wonders themselves.

Nowadays, it is possible for everyone to experience the beauty and royalty of the gardens, unlike it was reserved for only the royal few only some decades ago.

The following are the most stunning royale gardens that you must definitely check out at least once in your lifetime:

1. Herrenhausen Gardens, Germany

Located in Hannover, Germany, it is probably one of the most beautiful gardens you will ever come across, according to EuropeanHistoricGardens.EU, “Originating back more than 300 years, they are an expression of garden art in its finest form. The Gardens were originally planned as a pleasure garden for the royal court, were laid down by the Electress Sophie from 1676-1714, and today cover an area of 135 hectares.”

Herrenhausen Gardens, Germany

The garden consists of three styles of garden art – the Grosser Garten, the Georgengarten, and the Berggarten. You will also see exquisite architectural designs and some unique trees and plants around.

2. Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy

This garden was laid out in the mid-18th century by the House of Bourbon and is the former residence of Italian Royals. The place is one of the most extravagant gardens you will ever come across, and it merges the best of Versailles and Italian Renaissance traditions of gardening.

Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy

Check out the Fontana Margherita and the surrounding areas. Also, do not miss out on the lush woodlands, hunting lodges, and the silk factory nearby.

3. Rosenborg Castle Gardens, Denmark

This place is also known as King’s Garden. One of the best places to visit if you want to get a direct experience of what the Renaissance has to offer. This is the oldest royal garden of Denmark and is present in the backdrop of the beautiful Rosenborg Castle.

Rosenborg Castle Gardens, Denmark

According to, “Laid out in the early 1600s during the reign of King Christian IV, the gardens are a popular retreat in the center of Copenhagen today and are visited by an estimated 3 million people per year.” Located near Copenhagen, the place is a popular destination for a small getaway with families and close ones. The pavilions, espaliers, and rose gardens are the must-see places inside the garden.

4. Drottningholm Palace, Sweden

The place has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most well-preserved places in Sweden. Drottningholm Palace is still the official residence of the Royal Family of Sweden. The garden was established in the 16th century.

Drottningholm Palace, Sweden

Currently, the park is open throughout the year, and visitors can stroll through the formal garden, which was established in the 17th century, as well as the 18th-century English-styled park. There is also an 18th-century Chinese pavilion, which you must definitely check out.

5. Les Jardins Au Château De Versailles, France

This garden is surely one of the most popular, and you might have already planned to visit this garden. Apart from that, the historical importance of the garden cannot be emphasized less. Located near Paris, people flock to this garden to see the beautiful architectural wonders and experience extravagance.

Les Jardins Au Château De Versailles, France

The garden took more than 140 years to complete, as thousands of people worked on it. The place is inspired by the descriptions in the Latin poem, Metamorphosis by Ovid. The most striking feature of the garden is the Latona’s Fountain.

6. Château de Chenonceau, France

Located on the banks of the Cher River, the Château de Chenonceau in France is one of the oldest existing gardens you will see. King Frances 1 took possession of the garden in 1535, and after that, the garden changed hands among a variety of royal families since then.

Château de Chenonceau, France

Present in the Loire Valley of France, the Château de Chenonceau is also one of the most visited gardens due to its sheer beauty and extravagance. The size of the garden is 12,000 meter-square, which also contains a “floating” parterre that was created during Renaissance.

7. Summer Palace, China

Summer Palace is one of the most beautiful areas that you will come across, and this place is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Known as one of the masterpieces of Chinese landscape garden design, this was once the private retreat of the family members of the Qing Dynasty.

Summer Palace, China

The place is located along the beautiful Kunming Lake, and the place boasts some of the best sites you can see. Some of them include the Renshou Palace and the 17-Arch Bridge. Apart from that, you can also get an amazing view of the city of Beijing from the Summer Palace Gardens.

Final Thoughts

Hope this article was helpful for you in getting to learn about some of the most stunning royale gardens in the world. As you have read, these gardens are not only extravagant and spectacular but are also places of high importance in history.

However, there are many more scenic royale gardens throughout the world, which are also must-see for a traveler. But for the purpose of this article, we have narrowed it down to seven only. Do you know of some other royal gardens that are a must-see? Share some destinations with us in the comments section below.

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