It’s true, you know – if you need some real-life paranormal tales, then you need to check Reddit out. You can just google ‘scary stories Reddit’ and then spend a nice day going through all the paranormal horror that Reddit is known for!

If you are one of those people who might just lie awake for several hours, then browsing through these threads is probably not a good enough idea. But if you do enjoy reading scar shit on Reddit, then you have arrived at the right destination.

Because we have managed to find the best of scary threads. Get yourself a bottle of red, a good internet connection, and the courage to read – is your spine already shivering? Stay tuned to find out!


Scary Stories Reddit: 7 True Scary Stories To Keep You Up At Night   

Scary Stories Reddit 7 True Scary Stories To Keep You Up At Night   

Welcome to the 7 Best Things’ Reddit stories – today, we will talk extensively about not just Reddit threads but scary Reddit stories. And no, you don’t have to google ‘scary stories Reddit’ since you have already arrived here. So without wasting any time, scroll down and read about the best real ghost stories we found on Reddit!

1. The Otherworldly Composer

If you love creepy horror stories, then you will love this one. According to this Reddit user, while growing up, their brother had this program on his computer for composing piano music. The user was reading in their living room when they heard a beautiful violin music play. The music went on for several minutes, and the user listened to it because it was so pleasing.

When the music ended, the user thought about complimenting their brother. So, they got up and went to their brother’s room only to find the room empty. And it was then that this user realized that they were absolutely alone at home.

2. The Dark Figure

The Dark Figure is one of our favorite scary stories to read online, especially while checking out the scary stories Reddit edition. In this thread, a student from elementary school came across this dark figure by their bed when they were just six. Apart from the Reddit user, their sister and family dog both saw the mysterious figure.

But when the parents came in after hearing their children scream, they switched on the lights, and literally nobody was in the room – pretty creepy and scarring for a six-year-old kid from elementary school.

3. A Visit From The Deceased

This Reddit thread is something we could really relate to while doing research for our scary stories Reddit edition. The Reddit user wrote about an abusive grandfather – the grandfather was violent, and when his children were young, he disappeared, letting his wife look after their family.

When the grandfather was in his 80s, he died in a hospital. When the Reddit user’s aunt visited the grandmother to tell her about her husband’s death, she was shocked to find out that the woman already knew – she even knew when her husband passed away. Apparently, the grandfather visited his wife at night and apologized for all the mistakes he had made.

4. How Many Reasons Do You Need To Move Out?  

This one’s quite interesting considering it reminded us of the movie, Poltergeist! The Reddit user talks about his 20s and the room he shared with his roommate Mike in Toronto. It’s just that the apartment they were sharing was haunted. The usual banging on the wall was something that they would frequently encounter.

But that wasn’t all! The Reddit user also mentions how they would often come across this musty smell of cheap perfume. In fact, the user also talks about how the smell always came right after the user was filled with a sudden horrible sense of foreboding’ – creepy enough. Truly, how many reasons did you need to move out?

5. The Grey Men

Another one of our favorite scary short stories from the Scary Stories Reddit Edition! This Reddit user was only seven, and it was during the holidays when they encountered something strange. The user had left a pillow in the basement of their house – later, when they went to collect the pillow, they were shocked to see a man in the basement.

But this particular man was grey in color, from his head to his toes. When the man realized that this person could see him, he simply opened his jaw as if to scream. And then he just turned and ran right into the wall, post which he disappeared. After this incident, the man has never been able to visit the basement again.

6. Static, Static, Everywhere

This is one of those true scary stories that begins pretty normally – one Reddit user who sneaks out regularly at night to meet up with friends. While going through the back door of his house, he felt like there was someone lurking in the shadows who was watching him. At first instance, the user thought he was busted.

But that, of course, wasn’t true. When he turned back, he saw a mysterious silhouette of this faceless girl with dark black hair. Obviously, he ran away and spent the night at his friend’s house. Soon after this incident, the user lost his father.

So one night, when he switched off the TV and went to sleep, he was suddenly woken up by the sound of static. He and his mom both came to the hallway to realize that the sound of static was everywhere, and they were alone.

7. Pete The Ghostly Roommate

Another one of our favorite short scary stories from the scary stories Reddit edition, this one’s really creepy. So this Reddit user was living in an apartment that was haunted. There were two rooms inside the apartment, and one room was always locked – the user didn’t even have keys to that room.

This user had a ghostly roommate Pete was one hell of a roommate – the user spoke about all the spooky moments he witnessed and experienced over a period of time in that apartment with the locked room. We would have really disappeared, but this user was stuck with scary stories from reddit. The user also explained that after a while, they only thought it fitting to name the ghost.

And It’s A Wrap On Scary Stories Reddit Edition!  

And that’s a wrap on the scary stories Reddit Edition. Now it’s your turn – so tell us, what do you think about these scary Reddit threads? These are better than those Tinder Reddit threads, even though those were certainly funnier. But there’s something so cool about reading real horror stories – so for us, the fear factor wins over the comedy of errors!

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions, and in case you have any experiences, mention them in the comments below.

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